Free Ad Cash System Scam Review – Does It Work?

freeadcashsystem scam reviewProduct: Free Ad Cash System


Type: Binary Options & Trading

Price: “Free” with $250 min. deposit

Our Rating: 10/100 – scam.


What Is Free Ad Cash System?

Free Ad Cash System is another one of those automated binary trading softwares that claims to earn you thousands of dollars per day just by using it. To be more specific, the Free Ad Cash System claims you can earn up to $3,671.32 per day with just a couple clicks.

In this review, we’re going to clear up what the system really is and whether or not it can be used to make you money. The first thing to note is that on this website we’ll see all kinds of testimonials being claimed. We’ll read of people who have made half a million dollars or more per date with use of this system. But are these claims legit?

In this Free Ad Cash System review, we’re going to see what is really going on behind this system and whether money can really be made online this easily.


How Much Is Free Ad Cash System?

One of the first things that should be pointed out is the price of the system as a whole. As we’ve been told by the title, the system should supposedly be “free,” correct? Well no, that’s not really the case. Rather, it’s being able to get a peek into the system that is the free part. But in order to actually use the system, we would have to make a minimum deposit or investment of $250.

freeadcashsystem scam

As we’ll see below, this $250 is used by the software to automatically trade it within binary trading, which you can kind of think of as stocks in a way. However, these binary trades are much more short-term, volatile, and have absolutely no guarantee when it comes to making any money.


Free Ad Cash System Software

The Free Ad Cash System is by no means a unique software. All this system does is take your investments from you and use it to trade in the binary market. This binary market collects money from individuals like yourself to bet on certain trades. The system or software being sold to you here does nothing more than make a completely random guess of which way that trade must go.

So let’s say you’ve invested your $250.. This software will bet it on a completely random trade, guessing whether that trade will go “up” or “down.” If the software just so happens to make the correct guess, then you get to double your money. If the software guesses the wrong direction of the trade, than you completely lose that $250.

This is what the Free Ad Cash System is all about. Keep in mind that the promise of you making $3,671 per day is nothing more than a simple ploy and strategy to get you to buy into the system. Trust me, if this system worked, I would have quit my day job by now. But the truth of the matter is we’ve seen systems constantly come and go over the past 5 years. It never ceases to amaze me what some individuals will do to scam others online.

So in other words, the Free Ad Cash System is not really free, it won’t make you $3,000+ per day, and people are not actually earning half a million dollars with it. It’s nothing more than a system that is feeding you one lie after the next just to dig into your pockets. Below we’ll see individuals who’ve made multiple $250 deposits, but haven’t really made millions of dollars.

freeads cash testimonials


What Is The “Catch” Of The Software

Now let’s see how the owner of the Free Ad Cash System actually benefits from your deposit. You see, once you make a deposit into the binary trading market, you’d be doing so through the Free Ad System software.

In doing so, they now become your binary trading broker or in other words, you are now a referral of theirs. Therefore, the owner is now eligible to make a 50% commission on every single binary trading deposit you make through them and their software.


Red Flags – Proof We’re Telling The Truth!

#1. Too many claims and testimonies of people living lavish lifestyles through a simple software without any work having to be done whatsoever. Claims & fake testimonies include individuals making “$3,000 every single day,” earning $7,484.98 in 2 days, people quitting their jobs & partying in Vegas, and even earning $100,000 in their first month. These testimonials along with the claim of the system being free are the biggest indications that the Free Ad Cash System is a complete scam that provides zero benefits.

free ads cash system review

#2. Every time you check out the website, you’ll find an automatic counter on the upper left that reads something similar to “Hurry Up! Only 2 Spots Left!” If you check back often, you’ll find that this counter never changes and is simply used as a ploy to get you to buy into the system.

#3. On a similar note, we’ll find that every time we visit the website we will find that the Free Ad Cash System member application expires in “just 10 minutes.” But, what we will come to find is that we can still fill out an application and join even after those 10 minutes are up.

#4. The Free Ad Cash System claims to be free on a number of occasions. First is in its titles, its domain, and even when filling out the application, we are told the system is free. But once it comes to trying to activate the software, we will find that we’ll need a $250 minimum deposit in order to get going.


Free Ad Cash System Overview – So It’s a Scam?

Yes, the Free Ad Cash System is a complete scam! How do we know? Well for one, there is no software in the world that you can use just to click for money on demand. Money comes through hard work and by providing value to others. We also know that the system isn’t actually free, but requires a $250 deposit just to get started.

Why would the owner of the system lie about the price of his own product? Thirdly, we see no support or contact available anywhere on the site. Let’s say we make our first deposit, but encounter an issue. The fact there is no one we can contact about the issue in all likelihood makes this product a binary trading scam you should definitely call a pass on!


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