MintVine Review: Legit Company, But Should You Use It?

Name: MintVineMintVine Review


Type: Surveys

Price: Free to Join

Rank: 75/100 – Legit!


What Is MintVine?

MintVine is a survey panel that allows you to earn money by.. you guessed it, taking surveys! MintVine doesn’t really seem to bring much new to the table and simply said, is nothing more than your typical survey company. Sure, it might have a solid BBB accreditation and rating and even allows you to withdraw all your earnings through PayPal.

But when all is said and done, MintVine offers what every other legitimate online survey company seems to offer – low payouts. Okay I’ll admit they do somewhat simplify the process and it may be beneficial to use being the middleman between you and the survey companies. However, MintVine will most-certainly not be your go to product for earning a serious income.


Pros Of Using Mintvine:

  • Only $10 minimum cash-out.

  • Ability to create a profile to get matched up with surveys more easily.

  • Includes a referral program that can allow you to earn up to 15% on all your MintVine referrals.

  • Great support – FAQs, ask questions, and a contact support team.

  • Very easy to register with.

  • An abundance of surveys.

  • Great for earning extra money in your spare time.


Cons Of Using Mintvine:

  • Difficult to earn a full-time income with.

  • Can be time-consuming for most individuals.

  • You need 1,000 points total to make your first cash-out.


How It Works?

So let me try and put MintVines survey company in a better perspective for you so you can better understand whether this is a method you should be using to make money. First off, there are a lot of benefits when it comes to using MintVine and to put it plainly, MintVine sure beats a lot of the competition out there. As far as survey companies go, MintVine would be at the top of my list if I were to spend my hours taking surveys online.

For one, creating a profile and username is extremely simple. You can even register and login with your own Facebook MintVine Surveysaccount. Second off, you don’t need to go through the non-sense of having to “try and qualify” for surveys applicable to your area.

It’s as simple as having to create your MintVine profile and wait for the surveys to come in. I know with many survey websites out there (Ex. Vindale Research), you’d use to have to go through an entire questionnaire just to see if you qualify. Not sure if that’s the case anymore. But with MintVine, it doesn’t seem that this is required.

Now that we know MintVine is legitimate in that sense, let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks, not only to MintVine itself but the simple act of taking surveys for money. In my opinion, I see no problem at all taking surveys for some spare cash in your extra time. I have the utmost respect for anyone who is willing to spend as much time and work as possible just to make an extra few bucks and might even recommend high schoolers and college students to give it a go here and there.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to earn more seriously, MintVine is not going to be your best bet – simply put. Just to reach a cash-out of $10, you need to reach 1,000 total points with MintVine. To put this in a better perspective, each 5 to 10 minute survey only earns you about 20 or so points.

That equates to having to take between 40 to 50 surveys. If it takes one hour to complete about 10 surveys on MintVine, you’re looking at spending almost 5 hours just to reach your $10 minimum cash-out!


Is MintVine Worth The Hassle?

Now you are rewarded 200 points just for completing your registration and profile. Filling out surveys are also not the MintVine Pointsonly way in which you can begin to rack up points with MintVine’s service. For example, referring other users, taking polls, and completing offers can also help you earn more.

But the thing is that you really need to focus and dedicate a LOT of your time if you want to make MintVine truly worth it. Even in that case, you might just be better off working extra hours at your day job or finding something other than surveys.

Taking surveys online has never really been an effective method of making money online and I think we all knew that. I also think there is a good reason as to why MintVine rewards you with “points” rather than cash. It makes you more focused on your points rather than the actual cash your earning. When in reality, you’re most-likely only earning a dollar or two here and there every hour, which is probably something they wouldn’t want you to know.


MintVine Overview – It’s Legit, But I Don’t Recommend It!

I don’t mean to bash any legitimate survey company out there because when it comes to taking surveys, MintVine seems to be as legitimate as it gets. Despite being a good thing, the fact here is taking surveys online was never a good method to begin with. In-fact it’s probably one of the most ineffective ways when it comes to trying to make cash in your spare-time. The wages itself might as well be equivalent to working in a sweat shop!

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t use it, but to not expect a whole lot from it. If you like taking surveys, answering polls, etc., then by all means MintVine could be a great opportunity for you if and only if you also referred new users to MintVine as that extra 15% could actually add up in referral earnings. Otherwise, I would recommend taking a look at other more reputable, effective, and less time-consuming methods of earning real money online.

Thanks for checking out my MintVine Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, I’d love to hear them below! :)


About the Author

Peter G.
Hi I'm Peter. I'm 29 years old and I'm a Uconn graduate who finally found his way through life by becoming a full-time affiliate marketer. I enjoy trying out new things and believe there's no greater satisfaction than being able to make money on your own time!

2 Comments on "MintVine Review: Legit Company, But Should You Use It?"

  1. Karen Gregory | August 21, 2016 at 6:11 AM | Reply

    I joined mintvine a week ago. They ask me lots of my information and with one nighmare exception, never ever ever qualified me for a survey. I’ve been doing surveys on Vindale for months. One of their Portals “YourSurveys” also uses Mintvine. After months of surveys on Vindale I built up my status to “GOOD” with 255 points. When Mintvine sent me to the YourSurveys site it dropped my score down to 100 points.

    Then it asked my address. I gave it to them and they came back and said it was a bogus address and dropped my points to 90 with a status of “Warning”. I went back to Vindale and discovered my status has been dropped on all portals. I have written many complaints and they have never responded. With the status of “Warning” it has greatly decreased my ability to earn rewards. They are a complete scam. Do not go near them.

    • Wow, thanks for that info Karen and sorry to hear about the poor experience with MintVine. Wasn’t expecting them to turn out that way, but great to hear from a first-handed user. Thanks for sharing.

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