Enclix Review: Earnings, Upgrades, and Features

By | June 28, 2017

Product: EnclixEnclix Scam Review 2017

Website: www.enclix.com

Type: Paid To Click

Price: Free to join; Memberships vary.

Upgrades are $80 or $680 per year.

Earning Potential: Low

Recommended: No with exceptions.


What Is Enclix All About?

Enclix is a PTC website that pays out users for completing certain tasks. The majority of these tasks consist of clicking on ads, referring new members to the site, and becoming a more active PTC member.

In many cases, not all paid to click websites last. Some can go out of business in under a year, while others can last much longer. The important point to consider is that regardless of Enclix’s legitimate status to never put all your eggs in one basket.

If you choose to use Enclix then it’s important to know that there is always a risk of not receiving your payments. While there have been numerous complaints regarding the use of paid to click and GPT websites in general, Enclix is currently has users across 182 different countries.

Does this mean you should join and take full advantage of the PTC benefits provided by Enclix? That’s what we’ll be finding more about in this review and while Enclix may most certainly not be for everyone, there are some individuals who might make more use out of it than others.


Enclix Earning Potential & Payment Info

Enclix currently uses four different payment processors used to deposit and withdraw funds out of the system. These processors that help keep transfers secure include PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, and Perfect Money. Other PTC sites do not offer PayPal. If you plan on using Enclix, then having an account with one of these is a must.

In order to request a withdrawal, you’ll need to have earned a minimum of $5 in your account. Earning with Enclix can be accomplished by clicking advertisements daily, completing daily offers, obtaining direct referrals, and taking your chance at the ClixGrid. Even when all this is accomplished, you’ll still find that earnings can be rather low.

Unlike other PTC’s, Enclix proof of payment snapshots are accessible from the homepage and forum. Here we can take a look at what all the latest payouts to members look like. In addition we can also see who the top earners were over the past 24 hours and even the last 10 withdrawal amounts and the time at which those took place.

Enclix PTC Payment Proof

Use of transparency is always a good thing and puts Enclix in a better spotlight than other paid to click websites who don’t make this kind of information readily available. Judging from the screenshot above we can see that some of the top Enclix earners made between $23 and $71.

The average withdrawal amount on the right hand side provides a better expectation of your website with average earning withdrawals of $5. This does not take membership fees and costs into account.


Enclix Membership Options – Should You Actually Upgrade?

As an Enclix member, it’s important to consider your options. There are several routes PTC members can take and for the most part, many tend to stick to the basic membership. You’ll still be provided many of the benefits upgraded members experience while allowing you to test the waters in the process.

If you’re enjoying the money you make as a free member, then you should consider upgrading, but not vice versa. I’ve personally tried paid to click sites as a both free and even yearly long upgraded member, but never found much difference. That could also be because at-least half of those paid to click sites either shut down my account or shut down themselves.

Even though that’s one reason of many I no longer recommend PTC’s as a viable way of earning, other individuals may find upgrading to be beneficial for them. This is usually applies to those who obtain a good number of direct referral via the site’s affiliate program.

One thing we can all agree on when it comes to Enclix is that the options to upgrade are very limited and straight-forward. We only have three options as followed:

#1. Free Basic Membership.

Includes 4 guaranteed advertisements per day, 20 chances on the ClixGrid, limited referrals (100 direct, 200 rented), $5 minimum withdrawals, and a week of waiting between cash outs. Free members can still rent referrals a maximum of 100 referrals.

#2. Premium Membership – $80 per year.

As a premium member you’ll get 8 guaranteed advertisements per day, 40 chances on the ClixGrid, limited referrals (200 direct, 2000 rented), and $5 minimum cash out.

#3. Ultimate Membership – $680 per year.

As an ultimate member you’ll get 10 guaranteed advertisements per day, 60 chances on the ClixGrid, limited referrals (unlimited direct, 500 rented), and $5 minimum withdrawal. Ultimate members also receive benefits in regards to referral renting like priority support, recycle discounts, and free direct referral deletions. The last benefit actually doesn’t make sense since you receive unlimited direct referrals anyway.

