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niche bloggersWhy You Should Find Other Blogs In Your Niche

In today’s tutorial, we’ll be looking at how you can find other blogs and bloggers in your niche. There might be several reasons as to why you want to do this, especially if you are starting out with a brand new website.

The first reason you want to find some high-quality blogs in your niche is to reach out to other bloggers. This is a great way to form and grow new relationships, which will hopefully yield some positive results like the sharing and mentioning of each others content. It’s also a great way for you to begin establishing authority in your niche, which brings me to reason number two.

The second reason you’ll want to go out and actively search for other blogs in your niche is so you can comment on those blogs. Leaving blog comments is a valuable method, technique, and strategy for bringing more referral traffic to your website and as a way to grow organically as well. By leaving a link to your blog on other blogs, you’ll be more noticed and gain more exposure, which should result growing traffic in the long-run.

The third reason why you might want to search for other blogs is so you can be better informed of new and share-worthy content that is going on with your niche. This can help inspire new ideas for your blog and help you create much better and more sought out content both in the short and long-run. So without further or due, let’s get you on the right track by helping you find new friends, blogs, and bloggers that you can connect and join the ranks with.



One of my personal favorite methods for finding other blogs in my niche is actually a very simple and useful one. There is a tool called Google Alerts that alerts you every time your keyword is found in a new article. This article is sent straight to your inbox at a specific time, which you can choose to be sent to you daily or weekly.

When using this method it is important that you use a variation of some of the most popular keywords within your niche. If you wanted to find out more about the latest presidential speeches by Trump, essentially you would want to be alerted for a keyword like “Presidential Speeches by Trump.” This strategy will fill your inbox with new niche and keyword related blogs you’ve probably been looking for all along.



Another very strong method for finding high-quality blogs in your niche is by going to high-quality directories and submission sites. Here is a list of 100 websites and strategies you can use to find blogs in your niche. But just to name a few, I would recommend checking out Medium, All Top,, and StumbleUpon.

But don’t limit yourself to only these, as there are an endless number of options and sites that aggregate and curate content, allowing you to find a never-ending pool of both established and newer blogs within your niche. Once you have a list of blogs and websites that are in your niche, figure out which ones you feel most inclined to comment on and begin creating your new blogger relationship with.



Another somewhat obvious, but very powerful strategy for finding blogs in your niche is by using social media. By utilizing the proper platforms, you’ll be on a hunt for some of the best and most powerful blogs in your niche. These blogs will be a haven for you to comment on and create new relationships with.

Some social media platforms you can use to accomplish this include Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. I also highly recommend using Google Plus Communities as this is one of the best places and platforms for establishing personal relationships with other similar bloggers. Make sure to always comment, share, and plus one other posts. The more active you are and engaged you are with other people’s content, the stronger that relationship will become.

A few other ways to find bloggers in your niche using social media include:

  • Joining group boards on Pinterest.
  • Joining communities on Google +.
  • Entering keyword-related search terms on Twitter.
  • Following relevant bloggers on Twitter.
  • Joining new groups and following pages on Facebook.
  • Joining relevant groups on LinkedIn.
  • Growing your network by following bloggers on LinkedIn.



One more step you might want to take to find other blogs and bloggers in your niche is by finding niche-specific forums. A simple Google Search should give you an entire list of potential forums you can register with. Forums are not only a good place for you to find other bloggers, but is also a great way to introduce yourself, your expertise, and website to an entirely new community. More importantly, you’ll be able to meet other prospective bloggers in the process.



These four strategies will allow you to find a plethora of niche-related websites in your niche, in no time. And, if you are still not having any luck, a simple Google Search query always does the job quite nicely as well.

But, the reason you want to use the aforementioned platforms and strategies is because many of these forums, directories, etc. give you a platform in which to communicate on. You want to make the best use of this so you can connect with other bloggers as much as possible and to give you other methods in which you can connect with.

Sure, some blog commenting goes a long way, but when you go the extra mile – and you share their content on social media, comment on social media posts, and plus one, stumble, or digg their content, it really goes to show that you are rooting for and believe in their content and their website, which could in-turn pay off dividends for you in both the short and long-term.

Hope this post provided you with some valuable insight into blogger outreach. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, let’s hear them below. Thanks!

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