GPT Planet Review: Is It Worth Your Time?

By | July 10, 2017

Product: GPT PlanetGPTPlanet Review


Type: GPT – Get Paid To Complete Tasks.

Price: Varies

Earning Potential: Low.

Recommended: No with exceptions.


What Is GPT Planet & Can It Make You Money?

GPT Planet is one of those interesting websites you see scattered across the internet. Similar in many ways to a survey site, GPT otherwise known as “Get Paid To,” pays you upon the completion of small tasks.

To date, there are close to half a million GPT Planet Members. That’s not to say that every one of those members are active, but goes to show just how long GPT Planet has been around for.

Since 2010, GPT Planet has given users a new approach to earning money online.. It’s a place where both advertisers and members come together to advertise new offers and to earn money by completing daily tasks.

Those who advertise with GPT Planet is where all of the website’s cash flow comes from. This in-turn gets paid to the users. But the real, dying question is.. How much can you actually earn with GPT Planet? For simplicity sake the amount that most GPT Planet members earn is very small.

The earnings in fact can be so small, that it might just blow you away. To get an idea, all you would need to do is head over to the GPT Planet website and take a look at the “View Advertisement” wall. Here you’ll see offers being advertised by GPT Planet members who pay to have their ad posted.

Because the cost of advertising on the website is so small, only a very small percentage gets paid to the actual viewer. In this case, we’re looking at $.01 at the high end and $.0002 at the low end.

Now if you’re all about making pennies online (or fractions of a penny), then be my guest. But those looking to build a business and earn a real income, should check out my top program of all-time. Otherwise, let’s continue with the GPT Planet review below.


Pricing – How Much Is GPT Planet?

GPT Planet is completely free to join. Anyone can get registered with an e-mail, username, and password. Upon registration, you’ll be given access to the free standard membership. Those looking to upgrade can do so through their GPT Planet dashboard, which looks a little something like this…

GPT Planet Scam Review

Here you’ll find everything you need to get started with GPT Planet including account upgrades, withdrawals, banners/creatives, settings, renting/buying referrals, earnings, and stats. Unlike most GPT and PTC websites, GPT Planet has a ton of different upgrade options.

After taking a close look at what separates these memberships apart, the pricing and features are very straight-forward. More importantly, I would say that they are also discouraging. There is almost nothing beneficial that separates these memberships apart.

A quick comparison between the first few memberships show that even after upgrading, the click value on each ad is still the same. No matter which upgrade you make, you still won’t have access to instant withdrawals, which is in my opinion, the most important aspect of any PTC or GPT website, period.

While that might be a conversation for a whole other post, let’s just say that trust is a big issue when it comes to PTC, so if I make money on the site, I want to make sure it’s in my account ASAP. I’ve personally been through and experienced many PTC websites where I ended up losing my account completely or I was never paid. Take a quick look at the membership options below:

GPTPlanet Membership

GPTPlanet Membership Options

The only other thing that separate these memberships apart are features in terms of what you can do with your referrals. There are two kinds of referrals in the case of GPT Planet – direct and rented. Here is where one of the site’s biggest issues come into play. Rented referrals are in simple words, a good way to get scammed.

If you want to hold on your money, hold off on the rented referral strategy because the reality is that it’s a fast way to lose cash. This is due to the fact that if the website, or you were to profit, who would it be?

Obviously, the site owner! You see, in this case only one entity here can actually take a profit. Instead, you’re getting charged an arm, a leg, and a head, just to maintain those rented referrals. We’re talking $3 just to rent 20 of them. The keyword here is “rent,” meaning eventually those referrals will be gone unless you pay to keep them.

The fact is, those rented referrals are worthless, and because the method for making money with GPT Planet is worthless – You can’t really expect to make commissions off of a $.00001 click on an advertisement, can you?

Maybe it’s possible and you’ll walk away with $.000005. Point is, there is no great distinguishing factor between GPT Planet’s membership options. The website’s small earnings in no way justify the great expense that it takes to rent those referrals. Follow me?

Whether you’re actually following me or not, shouldn’t matter because the fact is, I’ve been doing this for close to 5 years now and know a legitimate opportunity when I see one.

