It Works Global: Should You Become The Next “Wrappreneur”?

Name: It Works! Global


Type: MLM/Network Marketing

Price: $99 + $80 monthly autoship fee +$20 website hosting fee

Rank: 40/100 – Not Recommended.

What Is It Works Global?

According to Wikipedia a multi level marketing system is described as a marketing strategy in which you are compensated not only for the sales that you generate, but also for the sales of the individuals that you recruit. It also makes the important comparison that MLM is synonymous with direct selling.

It Works Global is a rapidly growing MLM marketing system that sells body wraps. With a snappy name and a shop full of all kinds of cosmetics and bodily health products, it’s not surprising to see they’ve been listed as one of the top 50 growing direct sales company in North America.

But what is that really saying and is this a good opportunity for you?

While I am sure that It Works Global may be a fitting opportunity for many out there, I also know that this might not turn out to be the best for others. Those with a deep passion and interest for the products being sold here are more likely to enjoy whatever this “MLM job” entails whereas others might not take that extra necessary step needed for growth within a company like It Works Global.

It Works Global Products

One of the best features when it comes to the It Works Global company is the fact that it really does seem to put a focus on its products. Whereas in many other MLM opportunities, you tend to see less emphasis here. Many times these products are even hidden somewhere in the website as they lousily place their focus on recruiting efforts and I think this has given way to the enormous growth the company has seen over the past few years.

The product catalog is nevertheless separated into 6 different categories:

#1. Body (i.e. Ultimate Body Applicator Bogo, Defining Gel, Fab Wrap)

#2. Skin (i.e. Facial, Toner, Stretch Mark, Preventage)
#3. Greens
#4. Lifestyle (i.e. Essential Oils, Coconut Oil, Omega-3)
#5. Packs (i.e. Wrap Pack, Skinny Pack)
#6. Holiday Packs

How Much Is It Works Global?

But one of my biggest concerns when it comes to It Works Global is in my opinion, how much it costs just to get started. With a high membership fee of $99, it’s no wonder It Works Global pulls in so much revenue each year. Add on top of that the daily volume of products that you must order to remain an active member for an additional $80 per month, whether or not to become a member can be debatable.
Despite their decent product catalog, you’d still be purchasing these products on monthly auto-ship only to sell them at a higher price to individuals. Now what if you can’t find any customers to sell to? Well, you’d be stuck with the products only to wait for the next months auto shipment and if you happen stop your auto shipment then you are no longer eligible to receive any commissions.

It Works Compensation Plan

It Works Globals compensation plan can sound a bit confusing at first and that’s because it’s really no different than any other ordinary MLM out there. Your commission really depends on what level or rank you are within the company. For the majority of individuals, you’d be starting out as a distributor.
Here’s the Breakdown:

Distributor= 10% on first level and 10% on second level.

Executive= Same as above plus 5% on third level.

Ruby= Same as above plus 5% on fourth level.

Emerald= Same as above plus 5% on fifth level.

Diamond & Above= Same as above plus 2% on sixth level and beyond.

In order to qualify for the companies commissions and bonuses, you not only need to sell the products you are buying on autoship every month, but must also be actively recruiting new individuals into the company. Only then, will you start making
a residual income.

The It Works Global Company continually insists on following these 4 steps:

#1. Remain commission qualified with 80 product volume on monthly shipment.

#2. Get 4 loyal customers to purchase from you.

#3. Find 3 distributors to join It Works Global.

#4. Rinse, wash, and repeat.

How Does It Works Global Work and Does It?

As you can tell, a lot of these products are generally in high demand. Things like coconut oil, their body wraps, and facial skin toners are likely to sell well given the right approach. But, the problem with this all is how you have to go about this opportunity. How are these items sold and where are you supposed to find your customers?
Well, let’s take an insurance company for example. If you look at a company like NY Life, they are always recruiting no matter what and just about anyone can get started with that type of opportunity. It really doesn’t take much experience or a resume for that matter and that’s because numbers are their best friend.

The more people that can be recruited into the opportunity, the better the chance they have at making more sales, even if that means you join and are only able to sell one life insurance policy. It Works Global is the same way, just selling a different product with a different compensation plan offered to its members.

So how do these companies manager and/or rely on their high sales numbers?

By recruiting you to do the heavy lifting. Take a look at this website here for example and you’ll see that it’s probably taken this individual a lot of hard-work, time, and effort before reaching any sort of success with It Works Global.
But much more importantly, you’ll also notice that the way she’s had to recruit individuals is not exactly all that comforting. She holds house parties, takes live calls at any given notice, and even starts her own website based primarily on It Works Global. Not only that but you can see she’s even created and grew her own Facebook Page with 20,000 followers.
Now if you’re willing to do that and go the extra 50 or so miles, It Works Global is a good fit for you. Otherwise, it’s honestly just another direct selling company in the mix with a fancy looking webpage combined with some pretty decent products that you can try to sell.

It Works Global Review: Should You Become The Next Wrappreneur?

When all is said and done, it’s not the products being sold here that is in question. Nor is it their support or anything along those lines. Rather it’s how you’re being trained to sell these products and to promote other individuals into a very difficult and tiring opportunity. It Works Global makes it feel like there is no pressure, but I must digress.
When you’re paying over $100 each and every month, it can feel very pressuring just to get that first sale or first recruit into the company. Even if and when that is done, it must be repeated over and over. Otherwise, there is nothing to be made within It Works Global.
So what’s the plan? Hold some house parties. Ok, but what if that doesn’t work out the way you wanted. The success here is so varied from one person to the next, it can be hard to say whether It Works Global is the right opportunity for you.
But if there is one thing that’s certain, you need a solid and near concrete proof plan that you know is going to work, even if you know it’ll take up to 6 months before seeing results. That is how this type of MLM opportunity works and I’m really at odds here with the kind of methods needed just to begin making some sales, as they really need to be done on a massive scale, and It Works training definitely does not even touch the surface.

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