My Home Income System Review: Scam Or Legit?

Name: My Home Income System
Owner: Philip Jenkins
Price: $20
Rank: 7/100 – Scam!

What Is My Home Income System?

In this brief review, I’m going to explain why Philip Jenkins My Home Income System, which I found being heavily advertised on various Facebook groups, is really nothing other than a scam.

The product is similar to many others out there that try to capitalize on the freelancing market, while alledging that you can not only make over $2,500 a week using the My Home Income System, but that you also don’t need to partake in any online marketing activities.


This can only mean one thing…

Here’s How My Home Income System Works:

The first thing you’ll be required to do after registering with the My Home Income System product is paying $20 up-front just so you can try and get in on the action.

From there, you’ll have your own personal “My Home Income System” page that you can use to promote to others. Therefore, the majority of individuals who sign-up usually end up resorting to Facebook as a measure of getting other people to sign up.

There is a major flaw with this system however, and despite the false claims, this is heavily reliant upon actual online marketing.

The problems with My Home Income System, stems primarily from a lack of traffic. This seems to be an inherent problem with most online marketing systems today, except for the well-known Wealthy Affiliate.

Nevertheless, without traffic it is impossible to make any money. With that being said, resorting to social media groups, and presenting this opportunity to randomn individuals won’t make it any easier on your efforts. Especially when most people are using the same exact mediums to promote their own products and services.

This means that everyone is fighting everyone for a piece of the cake.

Therefore, it does not suit for neither a reliable outcome when using this as a way to promote My Home Income System.

My Home Income System Overview – Scam Or Legit?

My Home Income System is nothing more than a straight up scam trying to fool you out of your hard-earned twenty dollars. Don’t give them any satisfaction if you don’t need to.

Especially when there are plenty of other much more highly legitimate products out there willing to go lengths way to help you both avoid these scams, and become increasingly successful in the online marketing sector. Namely, one of the best products I am referring to is Wealthy Affiliate, which I believe I’ve mentioned before within this review of My Home Income System.

Personally, I would rate this system very low, and is just another scam to stay away from.

Verdict: Scam!
Rank: 7/100

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