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The IntKeyword Researcher Pro ernet is flooded with over a billion websites and every business is gunning for the number one spot on Google index. It’s not just luck that gets you a good rating and it’s most certainly not a coincidence that you get a sudden spike in traffic on your landing page. All of this is a meticulous process which involves using the right keywords and a lot more.

Before you begin the fight for ratings and traffic-generation, you need to first build up your arsenal. Here’s a review on a very unique tool which is going to help you get noticed in the vast sea we call the Internet.

Keyword Researcher Pro is the tool in focus today which is a window-based application to help you generate long-tail keywords. It also helps you import Google Keyword Planner, CSVs and assists you in developing content which is search engine optimized.

Developed by Clevergizmos, it is a valuable tool that promises to do a lot. But does it fulfill the promise? Let’s find out.


Importance of Keywords for SEO and Traffic

Keywords are very important if you want to optimize your website and generate a large amount of traffic. It’s an essential element in SEO because it’s what the search strings and algorithms look at during a search command.

SEO campaigns and strategies rely on finding the correct and relevant keyword. In that regards, there are several tools which can assist you in finding the right keyword and Keyword Researcher Pro is one of them. Keywords are words or phrases your target audience uses to search for you or similar businesses on the web. You need to use them in the right density (2.5% is ideal) to make an impression. Plus, keywords should be placed strategically throughout the article.

Since more than 50% of your traffic comes through search engine, the importance of keywords importance cannot be neglected.


Benefits of Using Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are not exactly words but phrases, i.e a selection of words. They are used to divert more focused traffic to your landing pages and they help generate a better throughput.

Here are some main benefits of using long-tail keywords:

  • They provide a better search volume than one word keywords.
  • They have lower CPC but higher CTR when compared to generic keywords since they have less competition.
  • They are more specific than one word or generic keywords allowing users to tailor ads better by adding name of location or adjectives, such as ‘dentist in Las Vegas’ or ‘gold watches in NYC’, compare to just ‘dentists’ and ‘watches’ or ‘watches in NYC’.
  • It’s believed that users searching using long-tail keywords and more likely to make a purchase than users searching using generic keywords.
  • They have lower CPA due to them offering higher CTR and lower CPC making them more profitable than regular keywords.


Important Features of Keyword Researcher Pro

The website can appear to be somewhat confusing as it doesn’t show the features of Keyword Research Pro in bullet points specifically. They’ve explained their entire process and shown several screenshots of how the app works. This clearly shows they are more interested in their users learning how to utilize the application than making product sales. Here are the app’s features at a glance:

  •     Human Emulation to Regularly Find Latest Keywords
  •     Long-tail Keywords Generation
  •     Importing Functionality of CSV Files from Google Keyword Planner
  •     List Conversion – Convert Keywords into Actionable SEO Strategies
  •     Repeated, Garbage and Irrelevant Keyword Removal from Multiple CSV Files
  •     Searching, Sorting and Categorization Tools of Keywords
  •     Real-time Keyword Highlighter While Developing Content
  •     Built-in Native WordPress XML Exporter

Keyword Researcher Pro assists you in organizing intricate CSV files. Through this tool you’ll be able to analyze the data in CSV in great detail. The interface itself is very clean and simple, which ensures that any layman can easily use the application.

This tool also provides a very intricate sorting and filtering process which makes it possible for you to go through thousands of keywords. You can easily weed out the unnecessary keywords and use the ones that will assist you in amplifying your outreach.

Creating strategies for future is a daunting task as keywords change on a daily basis. This is one of the biggest reasons why marketers go along with outdated and irrelevant keywords and rely on trial-and-error to get the job done. Now you can be in control because this application allows you to not only find the right keywords but also organize them.

There is a window inside the application interface in which you can type your article, blog or service page. The interface will then highlight the keywords and this assists you in following the dos and don’ts of Google. After you’re done, you can simply export the article or blog directly to WordPress to make sure the formatting remains intact and the additional effort of copy-pasting the entire thing is avoided.


Pros and Cons of Keyword Researcher Pro

With all the features this app boasts, there isn’t any real need to highlight the pros as it speaks for itself. It’s the complete keyword solution and not only does it help in devising them, it helps in converting them into strategies.

There is the option of importing multiple CSV files, you can weed out the repeated keywords and filter out the rest. You can also write entire blogs and articles inside the interface, then simply export them to wordpress which is an advantage as it saves a lot of time.

There aren’t any major cons that come to mind though there is no proper cloud access which makes it difficult to work remotely. The interface is minimalistic and simple, and we feel it could have been more furnished.


Price and Bottomline

The best thing about this product is that it requires a one-time payment: the single license is priced at $97 and the deluxe package is worth $117. You can get a good amount of discount on those prices and save up to $70. There is also a free trial version available.

So there you go, that’s covers it for our review on the amazing Keyword Researcher Pro. We conclude it’s a must-have, if you are looking to increase the conversion rate and traffic on your landing page. It’s easy-to-use interface makes it all very simple and the response that we saw in the user review section was very exhilarating. All in all, we’re giving it a solid thumbs up.


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