Ignite Stream Energy Review – Is This MLM Worth Your Time?

Name: Ignite/Stream Energy

Website: www.igniteinc.com

Type: MLM

Price: $375 + $24.95 monthly fee

Rank: 50/100 – Not Recommended

What Is It?

On the outside Ignite Energy might just look like any ordinary company, but in reality Ignite Energy’s opportunity is really one of multi-level marketing and has become one of the largest growing ones. Probably the result of the market they are in.

Ignite Energy Inc. focuses on the distribution of electricity and natural energy to both businesses and consumers. The biggest problem with the company also known as Stream Energy is the fact their services can only be sold in six states. That is Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Washington D.C.. This can increase the difficulty for individuals who don’t reside in these states to find the right consumers to sell to.

How Much To Get Started?

Getting started with Ignite/Stream Energy isn’t all that cheap and I found it interesting, the price was almost nowhere to be found on their website. Instead they have you try and call a 1-800 customer support number to get more information. Nonetheless, the price of getting started with Ignite Energy is $375 for your Stream Business plus $24.95 per month for your stream marketing system.

Stream Energy’s Product Line

Here is what’s being sold:

#1 – Electricity

  • Natural Gas – Clean natural way to power your home or business office.
  • Clean Energy – Use of wind or solar energies for homes.
  • Commercial Services – Energy deals for small and large businesses.

#2 – Mobile Services

  • Individual Plans
  • Shared Plans

#3 – Identity Service Protection

  • Identity Protection
  • Credit Monitoring

As mentioned, Ignite focuses most of their efforts on selling energy. What started as a word of mouth business quickly expanded through the use of MLM marketing strategies. Nonetheless, they remain to be a direct selling company.

So, much of your success will depend on your ability to sell energy, mobile, and protective services to customers as well as recruiting people into the actual company. A lot of this goes hand in hand. With MLM, the way it usually works, is when you find a new consumer interested in the product you can then introduce them to the opportunity.

In regards to the product line itself, it doesn’t look too bad. But remember, the opportunity remains very limited as it’s only available in six states. On the other hand, things like energy have gained a lot of interest and popularity since the use of greener energy like wind and solar panels. But still might be a hard sell. Mobile services as a well is a very competitive energy as big players like Verizon and AT&T pretty much have that covered!

Lots of people who’ve been in direct selling already know that this is not an easy opportunity. I find it even more odd how you’d have to pay $375 up-front before you’re even making any money. In reality, what you’re paying is for nothing more than to be included within the compensation plan and to build a team of leaders and associates.

My point is not in saying you can’t be successful with a company like Ignite or Stream Energy, but relies more on the fact that you need to have a big circle of people you can talk to and who might be interested. Multi-level marketing success corresponds greatly to the number of people you can recruit and the effectiveness of your downline, and not as much the selling of the product itself. In-fact recruiting 100’s of people every month might make you well off.

Other than that, it could take years and years to see any substantial success. Ignite makes it seem like all you need to really do is sell a few service contracts and recruit a few people here and there. But that’s not the case. If you’re looking for a steady and reliable income stream, you’re going to need a big plan. It is worth noting that the opportunity is there and it exists, but when it comes down to it, I would say its more of a numbers game than anything else.

How This All Works – Ignite/Stream Energy’s Compensation Plan

To give you a more practical example of how this all works, lets take a look into the compensation plan itself.

As you can see, Ignite refers to their compensation as MEI – that is, Monthly Earned Income. MEI is thus, based on two variables. The first is, how many ‘associates’ you can refer into your Stream Energy Downline. The second is how many consumers you and your downline can recruit.

These are made up of 5 levels. So the two people you recruit are placed under you. Your second level then consists of the four people they recruit (2 each) and so on. Then you have your customers. Recruit 5 and you’re now starting with a $2.50 Monthly Income. This can be considered as residual income, as you’ll make this month after month. If you, and your team, can recruit 160 total customers, you will earn $320 in Monthly Income.

The benefits of this are you are helping build your future with a residual income. In a way, it can be considered as some solid financial security and not so much a get rich scheme.

On the other hand, what we see here is a very long and slowly building process. In addition, this company will expect you to do all of this by yourself. That means, a whole lot of recruiting and building, as well as trying to sell and gain consumers.

This is literally what I’d call building up a business from complete scratch. And, what do they give you? A website to showoff to your consumers and represent your business. I don’t mean to put them down in anyway, but what good is a website if it’s not getting any organic traffic or exposure from Google 🙂

Who’s This Business For?

Ignite Energy is a business most well-suited for individuals who are already well-versed in the selling of energy. It can also be great for people who may already have a large customer base, or maybe have been in this type of business before and just know how things work. If you think you can build a solid team of 32 individuals who can get 160 customers, then hey you’ll be off to a good start. Just realize that you’re going to have continue building and selling. Training your team is also an important task in any MLM, but the fact so much of your success can depend on the people under you might make it a deal breaker for most.


  • Solid Product Line.
  • One of the Largest Direct Selling Energy Companies.
  • Variety Of Services.
  • Opportunity To Make Residual Income.
  • Decent Compensation Plan..


  • Takes a Lot of Selling & Recruiting to See Success.
  • Expensive to Get Started ($375 to start + $24.95 per month)
  • Make It Sound Easier Then It Really Is.
  • Must Build Your Own Team.
  • Can Only Sell In 6 States.

Ignite/Stream Energy Overview – Is It Worth It?

To answer this question, I think it’s important to outweigh the pro’s and con’s. From what we know, Stream Energy has a great product line especially after having introduced the new mobile and protection services. So if you’re struggling to sell one thing, you can always move to the other.

However, the expensive starting costs do seem a bit unnecessary but I guess that’s how they make their money overall. I think that the issue really lies within the opportunity in itself more than anything else. It really seems to me that the case is you really need to find a ton of new customers do become successful.

It’s understandable that a lot of this does turn into a residual income over-time, but the questions is, who knows how many years it can take with an opportunity like this. I mean, just by having referred 160 customers equates to only $320 a month, not to mention the additional 32 associates.. If you ask me, that sounds like a lot of unnecessary work.

Work that I believe can be better used up elsewhere. I’m personally not sure what all this fuss is with MLM marketing and companies. Must be all the hype which starts to make more and more sense to see why 99% really do fail. Good thing I became an affiliate marketer. I don’t think I’d ever be up for an MLM and honestly, is not something I’d recommend to most either. It’s just not a logical way to me to try and make an income. Instead, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate. Instead of an MLM, you’ll be selling products from Amazon and other companies on something as simple as a website. Now compare doing that to having to build up your own MLM team and the pay blows MLM out the water 🙂

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