If for example, these low earnings can actually make a difference in your life, then please, accept my apologies and go back to using the website. But we all know that the majority of you here, don’t want to literally waste hours on end scraping pennies. Sure you can beg, but why not do it outside instead?

Membership Recap – Free standard, monthly silver, monthly gold, monthly gold plus, yearly silver, yearly gold, and yearly gold plus.

I’m not going to go into actual specifications of each since we should all know by now that there is nothing beneficial waiting for you here.


Advertising With GPT Planet

There are also certain cases where I might say, sure go ahead and use GPT Planet. As rare of an occurrence as this might be, it’s important to look at the services GPT Planet offers marketers. For example, maybe you’ve created a new website, business, or venture that needs more viewing.

Well, in this case, you could always take advantage of the low priced advertising services offered by GPT Planet. It can also be beneficial for marketers looking to get more referral to other business opportunities. Here is a break down of advertising offered by GPT Planet.


Types of Advertising:

  • Paid To Click Ads – Small ads ranging in price depending on how long you want your advertisement viewed. They can range anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 minute. The longer you choose, the more money required.
  • Fixed Advertising – A fixed advertisement will show your offer also within the Paid To Click Ads area. The only difference here is your basically buying a position where the advertisement doesn’t disappear until the amount of credits you purchase is up.
  • Login Ads – Advertisements you usually see as soon as you login into the site and usually the first thing that other members will see.
  • Paid To Sign Up Offers – Very beneficial and effective way of advertising and getting more leads for your business. Only downside is that it costs more than advertising with Paid To Click and that a lot of users also only do it to get paid in exchange.
  • Featured Text Ads – Ineffective way of advertising, but mostly cheaper than other options and with more credits. Despite being affordable however, featured text ads are mainly ignored for the most part and depending on your message, isn’t all that beneficial. If you’ll notice on the homepage, you might currently see that there are actually no featured text ads at the moment, and usually for good reason.
  • Banner Ads – An alternative to text ads, but instead of other members seeing a message, they see your banner. Not an effective way of advertising in my opinion unless, you’re looking to buy 100,000’s of credits for more viewers to see your banner.
  • Featured Link Ads – Very similar to featured text ads and similar in price. Main difference here is that instead of your ad being showed with a particular number of credits, it’s usually shown over a certain time period. For example, 1 to 6 months.
  • Other Special Packages – Offers on a variety of advertising packages.


GPT Planet Overview – Is This ‘GPT’ Business a Scam?

When it comes to advertising on a PTC or GPT website, it can really be a hit or miss. It all depends on what you’re promoting and how often you’re doing it. For the most part, having a big budget is usually required to gain anything worthwhile and you really need to test to see how well your offer is converting.

If it’s converting and you’re making a good return on investment, then it can definitely be worth investing into over the long-run.

In regards to viewing advertisements as a member, I don’t recommend wasting any time in doing this. For the most part, paid to click sites like GPT Planet can seem misleading in making you think that you can actually earn some kind of income doing this.

But, you’re not likely going to make even a dollar for your efforts during the day. Pretty outrageous, I know. But you’ll immediately see that’s the case when you’re clicking on these ads every 10 or 30 seconds.

Alternatively, getting direct referrals to a site like GPT Planet is another area that directly benefits you in both the short and long-term. The biggest disadvantage is the fact that the commissions still tend to be small given the small transactions usually made with sites like these.

If you’re looking into affiliate marketing, I definitely recommend it.. Just not with sites like these where the commissions are too small and aren’t worth the effort putting into.

As bad as earnings may seems, GPT Planet is legitimate and still paying, and has been since 2010. I have truly come to respect the fact they’ve been around for this long as most seem to come and go in under a year. This gives them a better reputation than most PTC and GPT websites out there.

Making withdrawals is as simple as using a PayPal or Payza account and you only need a $1 minimum in your account, but the fact they don’t offer instant withdrawals is also a disservice.

The forum, I’ll admit is a nice addition as it allows members to get better situated with the website as a whole. But at the end of the day, I just don’t see how a site like GPT Planet can be of any benefit to its average user. Not when the average ad pays out a fraction of a penny…

If you’re looking for a better alternative to make an online income, make sure to click the link below. Otherwise, thank you for checking out this GPT Planet Scam Review and best of luck with GPT earnings!


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