Flipping 4 Profits Review: Online Real Estate Scam?

Product: Flipping 4 Profit
Website: flipping4profit.com
Owner: Les Richardson
Price: $300 Yearly Membership Fee;
$100 Min. Investment - $100,000 Max. Investment
Rank: Scam!

Flipping 4 Profit Review – Is It a Scam?

Flipping4Profit was a company recently developed in 2012 whose intent is to help those interested in the real estate industry to “flip” various properties across America for a certain amount of profit.

The amount of profit you make is proportional to the amount of money you decide to invest out of pocket into with the company.

Hence, Flipping4Profits mission is to gather a massive group of individuals to help purchase an increasing number of properties together for as much profit as possible.

About Flipping4Profits Company:

– The company’s offices are currently located within America and Singapore.

– They claim to provide customer service on a 24/7 basis for its members.

– They offer a “home-based online real estate”, business opportunity.

– They are additionally partnered with a registered Real Estate Wholesaler, in order to help members invest in properties for as cheap and little as possible.

– In summary, Flipping4Profit can be described as a crowdfunding based opportunitythat is fully tailored to the real estate industry.

– Lastly, the company additionally offers a sort of “MLM” type opportunity as well to help spread the word to others, while allowing the sponsor to gain a certain percentage of the profits invested by those they refer.

– Where the sketchy part of the opportunity tends to come in..!

What Effort Is Required From You?

As a Flipping 4 Profit member, nothing more is required from you, but to simply invest however much money from your own personal funds that you’d like.

Hence, you have no other job, but to give the Flipping4Profits company as much money as you wish, while they search for profitable properties, and even goes as far to renovate, remodel, and then sell them to interested buyers.

How Much “Does Flipping4Profit Membership Cost”?

According to the company, you’ll be paying an additional “$249 + $50” membership fee per year, on top of whatever amount of money you plan on investing in.

The investment amount to be able to partake in Flipping4Profit costs anywhere from a minimal $100 investment to an upwards of $100,000 maximum investment! Personally, I wouldn’t be very confident handing over a random online company a check for them to begin investing my own personal income with.. Would you?

Especially with a fairly poor reputation, and not an entirely elegant, not to mention lack of completeness within its very own corporate website, would I ever find myself being able to trust this company!

The Real Problem With Flipping4Profits?

Flipping4Profits looks to be nothing but a disguise for what it really is, that is, a Ponzi Scheme. There are a few red flags that can be spotted, while most not being so obvious at first, its come to my attention that the owner, Les Richardson has made similar attempts using other websites.

Moreover, the company states the utilizing of “profit share.”

Almost 100% of the times, “online profit sharing” generally implies that the company is simply taking money from its members, and as long as the company can continue to grow, will likely pay out minimally to the older members from those recently signed-up.

My true and sincere belief is, Flipping4Profits has absolutely nothing at all to do, with actual real estate investment!

About Flipping4Profits “Fake” Profit Sharing..

As a Flipping4Profits member, the company allows you to deposit any amount up to $100,000. With enough members making deposits, the company won’t even need to bother with the purchasing and investment into properties.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t make much sense for the company to be paying members who’ve invested only $100, with “some” highly variable percentage return, in which the company, Flipping4Profits has no intention on even disclosing!

Additionally, Flipping4Profits also claims that while some properties can settle in a few days, the majority of properties being invested in, will likely not settle for months.

This sounds to me like the near-perfect type of Ponzi scheme scenario that would get the majority of members, who after having deposited their money, to eventually pay no mind for months on end as to what is happening with their investments.

Last but not least, the sketchiest part of it all is as a Flipping4Profits member, you have no sort of option nor choice as to what properties you’d like to choose on investing in.

Apparently the company does everything on your behalf. Hence, as soon as you deposit whatever sum of money you choose, you randomly attain an e-mail congratulating you for having invested in some random properties.

The control you have over your investments are therefore, completely taken away from you by this “Flipping4Profits” Scam!

Flipping4Profit Overview & Rank

 Verdict: Scam!

verdict- MLM scam

Rank: 0/100

I’ve listed a much better alternative to Flipping4Profits below, one that will allow you to even create your very own Real Estate website, whether as an agent, broker, or simply as a passionate investor. Although, this platform is not entirely targeted to the “Real Estate Niche” per say, it has certainly helped 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of people earn substantial amount of online income!

I highly recommend taking a look:

If you have any questions or comments, that may in particular deal with the Flipping4Profits company, especially any personal/individual experiences, that would greatly be appreciated. Simply leave one below, and I’ll make sure to check it out and get back to you in the next 24-hours, thanks!

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