How To Make Money With Clickbank 2015 Step By Step Strategy

How To Make Money With Clickbanks 2014 Step By Step Strategy

Spending all your time looking around for Clickbank tricks, and solutions, is useless, as you could be spending that precious time building up a niche specific, website that will help you promote any Clickbank product, with a unique step by step strategy.Make Money With Clickbank 2014

Hence, in only a matter time you would have already built a foundation that is all ready to go by simply following the most overlooked successful Clickbank step by step strategy. Rather than spending your time searching for the RIGHT way of gaining success with Clickbank, it’s a whole lot easier to take action by following steps to building your primary foundation: a Website! 

Before taking action in the following steps make sure you have signed up with Clickbank, an are an official Clickbank affiliate! You’ll then be shown how to gather as many hop links as you need for your desired niche.

Furthermore, the general idea of this process is to get the proper Clickbank links relevant to your niche onto your first authoritative website, which I have simplified for you below. Once you’ve found your niche, think of any relevant domain name you can use. Simply type it in below, click create, and woolah!

You now have a wordpress functioning website ready for the taking. :)

Once you’ve completed these introductory steps, and have created your niche related website below. We will move on to step 2: finding the appropriate keywords for your niche-related website in order to help drive very specific and highly-targeted traffic to your website.

My biggest advice would be to look around clickbank’s e-book section products. From there, you can promote a whole variety of e-books on your new website. This always tends to be an excellent starting point, especially given the fact, Clickbanks specialty is only in the selling of digital products.

The toughest part of this process is monetization; that is getting your website ranked by Google, which has been thoroughly taught to me and many other successful affiliates at W.A.. Check out the review here.

Registration is completely free, though there are upgradeable member options as well! 





Proper Keyword Research- Jaaxy, a.k.a the most powerful research tool on the internet!

  These steps are similar to the exact methods and ways that have been successfully done and utilized over the when Clickbank first started in 1998, creating some of the truest most successful Clickbank affiliates. Whether or not online and internet hype may or may not have got you strung by now, myy biggest advice remains true to this day, and that is to never buy into marketing scams promising you instantaneous cash and riches, by proof of a check. If someone is literally luring you into purchasing something or anything, without a fair trial, don’t do it, no matter how convincing, unless you’re being offered some kind of free trial. Hence, my intention here is to give you the results you’ve been yearning for. My results is to give you this dream, not by handing it over, but by assisting you in developing the foundation of your concrete foundation. See Below!
Thus, I highly suggest giving it a free shot, by beginning with a free website by typing your siterubix domain above. And after that, start your way on researching all your keywords.



 If you think I’m going to leave you there stranded, think again. Because after you complete these next two vital tasks, comes the third, the one where I welcome you to my free community, forum, and live chat, of the world’s most greatest affiliates! (Say cheese…) You’re probably going to want a nice picture, preferably one of you smiling. If you don’t know what Clickbank is don’t worry about it, because that’s just one of many offered income producing opportunities. Hence, get ready for the #1 ultimate training of a lifetime. Trust me, it is a lot of fun, and very easy to follow!


What is Clickbank, and what makes it so prevalent among online marketers?

Clickbank can simply be defined as one of today’s presently most highly trusted digital marketplaces. It’s immense popularity among affiliate marketer’s is an occurrence of being one of the first affiliate marketplaces to ever open up its doors, and while many other networks have followed this idea, Clickbank remains to be the number one popular choice, having over 100,000 vendors, who are promoting and advertising specifically made digital products.
After Clickbanks founding in 1998, it opened an entirely new portal. This portal we call today is called affiliate marketing. Another reason that makes Clickbank’s marketplace so popular is the fact it serves over 200 countries worldwide thus allowing millions of users to join as an active affiliate member. Currently there are close to 150,000 active affiliate marketer’s within Clickbank alone!

One very interesting fact associate with ClickBank is that a sale is made through the ClickBank marketplace once, every few seconds!!!
Thus, it isn’t very surprising that any starting affiliate marketer will have started merely stumbling upon the findings of the Clickbank marketplace, as a result of the marketplace being advertised on just about every online medium possible.

Why Clickbank may feel like it’s merely a scam to many starting affiliates…

Well the reason behind this is because of all the increasing hype over the years. Many people looking to get into Clickbank without any sort of real foundation, will find themselves distraught after being shown the many thousands of dollar income proof checks, found on YouTube, Google, even Facebook.Practically, the Clickbank marketplace is almost known to have become a complete affiliate global phenomenon, for both the vendors and affiliates alike.

Hence, if you have the skills, knowledge, and talent, to be able to create your very own unique digital product, you can fairly simple, make your own Clickbank product addition, having everyday affiliates, from all over the world advertising your own Clickbank digital product, thus allowing all the advertising work essentially become highly automated.