You should only upgrade your Enclix membership, if the following rules apply:

  • You are a heavy PTC user and enthusiastic PTC earner.
  • You’ve achieved 100 direct referrals and want to increase the limit.
  • You’ve achieved 200 rented referrals and want to increase the limit.
  • You tried the free membership and are ready to move to the next phase.


How Do You Earn Money With Enclix?

To actually begin earning money with Enclix, it’s important you first become a free member. From there, you’ll immediately see what the dashboard looks like and the simplicity of the website as a whole. Within your dashboard, you’ll see your referral link, your stats, number of referrals, promotional banners, and more. These will give you a better idea of your progress and earnings.

Earning with Enclix can be done by going to the View Advertisements wall. Here you’ll be presented with PTC advertisements in the tune of $.001 to $.01 cents.

As you can see, earnings here are not big by any means. If you don’t mind these earnings, then by all means, go ahead and click away. For those who expected something more, I’m sorry to disappoint but feel free to check out what I recommend instead.

Earnings can also be achieved (albeit rarely) with the ClixGrid wall where a lucky clicker can earn an additional few cents. I personally wouldn’t waste too much time here since the actual chances of winning are astonishingly low – for me, anyway.

Enclix Review

Lastly, earnings can be accomplished with referrals. In the case of Enclix, referrals can be achieved in two ways – direct and referral. Your direct referrals are once you’ve personally recruited without the help of Enclix. Unlike rented referrals, there aren’t any costs associated with obtaining direct referrals, until you’ve reached the limit and have to upgrade.

Two of the biggest downsides of Enclix are the fact that:

1) Referrals are limited with your membership. It’s kind of silly to see you need to pay to upgrade your membership just so you can get more of your hard-earned referrals.

2) They use a rented referral system which I’ve discussed in the past. Renting referrals is not something you want to test your luck with. You’ll almost always find that they provide no benefit or additional earnings as a result of their maintenance costs. If you want to hold onto your money, don’t rent referrals. It’s how sites like these rake in all the money.


Pros and Benefits Of Using Enclix PTC

– Website is simple and easy to use. Navigating, finding your way around, and understanding what the site is about is pretty straight forward after a couple uses.

– Enclix’s forum offers a good way to get more information on the website, the ability to view recent payment proofs, and get other status updates with the site. Ability to communicate with other members is also good.

– Gives you an opportunity to earn some money, however small. Minimum cash withdrawal is low at only $5. Users don’t need to upgrade to experience he website.


Problems I See When Using Enclix PTC

– Not a reliable method of earning in general. Paid to click sites are known for shutting down in the past, closing accounts, and not always paying out in a timely manner.

– Yearly upgrades and rented referrals are an expensive strategy and don’t exactly align with the earning potential of the website. Higher priced memberships can be justified with more value, which isn’t the case.

– Users shouldn’t need to pay to reach an unlimited number of direct referrals or to remove the limited threshold.

– Rented referral strategy is not a smart one and shouldn’t be used among any PTC sites. More legit PTC’s like ClixSense show no trace of referral renting on their website.


Enclix Overview – Is This a Good Option?

PTC websites like Enclix can be a good option if you are simply looking for a way to spend your time online. It can also be a good option for those looking for a simple and quick way to cash out a few spare dollars. But I have to say that earning a full time, let alone part time income with PTC sites is difficult.

To really be successful with the PTC industry, you’ll need to manage tons of PTC sites at a time, obtain an increasing number of referrals per day, while avoiding loopholes like expensive upgrades and the renting referral strategy.

If low earnings to the tune of $.001 to $.01 per click bother you, then avoiding PTC’s in general is a good idea. Or you can place all your attention on obtaining more direct lead and referrals, which we know is much easier said than done.

Have any comments or questions regarding Enclix or PTC’s in general? Feel free to leave them down below. Hope this review was helpful.

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