How To Find My Niche?

In tonight’s post, I plan on continuing the post from earlier today, but this time helping you by showing “how to find my niche”!

Essentially, to additionally, show you as well, the true significance involved in finding your ideal niche, or market, and the ultimate benefit involved, you may have not yet perceived.

Good Places To Get Idea’s For My Niche…

 Here’s where I go to get idea’s for my next niche or topic:

  • Joining new groups.
  • Forums.
  • Chat Sites
  • Social Media Groups and Discussions (try LinkedIn for this!)
  • Communities.
Next, if I’m still having a debate in my mind of whether my niche is a good, and/or profitable market, I’ll make sure to ask questions relevant to my newfound niche, sub niche, and even my microniche.
Before the internet was even around, your only choice was by reading published books, and finding people on your own, to go out and expand upon how you were going to build a single empire upon your newfound topic.

Hence, for good reason, the “term niche,” is one of the newest, most-used defined terms, since the millennia!

Main reason being, the rise in technological power, namely Google, and other low-end search engines, allowing you to find any number of potential customers, or readers rather. Hence, through the creation of simple niche built websites, people have gained the ultimate unique and recently acquired profound ability, in selling to people all over the world.

As soon as you’ve found a niche to build your website upon, you have approximately 3-4 billion daily internet users, to target, with a multitude of ways to profit from. The secret trick here, that I never, ever, see mentioned in online business communities these days, is in order to sell, to NOT come across as a salesman!
Instead you want to have a unique approach to your consumer targets. At the same time, you don’t want to be hiding anything, even to the ends that your ultimate goals are attempting to achieve. Example:
1- State what your website-niche is based upon, and with your on-site design, show your readers/customers, the information you intend on giving.
2- State if you are an affiliate marketer, or not. What I mean is, if you’re referring your eventual “trustworthy” readers to a specific product or service promotion, to tell them, that as you’re referring them to the involved product or service, you are indeed an affiliate with either high or very low recommendations for that product.

The Truth Will Always Set You Free!

Hence, when you can show yourself as an honest affiliate, you will be building a much more better, profitable, authoritative business market in the long-run.

“How this Stay-At-Home Mom Has Found a Way to Making $9,500 in 1 Day….”

Reader.. “uhh ok.. later!”

Instead these days, you are finding much more, and more, ways of coming across a slogan like this: (“how a stay-at-home mom is able to make $9,500 in one day. Click here to read more!”). Just think about what happens the second your reader comes across the alternative authority website showing immediate honesty, speaking professionally, and with a unique characterism, showing the loyalism of his or her true persona. Hence, who are you more likely to buy into?!

Thus, consider this as – MY MOST UNRECOMMENDED TACTIC!
And despite the fact, 98% of people know how much of a scam it is, affiliate marketers have been using a variety of what I would call “immoral” techniques, into otherwise capturing their targets, their audiences, and so on, by doing all they can to capture, what is ultimately now a useless e-mail.
Hence, that is all I have to say on that subject, poing being to make you aware, that these in essence are actually niche-marketer’s using illogical reason to gain money from their visitors. If that is your desire, then I’m sorry for the disappointment, as that is not what this website is about.

More On Micro Niches…

Research is proving over and over, every time a single online web-researcher, does not immediately find what they want on a website, they will leave it, and never look back.
Therefore, you just lost a potential target, over the fact you’ve possibly gone much too broad with your topic!
Microniche example
Search types in “Black BMW photo’s,” with the pretense that is indeed one of your microniches, but instead your visitor sees: Red, Blue, White Mercedes’ cars instead. Now, I can bet on it, that the person whoever searched that extremely detailed term into google, is 99% more-likely than not to immediately exit out your site.
Hence, not only has your visitor left as a result of the mere color’s, but even the manufacturer wasn’t what he was looking for.
The Point: When picking a niche, to no matter what, not think you can “do it all,” by chasing after every potential subniche keyword within your bigger niche.
Next, your visitor comes across the next website and what does he see: exactly what he wanted, 100 photo’s of BLACK BMW’s, and nothing else – exactly what your “searcher,” should be expecting to find. Hence, the extra additional importance of choosing a microniche:
1) Better and faster rankings
2) Targeted, interested visitors
3) An ability to capture your visitors attention, and likelihood, of his or her e-mail, to help you in your list building.
Thus offering, ways to profit as an affiliate, and in the most simplest of manners.
Therefore, he or she will no doubt, have a look on the website as he or she knows his search had been a success, as the site you’ve now offered contains the most possible relevant information.

Microniche Benefits

Now that you’ve captured your consumer target, given the layout of your website content, easy navigable design, and such, will be highly-likely to stay on your website for a longer period of time.
Benefit: Increased chance, that any one of your (adsense earning banners, amazon affiliate banners, and/or ultimately, your final product/service offering as an affiliate), is clicked on.
Thus, this is the exact, and precise method, of what you should be doing after having read my “niche posts.” Finding a niche, example “black BMW photo’s” (although, that is not a good niche to profit from, given the lack in buyer keyword phrases, which essentially will prove best to your earnings financially), and filling it with content-earning money.
Content earning money? How…
Black BMW Books? Black BMW dvds? Black BMW posters! But better yet.. for the sake of our microfiche purpose, lets change our search keyword term to “black BMW headlights”. Now let’s do this:
Go to google.. and search for: “Black BMW headlights + affiliate”
Why is going after a microniche the best part of being an affiliate?
You never have to stock, nor ship a single product, the true beauty of affiliate marketing..!
Wouldn’t you say? :)

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Hi I’m Peter. I’m 29 years old and I’m a Uconn graduate who finally found his way through life by becoming a full-time affiliate marketer. I enjoy trying out new things and believe there’s no greater satisfaction than being able to make money on your own time!

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