This alone is another reason for Clickbank’s immense popularity, since the commissions are very high for each sale made by an affiliate, marketer’s will always find a way of coming across this marketplace and giving Clickbank a quick shot. By a quick shot I mean, simply gathering some of their own affiliate links, and maybe making a quick Facebook post, only to see that by the next morning, they weren’t able to make a sale all week. Thus, dropping out and dying quicker than flies!

So, how does Clickbank remain so sustainable, and why are more merchants, and more affiliates consistently joining everyday? An even better question would be this: How come it is always the same Clickbank affiliates raking in all the affiliate cash and commissions?

I hope you see where I’m getting at. Fact is Clickbank is as legitimate of a network as it gets (despite the fact there may be despicable, and scammy-looking products), there are indeed Clickbank internet millionaires all around the world, and there are very broke Clickbank affiliates as well. Moreover, the ratio of successful Clickbank affiliates to broke and unsuccessful Clickbank affiliates, has an immensely huge gap!

Let’s get to some answers to some real questions here. What we want to know how is it that these affiliate internet millionaires on Clickbank are able to make their way, without ever having sold a single product of their own. Rather, all their money seems to so easily come from selling other affiliate products. They then rake in their commissions, move on to more products, and rinse and repeat, as its their JOB, literally!

Now that you’ve given quite a history class on Clickbank, let’s get into the part called taking action as a true bred affiliate marketer. If you’re wondering what the best way to start is, then keep reading.

Clickbank can be very comparable to Amazon, only difference being, while Amazon gives a measly 10% commission, Clickbank offers up to 70%, even 90% with some products. The other difference being that Clickbank focuses entirely and only on the selling of digital products, unlike Amazon, that sells and ships off tangible merchandise. Hence, selling as a Clickbank affiliate can be made simpler than you think. However, my only warning here would be to not go at it alone. That would be the same as shooting from the hip, and only from 10-miles away atleast.

Simply think about how you would even start getting these digital products out there to the public. It’s more difficult than Amazon in the sense that we’re focusing on not only much different products, but also an audience, that is very much the same, except just a lot harder to sell to. Intangible products are not exactly worth $79 when you have no idea what you’re getting for it, other than a very slim idea. Hence, you have to be able to make sure, you can sell very subtly, as hard-selling usually only cuts it, when you have massive, and I mean massive (thousands and thousands of visitors to your website per day!).

Unless you have that already, we’re going to have to start our foundation here.

But before you do, make sure you register as a clickbank affiliate first. You will then be given a hyperlink, also known as a hop link, that is unique to you, and you only. This will be your magic link, so once people click on it, you’ll have made your first sale.

How to attain your Hop Link can be discovered in here, where you will begin a journey, that extends even beyond selling as a click bank affiliate. But before even thinking about doing anything else, or moving forward miles ahead, we must take the proper steps, in order to get our links out on the web, where it is visible, sellable, and unignored. Not only do we plan on using the affiliate links to simply make commissions, but we must, and I emphasize this as our number one priority, help those looking for a solution to a specific problem. Once we have that map all figured out, with your niche decided and all ready to go, then we will be ready to begin a journey bringing you more than a simple full-time income, for decades to come.
Therefore, don’t act like the majority of affiliates who ignore these very important and essential steps, and try not to be on a lookout for some simple trick, because I will warn you now, there are none. Unless you call one month of hard work a simple trick to finding your way to earning affiliate income for the rest of your life, then I guess you proved me wrong after all!

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Peter G.

Hi I’m Peter. I’m 29 years old and I’m a Uconn graduate who finally found his way through life by becoming a full-time affiliate marketer. I enjoy trying out new things and believe there’s no greater satisfaction than being able to make money on your own time!

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  1. Hi. Thank you for your very informative article. I am still very new in on line business / marketing so that your article is helpful for me to understand the difference between Clickbank and Amazon. I am glad that I found your website, it is valuable. Wish you continue giving the other info and get a lot of success with your website.

    • No problem at all Melani. Glad to hear you have a better understanding of how these affiliate networks work. If you ever have questions, just let me know!

  2. Payal Katariya | April 17, 2017 at 3:16 AM | Reply

    Thanks for the great article Pete. I think this is the best site I’ve come across, where I’ve found quality information on Clickbank. This is obviously going to help me and many others and I really appreciate how you’ve outlined the steps to become more successful as an affiliate of Clickbank!

    • Thank you Payal. I really appreciate those kind words and I hope you have plenty of success with Clickbank in the future. Most important thing is to make sure the offers you’re promoting are relevant to your target audience. If you ever need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out!

  3. Hi Peter, a very nice breakdown of Clickbank.

    I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for some months now and I am enjoying building out my website.

    Clickbank is always something that I have been meaning to research for some time, but my current focus is building out content.

    However, I am still struggling to get traffic to my site, do you have any advice?


    • Great way to spend your focus Dan. Building out your content and providing value for your visitors should be a top priority. Once you’ve got a consistent routine going, then monetizing your site via Clickbank or any other affiliate program you see fit would be the way to go.

