How To Find Fresh Content Ideas For Your Website Or Blog

By | December 3, 2015

How Finding Fresh Content Ideas Can Be a Big Benefit To Your Website Or Blog

Finding good content ideas for your website or blog isn’t always the easiest task. This is especially true if the niche you’re in is very targeted or focused on a specific audience. Eventually we tend to run out of ideas or our creativity might simply dry up overtime.

But believe it or not, there are plenty of great tools on the internet to find out what exactly your audience is looking for. In this particular article, I’m going to show you how you can very effectively use Google Trends, Google Search Queries, and Amazon (if this applies to your niche) to really get some amazing content ideas for your blog.

In the long-run, finding and using good content ideas may very well make your blog stand out amongst the competition while having new and existing users coming back for more. In addition, by mixing up the type of content you write, Google is likely to notice this and may even get you the occasional boost in traffic.

One of the biggest (if not the biggest) mistakes I made when starting out affiliate-sale was the fact I focused too much on writing product reviews and less on those more evergreen niche topics and ideas that were constantly trending. I tended to overlook the benefits that they could offer. While writing product reviews can be a great way to get some traffic, it’s important your website has something else to offer as well.

The techniques being used here to find both fresh and evergreen content ideas are that unlike product reviews sometimes never “expire,” adds originality, and will make your site feel more authoritative and engaging. The benefits are almost endless and I can’t recommend enough mixing up the kind of content you write on a daily basis using these following techniques.

So here are a few steps you can do today to keep your blog’s health in check while hopefully finding more traffic coming to your site.

  • Using Google Trends To Find Fresh Content

Google Trends is a tool I’m not sure how I survived without in my first few months as a blogger. This tool can be a tremendous help if you’re ever looking for a bit of inspiration. I like Google Trends for a number of reasons, but mainly because this will help you stay atop of the competition by showing you what topics are currently trending, which ones are increasing, and which ones are declining. Now what you can do is start to enter search terms relative to your niche. It’ll even show you the top searched queries for that term you entered.

Let’s say you have a niche website in weight loss and you’re thinking about writing about weight watchers. Here’s what comes up within Google Trends:

How To Find Content Ideas For Your Website - Google Trends

This simple graph shows you the “interest over time” from 2005 to 2015 and as you can see it’s starting to see a big decline. So this may not be the best content to write about given current trends.

Now lets search the Paleo Diet and see what comes up:

How To Find Content Ideas For Your Website - Google Trends

Aha! Now there’s an article you may want to write about. But what exactly are the topics you want to cover? Well if you scroll down, you’ll find a list of popular search queries you can use to make your life a bit easier.

Google Trends - Paleo Diet Recipes For Fresh Content Ideas

According to the search queries, it looks like “Paleo Recipes,” is actually trending more than what the weight loss plan itself might entail. So to conclude this example, writing an article or post on Paleo Recipes can give you some wonderfully fresh content for your website!

  • Finding Fresh Content Ideas Using Amazon + Google Trends

One place I almost always tend to go when I’m out of content ideas is Amazon. Now I know most people like to say they visit Social Media or some kind of forum that’s trending, and while these are also some great ideas, Amazon is just something I prefer using to see what’s trending. The reason I like using this as one of my top choices is because of the numbers and statistics you can use to see what’s on the market. Now if you can look past just the products, I’m sure you can find some creative ideas to use for some fresh content.

For example, let’s type in the term “weight loss” into and see what comes up. The way I like to organize these listings is usually by the number of reviews any particular product might have despite how good or bad the actual product is. This way we can see what’s trending the most and what give us some potentially good content ideas.

Here’s a product I found that stuck out to me on the first page. It’s called Garcinia Cambogia Extract and has almost 9,000 4-star rating reviews!

Content Ideas Using Amazon and Google Trends

If I was in the weight loss niche, this is probably some content I’d be interested in adding or mentioning within my site. But rather than writing the same old product reviews, how would we go about taking a different angle or approach to writing something interesting about Garcinia Cambodia.

Google Trends For Fresh Content Ideas

Why not use the search term, “Appetite Suppressant” instead. Rather than writing a post titled “The benefits of Gardenia Combogia,” or “Garcinia Cambodia Review,” how about writing something along the lines of “Best Appetite Suppressants On The Market,” or “Why You Can’t Miss Out On This Latest Appetite Suppressant.” Essentially, your content feels like more than just any ordinary product review, but content that is fresh, appealing, and is certain to engage your entire audience.
Google Trends: appetite suppressant interest

  • How To Find and Use Google Trend + Search Queries For Fresh Content Ideas

Now what if the niche you’re in doesn’t exactly have anything to do with Amazon. Well here is another great method I like to use that can be applied to just about any niche. Let’s say for example, you’re niche is in teaching people how to invest in stocks.

By searching “how to invest in stocks” within Google Trends we can then see what the most trending search queries are for the particular term. What we can do from here is click on the small magnification glass, which will then bring us right over to Google to see what’s being talked about in other relevant niche sites. From there will find an endless number of current and trending topics we can use for some fresh and engaging content for our website.

Google Trends: how to invest in stocks interest

I like this technique because rather than blindly going onto we can first find and then search what the most trending topics are. So my advice here is to simply search a term within Google trends and then scrolling down to Google’s trending search queries to begin researching our fresh content ideas.Fresh Content Ideas Using Google Trends + Google Search Queries

In this case, we have both a news source as well as Google Adsense to find out what is trending the most. Now if you were to simply type in a random search query instead, you probably wouldn’t see this large number of ads and news sources. But because we used Google Trends and then looked for the top search queries we were able to find the best content ideas within the investment niche.

  • Brainstorming New Content Ideas Using Jaaxy’s Keyword Research Tool (Final Step!)

The very last thing we want to do is no matter what technique we’re using to find fresh content is making sure to research our keywords. Using the example above, the search query “Stocks to Buy” is more than likely a very competitive term to rank for. Here are the results using Jaaxy:

Jaaxy Keyword Tool For Content Ideas

Our results show that the “stocks to buy” search query is actually not that competitive, which is surprising given the number of traffic. QSR stands for how many sites were competing to rank our search term for. AVG means how much monthly traffic our site would be getting if we ranked first for the term “stocks to buy.” Nonetheless, our SEO rating is still giving us the green light at a high score of 86. So while this would be an excellent search term to try and rank for, let’s also try searching “Best stocks buy now.” Remember, it’s always better to rank for a few long-tailed keywords than just one!

In addition, did you see the results for the query “stocks to buy now.” That has 167,701 monthly visits per month with only 131 competition. Wow (and that’s why I love Jaaxy)!

“Best stocks buy now” results:

Jaaxy Keyword Tool For Content Ideas

Now by using Jaaxy and simply searching one of the related terms, not only were we able to find a search result with almost twice the daily traffic, but even lowered the competition in half with an SEO score of 91!

So by using a combination of the terms “stocks to buy now” + best stocks to buy now” you’ll not only find a lot more traffic to your site, but to a post that contains a lot of quality information that your lovely targeted audience is more than likely looking for :)

I’d suggest using a combination of these techniques every month and using a keyword tool like Jaaxy to not only find additional great content, but to get as many of those other juicy keywords within the posts you plan to write. I really hope my experience with finding fresh new content ideas for your website has helped. Stay tuned for some other great advice on ways you can keep your blog and traffic looking sharp and healthy. As always, I’m looking forward to any comments or questions you have below!




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