ID PLR Review – The Low-Down On Private Label Rights

Product: IDPLR

Website: www.idplr.comIDPLR Review

Type: Private Label Rights


  • 3-month membership – $37
  • 1 year membership – $89
  • Lifetime membership – $97

Rank: Legit.


A Review Of IDPLR & Private Label Rights Products

IDPLR certainly boasts an impressive selection of PLR products to choose from. This site has been around since 2008 and contains nearly 8,280 products for sale. But instead of having to buy each product individually, the site uses a membership option that gives you access to their products practically for free. The problem here is that PLR products should not be used in all cases. Given that you have thousands of members with access to the same products as you, also mean that these products cannot be used for the following:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization (Read tip #4 here to see how that’ll hurt your rankings)
  • Blogging OR Ranking Your Site
  • Building a Website You Intend To Sell
  • Making Money With Your Blog
  • As a Press Release Or Use In Directories
  • Guest Blogging


Here’s what IDPLR products can be used for:

  • Used As a Bonus Or Giveaway For Your Readers
  • As an Incentive To Get Readers To Subscribe To Your List
  • Rebranding & Creating Your Own Resellable Product
  • Creating Your Own Membership Site With

Now with that said, PLR products should not be looked at as the kind of content you’d want to try and rank on Google. They should rather be viewed as content that can be given away or sold to an already established readership or as a way to obtain more readers by giving them a reason to subscribe to your e-marketing newsletter. Otherwise, PLR products have no point to them. Now that we’ve covered what PLR products can and should be used for, let’s take a look at what’s included in this Clickbank offered product.

#1. 4,615+ e-Books

#2. 877 Videos

#3. 867+ Pieces of Software

#4. 215+ Graphic Packs

#5. 538+ Templates (including squeeze pages, landing pages, sales letters, WordPress themes, mini-sites, & more)

#6. 87+ Audio packs

#7.  120+ Turnkey Sites

#8. 20,000+ PLR Articles

There is such a huge variety of products listed in this database, I’m not sure what you could possibly do with it all. The most important thing here is actually knowing what you’ll be using those products for. There is absolutely no way you could ever try and rank these articles or e-books on Google because they have been used over and over by its members. If what you’re looking for is unique content to rank in Google, I’d recommend using to hire a writer instead.


About IDPLR’s Membership Area

The membership area doesn’t hold back at all in terms of what it offers either. You have absolutely everything you could ever need here to create your own product, membership site, or bonus/giveaway. I give the site huge props just for the amount of resources available.

What’s Included In IDPLR Members Area?

#1. Constant New Product Releases

#2. Access To Live Preview

#3. Idea Submittal For New Product Creation

#4. Product Requests

#5. Members Training Area

  • “How To Make Money With PLR Products”
  • “How To Edit a PLR Sales Page”
  • “How To Create a Unique PLR Product”
  • “How To Create a Website”
  • “How To Drive Traffic”
  • And More..!

#6. Top-Notch Support

#7. E-book Cover Software Creator

#8. 5 GB’s of Web Space & Hosting

#9. WordPress Sales Page Creator Plugin


Is IDPLR The Right Product For You?

So, out of all the Private Label Right website and product offerings I have seen, I must say that IDPLR certainly delivers the most for your money. Most PLR websites tend to sell individual products at a premium. IDPLR definitely seems to give us a bargain here by using this lifetime membership option. Question is, whether IDPLR is for you? It really depends on a lot of things.

If you, for example, have had quality experience creating your own products and selling them on Clickbank for example or you know how to go about creating your own membership site using PLR products, then you have no excuse not to join IDPLR. Other reasons for you wanting to become a member of IDPLR is so you can offer some ‘freebies’ to your customer list or to better engage with the readers on your site in order to establish a better readership.

But, if you’re looking at what’s being offered on this website as a potential way for you to get better rankings on Google, content for your blog, or for help in building a new website, this product is not for you. Making money with IDPLR is not something easy to do by any means. These are products you need to be creative with and are willing to rebrand and market as your own.

But, with a solid plan and thoughts on how to achieve success with these products, there is no doubt you can do it. Personally, I think just becoming a member of the site and being able to learn from the experience of others and how they brand and use these products as their own can be a great way to follow their footsteps when it comes to building an online business of your own. In any case, I believe that IDPLR is a good site for buying extra content. You just need to know how to use it!

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