      If you’re struggling to get traffic, I would focus on finding low competitive keywords with high traffic, but more importantly, I would see how much content your producing and maybe increase how much content you publish on a daily basis.

  4. I agree 100% that building the website should be the priority. Without the website as a foundation, as you mention, there is nothing. Before reading this article, I didn’t know that Clickbank focused on selling digital products. I need to get involved. Excellent comparison of WA vs Clickbank. Not knowing anything about Clickbank, I appreciate the historical introduction you provide. I’ve not seen commissions as high as 70% to 90%! I will definitely sign up with Clickbank today. Thanks for this very practical article.

    • Absolutely and I think that having a website is the most important part of the affiliate marketing process. I’m glad though you now know that Clickbank has all sorts of products you can sell and promote for practically any niche out there. Glad to hear you’ll be getting involved with Clickbank. It’s really a great place to start and a great way to begin monetizing your website. Plus, they offer some great commissions! :)

  5. Hi Pete!

    Thanks for your article – I already am a member of WA and am very satisfied so far. My website is still in the making (1 week is nothing I guess..), but I am quite optimistic.

    If you have any pointers concerning clickbank – thanks again for posting, I hadn’t even heard of it before! – I would appreciate them very much. What is a “hop link” ? Sorry, I guess my English is letting me down there :)


    • Not a problem Christian! A Clickbank hop link is basically a referral tracking URL. It pretty much works as an affiliate link that allows you to track the number of clicks to a specific page or product and is also the link you would use for your promotions. I hope that helps. Thanks for the comment and best of luck on your new website!

  6. Thanks for the info

  7. i like your post i got so much information from your blog, However , i have been trying for make money with clickbank about one year, but still not get any single commission, now i know what are the steps but i have no idea how these steps works, i join WA few days ago but free membership is not allow for my country my bad luck….. :( but WA is very cool program for beginners but i am a student and i haven’t enough money to join this great program, maybe i join in future.
    Anees Mehdi

    • Thank you for the wonderful compliment Anees. Wealthy Affiliate is a great program and am surprised to hear you can’t join for free in your country. Either way, the premium starter membership is where its at, while the free membership is used more just to get you up and running.

      I also understand where you’re coming from in terms of not making any money with Clickbank. It really is very difficult when you don’t have the steps laid out in front of you. Essentially you would need a few things to become a successful Clickbank affiliate: #1. a website #2. content #3. traffic – This is everything Wealthy Affiliate successfully teaches its students, which is why its become so highly valued in the online community.

      Anyway, thanks again for commenting Anees. Feel free to update me on your progress, or to stop by and say hello within WA :)


  8. Thanks.

  9. thanks for your article , what do you think about making money from home and marketing niche?

    • It’s a great idea Fiorella. I recommend starting out with Wealthy Affiliate. They will help you to choose and pick from any specific niche you wish, show you how to properly write content, gain visitors, and begin to monetize your own blog to make money! :)

  10. Hi, You can easily promote your Clickbank affiliate with Power Promoter it works perfectly for me.

    • Hi Sybil,

      Thanks for this tip. Never heard of this Power Promoter, and for the most part, I tend to stay away from any unnecessary products or tools. I find I do just great without them. I will take a look at it though, maybe even provide a review for my visitors.


  11. Thanks for sharing these methods Peter!

  12. Learned a lot on how to make money with Google and Clickbank from your amazing website :)

    Thanks a ton for showing me your #1 recommendation.

    It truly has become second to none!

  13. Thanks to this site I can find most of the information I need.
    However, I’ve been trying for years now to make money with Clickbank, and still having so much trouble with it.
    It almost seems like it is not worth the effort!

    What do you recommend to help me with this?

    As I really would like to earn a income as a Clickbank affiliate..

    Thank you,

    • Hi there Bruce,

      I once was in your same exact shoes not too long ago. Clickbank was actually one of the first affiliate websites I had ever stumbled upon in my life,
      well besides Amazon of course. Little did I know, they had the first affiliate program implemented back in 1995. Nonetheless, Clickbank can offer you
      a real full-time income if you work hard at it. Even better is your ability to attain repetitive clickbank commissions, month after month.

      The #1 problem people are having these days with Clickbank is the simple fact they have little to no traffic for their product or service their offering.
      Even when they do, they’re not so sure on how to actually begin building a proper traffic producing medium that can provide them with on-going Clickbank
      sales. I now promote Clickbank products myself, and make good residual income doing so. It took me 3 additional months, upon my 2-year marketing experience
      to truly learn everything there is in order to set myself up. After that everything became very easy, and fun nonetheless!

      Here is a great free classroom to help you get started with Clickbank. I can assure you, this will become your everyday go-to training classroom. Good thing you can start as a free member, otherwise I would have never got involved in the first place, and never made a dime using Clickbank.


  14. Hmm seems like your blog ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum up
    what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.

    I as well am an aspiring blog writer but still new to the whole thing.

    Do you have any pointers for blog writers like myself in terms of my web design?

    I’d certainly appreciate it.

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