Top 10 Affiliate Programs For Photography

Are you looking for the best affiliate programs to join as a photographer? If so, you have come to the right place. In this post, we’ll be covering 2017’s best and most lucrative affiliate programs you can join.

Nothing is more important than monetizing your blog with the best intentions in mind, which is why I’ve incorporated a variety of programs you can apply for.

Instead of keeping the post limited to the best online shops for cameras, you’ll find sites that offer digital photography courses, tutorials, and e-books you can promote as well. This will give your visitors a plethora of choices when it comes to improving their photography skills, using some of the best courses and camera deals they can find.

With these affiliate programs you should have no issues when it comes to adding links and making money with your blog. Things you should keep in mind are conversion rates, cookie duration, creatives and banners, and any assistance offered by their affiliate management teams.

Doing so, will allow you to aim for the best conversions possible when recommending and selling your favorite photographic tools and equipment. In addition, make sure to check out my top affiliate marketing recommendation – one that allowed me to begin making money with my blog and even turning that into a full-time income.

Without further or due, here are our top 10 best affiliate programs for photography!



Used Camera Affiliate Program

Having provided camera equipment to millions of photographers worldwide, affiliates may want to consider signing up with KEH. This is an especially good fit for those photographers looking to share and promote pre-owned camera gear at a very affordable price. We all know that camera prices aren’t always cheap, which is especially the case when visitors are looking for the best video, digital, and filming equipment available.

Well with, customers will be able to filter exactly what they want by price, model, and so much more. Benefits include a commission rate set at 4% on all equipment sales, a 30-day tracking cookie, and an average order size of $300 per customer. But that’s not all..

In addition, you can even refer individuals to sell their own used camera equipment and accessories on, earning you $1 per quote, 5% on all completed sales, and a 30-day tracking cookie. Users interested in referring individuals to can sign-up here as a KEH affiliate!


Borrow Lenses

Affiliate Program For Camera Rentals

Perhaps you’re looking to save your visitors even more money! In that case, promoting the affordable camera rental services by Borrow Lenses could be an excellent idea. Maybe your visitors aren’t always looking to buy the best photography equipment available.

So why not give your visitors an offer they can’t refuse, allowing them to rent professional cameras and lenses by today’s most reputable brands? In addition to renting camera gear, they are also given the option to purchase used equipment as well, giving your visitors the best of both worlds.

By using a site like Borrow Lenses, you’re putting plenty of options on the table, potentially improving sales and conversions in the process. Those interested in Borrow Lenses affiliate program will benefit from its 5% commission rate and 30-day tracking cookie.



Photo Editing Affiliate Program

One wonderful option when it comes to affiliate programs for photographers is Deepetech’s affiliate program, offering unlimited earning potential on one of the most creative services you can find. While they might not sell camera equipment, digital courses, or tutorials, they do offer a service that many photography and graphic designing bloggers might find useful.

This service specializing in image editing, photo retouching, color correction, background removal, and more will allow you to provide additional value within your content. Its the kind of service many photographers or artists may have never known existed.

As the world’s leading image editing service, many of you should find plenty of relevance with their services and your content. Commission rate is set at 10% made on all purchases with many of their top affiliates earning over $5,000 per month. Those interested can join Deepetech’s program here.

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UK Photography Affiliate ProgramThose located in the United Kingdom looking to promote some of the best camera gear and equipment from one of the most reputable e-commerce stores in the area should consider Jessop. Users will literally find everything they need for taking the perfect picture.

From bags, cases, binoculars, camcorders, cameras, lenses, printers, drones, and more, Jessop’s largely filled e-commerce store is 100% focused on improving your photography.

Jessop’s affiliate program encourages anyone with a website or blog in photography to apply to their program. It’s completely free to join and while there is no mention of a commission rate or cookie duration, interested affiliates can either apply or contact their management team for more information.



Photo Books & Gifts Affiliate Program

Those looking to get creative with their websites and offer something unique and interesting should consider the Shutterfly affiliate program. Not only do you have the potential to earn unlimited commissions, but you can introduce your visitors to a service that allows them to make use of all the photos they’ve ever taken.

