Top 10 Affiliate Programs For Fishing

Here at affiliate-sale we love talking about affiliate programs and love the idea of being able to improve the profits and business of other companies. There is definitely a nice reward once one has learned how to do affiliate marketing correctly.

There’s no greater accomplishment in the world of online marketing than having a dominant website and establishment in your niche. We at affiliate-sale know this very well, which is why we’ve taken on the project of compiling all of the best affiliate programs in the fishing niche!

What’s more relaxing, comforting, and satiating than sitting back and catching all the fish you can catch. With a website in the fishing niche, you can promote all kinds of awesome goods. From the best fishing rods, reels, bait, and tackle.

And, let’s not forget about those pricier items as well- canoes, kayaks, and other kinds of boats. As an affiliate marketer, you have the wonderful privilege of recommending the best items to your audience.

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Now, let’s get to 2017’s top 10 affiliate programs for fishing, shall we?


tackledirect affiliates

TackleDirect offers over 50,000 fishing products you can promote. This is a website and business solely based on fishing, which is perfect for websites completely dedicated to this activity. There are literally no shortages of fishing products and everything is perfectly organized and categorized by saltwater, freshwater, fly fishing, apparel, marine, and clearance items. Some of their top brands include St. Croix, Penn, and Berkley Gulp. Their affiliate program can be registered through Rakuten Linkshare. Current commission payouts are set at 6%. Those interested can register here as a TackleDirect affiliate.

cabela affiliate program

As one of the best and most popular outfitting stores we know of, this is perfect for the affiliate who loves promoting both fishing & hunting gear in sync. But that’s not all this website has. Cabela offers everything from hunting, shooting, fishing, boating, camping, and more. They have a wide range of fishing gear which include rods, reels, lines, tackle, sunglasses, and baits. Their essential boating and camping equipment makes it an even better option for those looking to promote helpful related products. No commission rate or cookie duration has been stated.


bassproshop affiliate

Bass Pro can easily be considered as one of the best shops for fishing, hunting, and boating gear. While they have many other departments as well, fishing is easily one of their biggest. Categories range from fly fishing, ice fishing, saltwater fishing, bowfishing, tackles, reels, lures, and more. Joining this affiliate program is free, but you’ll definitely need a website of your own. Commission rate is currently set at 5% on all products sold through their shop. No cookie duration however is specified.

Hook & Tackle

hook and tackle affiliates

Do you have a creative fishing website you’re looking to monetize? Well then try Hook & Tackle, which rather than focusing on fishing gear, focuses on fishing apparel instead. Don’t you want your visitors to go out looking fresh? Hook & Tackle has it all, for both men and women. Performance fishing apparel are separated into fishing jackets, fishing pants, lifestyle t-shirts, fleece, and hoodies. They also offer accessories like fishing backpacks, hats, decals, and sun protection. The affiliate program can be signed up through AvantLink and offers 8% commission on all products and comes with a 30 day cookie duration. They also have a high average order value of over $115 per customer.

Leland Fly

Leland Fly Affiliate Program

Leland Fly is the epitome of what an affiliate program should look like for any fishing niche site. This website has every kind of fishing product you can imagine with clothing and accessories too. All other products are separated in terms of rods, reels, lines, wading, packs, vests, and flies. The company, around since 1985 offers an affiliate program with a 120-day cookie duration and commission rates between 8% and 13% dependent on the gross sales you manage to make per month. The affiliate program also includes a dedicated program manager and a dynamic tool suite to help you with conversions & SEO.

West Marine

West Marine Affiliate Program

When it comes to actual fishing gear, West Marine is a company that seems to go above & beyond. They have the kind of products that you wouldn’t normally see on any other fishing website. This includes products like anchoring, docking, and mooring gear and buoys. If these are the kind of items you’re looking to promote, then definitely give this program a try. In addition, they offer all the kinds of fishing boats & motors you can imagine. These include inflatable, rigid, sport boats, and more. Then you have all the navigation tools like handheld GPS, fishfinders, autopilots, and binoculars just to name a few. Simply said, if you need a ton of fishing gear to promote, this company has it. Their affiliate program offers 2 to 10% commission rate all based on the product(s) being ordered. In addition, they have over 85,000 products that can be shopped for and a 7-day cookie duration.


BoatSetter Affiliate Program


For those looking to get really creative with their fishing niche site must try’s affiliate program. This particular program neither sells apparel or fishing gear. Instead they offer a highly desired and in-demand service that allows fishermen across the entire world. That’s right, this affiliate program is an excellent option no matter where you are located. As a BoatSetter affiliate, you won’t only be helping your visitors reserve and rent their own boats, but even help visitors rent their boats out to others for additional income. It is easily considered to be the #1 boat rental community and is said to be able to earn renters thousands in extra income per month. Even just a simple BoatSetter banner can be a great way to monetize your affiliate fishing site. More importantly, you as an affiliate will earn $750 per month for every 10 boats you get listed on the site!

Angling Direct

Angling Direct Affiliates

If you’re from the UK and are looking for a very reputable store to promote in that area, then you should definitely give Angling Direct a try. Some of their big featured brands include Advanta, Nash, Shimano, Korda, and Dawa. Fishing gear & accessories include rod & reel combos, nets, rods, and so much more. Basically, every kind of fishing gear you can imagine is included in this shop. One of their biggest features might be their free (1 to 3 day) delivery service on orders made over $9. Currently, there is no mention of an exact commission rate or cookie duration. This site is moreover perfect for those niche sites solely dedicated on the best fishing gear, so check it out!


SeaEagle Affiliates

Does your site focus on more than just fishing? How about the boats that are required for actual fishing? If you’re looking to promote some of the best fishing boats on the market, look no further than This particular site has all the boats you can imagine and has been around since 1968. These high-priced items you can promote include Kayaks, SUPs, Fishing Boats, Canoes, and Wave Boats. Other awesome fishing niche accessories include anchors, safety gear, storage, motormounts, oars & paddles, sails, and more. SeaEagle commission rates are set somewhere between 15% and 18% on all sales.


NRS affiliate program

Another great option for you to go with as a fishing affiliate is NRS. These guys have all kinds of awesome gear that relates to fishing and water activities in general. Some of the things you’ll be able to promote include fishing, camping, whitewater rafting, and kayaking gear. Their fishing section is also extensive and includes all kinds of boat accessories, boats, rafts, lifejackets, fishing outerwear, dry bags & duffels, safety accessories, medical kits, oars, paddles, pumps, and more. This should give you an idea of the kind of fishing products that NRS focuses on. Their affiliate program is free to join and offers an 8% commission rate.

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