FamilyBTC Review – Can It Make You Money?

Product: FamilyBTCFamilyBTC Scam Review

Type: Paid To Click

Price: Free with Upgrades

Difficulty: Easy

Earning Potential: Low

Our Rating: 65/100 – Not Recommended.

What Is FamilyBTC?

FamilyBTC is a paid to click website that looks all to familiar. Time and time again, we see new paid to click websites populating the internet. But, how valuable are these PTC sites and what makes FamilyBTC any different?

FamilyBTC is not your typical paid to click site because it pays out in bitcoin. But that doesn’t change the fact, that its earning potential is identical to other PTC sites we’ve come across to date.

More importantly, its use of bitcoins instead of actual currency hides the actual earning potential of this opportunity as a whole. So can you actually make money with FamilyBTC? That’s what we’ll be following with next up in this review.

We’ll also give you some insight into its membership options, ways of earning money, and other details that will help you decide whether or not, this is the right earning opportunity for you.


FamilyBTC Membership Options – Should You Upgrade?

Unlike other PTC sites, one scenario where FamilyBTC actually stands out is with its upgraded options. Rather than having a million choices to choose from, there are only two options to decide on here. You can either remain a free member or upgrade your account for 30 days at a time.

Some differences between the free membership option and upgraded option include double the amount of earnings with each referral click, double the amount of OfferWall commissions, double the amount of GridWall chances, and twice the amount of referral ad fund commissions. In addition, upgraded members only have to wait 1 day between cash-outs, instead of waiting 2 days with the free membership.

As you can see, there isn’t a huge difference between the free and paid membership options. You get somewhat of a higher payout on some things, but given its implied low earning potential, you might not see a huge earning increase by upgrading.

Here is a more detailed overview of the free vs. paid membership option:

FamilyBTC Free vs. Paid Membership

How much is it to upgrade your FamilyBTC membership? I’m glad you asked. Upgrading your membership will cost 0.001 BTC. Translate this into real currency and this is equal to $4 in US currency.

Thus, we can come to the conclusion that FamilyBTC is not in the business of ripping off its members. Individuals who have a solid number of referrals can therefore, benefit by upgrading. Those who are just joining however, may want to avoid the option.

We should also note that the minimum cash out amount for all members is set at 0.0004 BTC.


9 Ways Of Earning With FamilyBTC

FamilyBTC offers a number of ways you can begin earning with the site. But, we should note that almost none of these options are at all unique. These are the same options we’ve seen used in the hundreds of paid to click sites to date.

The reason why they are so ordinary is because they offer a payout so small, one might consider it to be worth almost nothing. Just how far can a fraction of a penny take you in life? Not very far, which is why it is so important to point out the various ways in which you can earn.

Viewing Advertisements – Take a quick look at the view advertisement wall, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. As the primary method of earning with this site, it’s sad to see just how small these earnings are.

The highest payout you can receive per click here is 0.0000002 BTC. In other words, this translates into a fraction of a penny, or as you can see below, $0.00 US Dollars. The payout is so small that it doesn’t even recognize a single cent being earned.

FamilyBTC Earning Potential

The same holds true for the rest of the earning methods used for FamilyBTC, which include the ClixGrid, Faucet, PTCWall, Persona Wall, KiwiWall, Adcend Media Wall, Wannads Wall, and Offertoro.

Basically with the ClixGrid, you’re given a bunch of tiny boxes that you randomly click on in hopes of earning some kind of payout. Most of the times, you’ll end up earning nothing.

The Faucet is decent I guess, since you only need to view ads here for 10 seconds and in return earns you $0.00000040. Still, the payout here is so incredibly small that I can’t see how this is a good use of your time.

Then you have the PTCWall, which doesn’t even pay out in currency, but in points, making it extremely hard to guage what the actual earnings here are.

You also have the PersonaWall, which also pays you in “points.” The issue with this wall is being pushed into trials and offers that constantly bug you for your personal information.

Some even require you pay for various trials in exchange for these “points.” The KiwiWall, AdcendMediaWall, Wannaads, and eTorro Wall are pretty much the same thing. Some consist of surveys, others consist of more PTC ads, and others consist of trials and offers as mentioned above.


FamilyBTC Review – Can It Earn You Money?

In the end, there’s almost nothing beneficial of using these methods as a way of earning money, unless you are in the business of earning pennies. In that case, perhaps FamilyBTC is the right paid to click site for you.

But I would advise the majority to continue searching for a better and more profitable way of making money. Better yet, learn how to build your own online business and how to create value in internet marketing.

Unless you’re looking to earn small monthly payouts, PTC sites are not the way to go. Other features offered by FamilyBTC include the ability to advertise banners and text links through out the site as well as getting direct and rented referrals for improved earnings.

At the end of the day, earning a substantial amount of money in the PTC business can only be done by opening one of your own, which I definitely don’t recommend doing either.

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