With Shutterfly, visitors are able to convert all those images into personalized photo books, cards, and gifts. Not to mention that those who register for an account immediately get 50 free 4 x 6 prints just for joining.

As one of the most popular sites for photography, photos, and more, this is a website that receives millions and millions of visitors per month, proving to be a potentially good option for your website. While no commission rate or duration is specified, interested affiliates can register through the Shutterfly Affiliate Center.


Stuck In Customs

Photography Affiliate Program

One great affiliate program to consider adding to your blog is Stuck In Customs. The reason you may want to consider this one is because of the diversity of courses and tutorials offered in the huge realm of photography.

This gives you an excellent opportunity to continually link to various photography courses, e-books, and tutorials within your content, giving your visitors a chance to buy these courses and learn something they were interested in finding all along.

All Stuck In Custom affiliates earn a 30% commission rate on all sales, only adding to the program’s appeal. You can additionally offer a 10% coupon as an affiliate to your visitors for more sales and conversions. Here is where the Stuck In Custom affiliate program can be found.



PhotoShelter Affiliate Program

This affiliate program offers a highly desirable and in-demand service for photographers across the globe looking to give a home or “shelter” to their photos. This particular service gives more efficiency for photographers in the workplace.

With PhotoShelter, photographers are able to store images, create a photography-based website, and even sell or license their own photos, which we know is very desirable for photographers looking to build a business based on their portfolio. The ability to simply create an archive with all the photos someone has ever taken is a great service in and of itself.

What makes PhotoShelter especially great for affiliates is its high revenue and commission rate they offer, along with their extra-lengthy 60-day cookie duration. The affiliate program, which pays out $165 every time someone joins the network is further supplemented by monthly performance incentives. Join the PhotoShelter affiliate program here!

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Digital Photography School

Digital Photography Affiliate Program

With nearly 4 million visitors landing on this particular school in photography is the Digital Photography School, offering webmasters a way to make money through their very own affiliate program. This is perfect for those looking to offer a number of established courses within their content.

With 23 photography e-books to choose from and six in-depth featured courses on photography, this is a permissible option for beginner and expert photographers alike. Not to mention that their affiliate program offers 40% commission on all sales, as well as plenty of creatives and banners you can use to fill up on that advertising space.

Not only will this affiliate program add to the aesthetics of your blog, but will allow you to offer something that is in high demand to photographers looking to improve their talents. Those interested in promoting this course can sign-up using this affiliate application.



Camera Equipment Affiliate Program

Interested in promoting some of the best photographic equipment you can find online? Then try Adorama! As one of today’s top-selling electronic consumer brands worldwide, joining this program as a blogger in photography could prove extremely beneficial.

With over 6 million visitors coming to this site every month, you can expect higher conversions and more sales with a program like this. Not to mention, affiliates face a number of benefits with their astounding $400 average order size per customer, worldwide shipping, and free same-day shipping on eligible products.

With over 250,000 electronic products in their catalog, and a starting base commission rate of 2% (which can be increased to 10%) and a 30-day tracking cookie, you can be sure you’re sending visitors to a very reputable and credible 40+ year old brand in the electronic industry specializing in camera equipment. You can find the Adorama affiliate application here.


Affiliate Programs For Photography

Perhaps you’re more interested in referring visitors to one of the leading brands for cameras and other photographic accessories. In that case, what better brand to promote than Canon itself?

With some of the best cameras, lenses, and printers in the industry, I can’t think of a better company to promote on a website dedicated to photography. As a leading provider of digital imaging solutions for consumers, businesses, and industries, you can most-certainly expect higher than average conversions.

Other features include a 30-day tracking cookie, updated banner and text links, a dedicated affiliate management team, and a starting conversion rate of 2.5%, which can be increased to 6% based on a tiered commission structure. More Canon product sales thus means a higher commission rate for you. Here’s where the Canon affiliate application can be found!

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