How To Create The Best Blog Post Titles Ever

By | April 4, 2017

How To Create The Best Blog Post Titles

Creating awesome blog post titles has never seemed so important as it does today. Catchier blog post titles can have a dramatic affect on increasing the value and attraction of your site as a whole.

Think of it as just one more important aspect to SEO that might not only allow you to stand out in the search engines, but give you an opportunity to have individuals stay on your site longer and who doesn’t want that?

Catchy blog post titles can give people a better idea of what the post or topic is about and can have your audience looking forward to clicking on a link they might not have otherwise.

I’ll admit that creating a blog post title that is memorable and eye-catching takes plenty of practice and work. It’s like an art you’ll come to increasingly appreciate the longer you’ve been blogging.

Question is, what can you do now to begin creating those catchy blog posts starting tomorrow? Well, the easiest answer might be to spend more time coming up with titles for each post and that’s definitely true and a smart way to go.

But, as listed below, hereĀ  are four main rules you can begin using to become the catchy “blog post title creator“, you’ve always envisioned yourself becoming!


1. Make It Clear & Engaging

The most important trait of any awesome blog post title is clarity. In order to create a catchy title, that title must represent the content on the article as a whole.

Your title should be considered as the main introductory point to your article and should sum up everything that article is about in a sentence or less.

When creating your title, use the search engines to see what is and isn’t being used and come up with various names you feel is better, or above the competition.

Some great sites you can use for a source of inspiration when creating catchy blog post titles include:

Even though Pinterest, isn’t exactly a blog in and of itself, it’s by far one of the best resources for creating catchy and engaging blog post titles.

With thousands of blog posts being posted on this amazing social media platform, you can get ideas for inspiration and creativity by seeing what other bloggers in your niche are doing. There is an absolute endless source of creativity here that can be studied.

One more important thing to note here, is aside from the title itself, it’s the content or subject of the content that should be intriguing as a whole. Don’t always go after what everyone else is writing about..

Instead find an interesting twist to put on it that will step up your content and title’s engagement even further. The possibilities here are endless and is something that can be improved upon with practice and additional content creation!

2. Less Emphasis On Secondary Keywords

If you place just a little less emphasis on the main keywords you’re going after, you essentially give yourself more room to create catchier titles.

There’s definitely a trade-off here and while it’s still important to keep your primary keyword in the title, they don’t need to take up the entire 60 characters you have available.

Rather than focusing on exact keywords or phrases, just ensure that the title gives a near-perfect explanation of what your blog post is about. You can bet that the search engines will be able to figure out eventually what your blog post is about.

3. Always Create Your Title, Before The Post Itself

I find this to be one of the most important rules when creating any new blog post title. Always try and write a few variations of different blog post titles that you can use.

This is beneficial for several reasons. First off, creating the title beforehand lets you know exactly how to approach your blog post when you begin writing and what to write about.

Second, it allows you to be more creative when creating your title and blog post so when the time for writing comes, you know exactly how to approach the entire post.

Last but not least, it’s an amazing technique to come up with your blog post/writing schedule for months, or even a year in advance.

4. Create Different Variations Of The Original

Let’s say you’ve come up with your first title for the blog post. The next step you can take is to create different variations. For example, try putting your title in the form of a question, or try replacing a couple words to put a spin on the title. Let’s say we created a post on “How Much Does It Cost To Host a Domain?”

Instead, you could expand on that title using different variations, such as:

  • “Here’s The Price Of Owning a Website In 2017”
  • “It Only Costs $10 Per Month To Host a Domain!”
  • “How Much Money I Spend On Hosting a Year”
  • “How To Save 50% On Hosting & Domains”
  • “Are You Spending Too Much On Hosting?”

These, somewhat catchy titles for example, do a much better job at speaking to the reader. Many times, you’ll find that the more of a twist you put on a given title, the more personal it inherently feels.

While, we might be missing out on the keyword – “How Much Does It Cost,” you can still notice how the other titles are already giving some kind of answer to the original question..

In a sense, the new title goes even deeper and as a result, you might find yourself ranking for both the original term(s) – “How Much Does Hosting Cost,” along with others.

The title, “It Only Costs $10 Per Month To Host a Domain!,” gives an immediate answer to the question and could result in an even higher click through rate, and potentially better rank. The other thing you might come to like about this technique is it really uses much more specificity.

So while you might be answering the original question or keyword, in essence, you’re also going into the specifics of a very similar, but different topic, you might be unaware of.

“Are You Spending Too Much On Hosting?” for example, will allow you to cover the cost of hosting in your post, while give people an expectation of how much to spend in the future.



You’ll find that as soon as you begin thinking of that first awesome, share-worthy blog post title, you don’t want to stop. It’s just too fun, thinking of the amazing possibilities and affect this kind of genuine content can have on your blog.

Your visitors will love everything there is about you and your blog, the better your titles and content is as a whole.

It can dramatically boost the value and future expectations people have for your blog. Mundane blog post titles on the other hand, leaves your audience feeling a little empty when leaving your site.

It’s always important for you as a blogger to realize that your visitors are always on the lookout for the most amazing and helpful content, even if they don’t know it. Creating blog post titles (and awesome associated content with it) is one of the biggest steps you can take in helping you get there.

Otherwise, your blog is just going to sound mundane, and even repetitive, which is something I think we’d all love to avoid, at all costs. So begin making your website as a whole ‘the catch’ that it is, by giving your blog post titles the extra boost and emphasis it needs to make its stand!


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