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By | January 9, 2017

 Benefits Of Using Pinterest Traffic

If you didn’t know, Pinterest is a huge and amazing platform for bloggers that can earn you a ton of traffic, when used right. Getting involved with Pinterest is a lot of work, but by posting the right kind of content, your work can pay off dividends.

Within 1.5 months of using Pinterest, I received nearly 100,000 visitors to one site. Despite a few drawbacks, this amazing achievement was very helpful for defining and exposing the brand and recognition of my new site.

One of the best things about Pinterest traffic is that it’s sustainable, meaning the work you put in now could pay off for years to come in terms of increased exposure, traffic, and revenue. You’ll find that even when you decide to take a month, two, or three off from Pinterest that the amazing social network is still capable of sending you hundreds or thousands of visits on a daily basis.

Pinterest Strategies

While Pinterest is an amazing platform in and of itself, it’s still important to work on all your 4 major traffic outlets; organic, direct, referral, and social. Increasing these will result in a much more stable base for traffic and business with each traffic outlet having their own pros and cons. Organic traffic, for example is much more highly targeted for me than social. Depending on the business, the opposite of that could also be true.


Important considerations to take into account before starting Pinterest:

Before starting on your Pinterest marketing journey, it’s important to consider some of the traffic statistics and behavior of the Pinterest audience. Obviously, stats vary across any given website, but these two points could help you plan better in advance.

#1. Bounce rates can be high – Overall bounce rate on my site would range anywhere from 70 to 90%, which could be seen as an indication that Pinterest traffic is either less targeted or it was simply harder for me to grasp their attention for longer. What I did find to be beneficial, is that many of those new users who came to my website turned into repeat visitors in the future, meaning they would come back to my website just to check out the latest content. This resulted in a gradual increase to over 200 visits per day in direct traffic.

#2. Most traffic comes from mobile devices and tablets – This is a statistic that really caught my eye. It’s hard to believe that over 80% of the traffic visiting my site was with a mobile or tablet device. This made more sense as to why the bounce rate was much higher than average as well. Desktop traffic comes in last place totaling no more than 10% of total Pinterest traffic!

Pinterest Traffic/Analytics


Why Pinterest Is An Amazing Strategy

Pinterest is a great strategy for a number reasons, but most of all, it’s the increased brand recognition, attraction, and visibility that is most important. (Even if that doesn’t result in an immediate increase in sales)

While Pinterest is great for growing your brand, proper planning and a strategy is still in order. It’s important to give your brand and profile patience before seeing growth and that you also become a more regular user of Pinterest, at-least in the beginning.

Some tips for Pinterest success:

  • Create visually captive images (I like to use stock photo images and a photo editing service like Canva or Pic Monkey).
  • Join group boards. Post an image once or twice a day for more traction and make sure not to spam.
  • Post new images often.
  • Create about 20 or so different boards, mostly related to your niche, but other hobbies are fine as well.
  • Post content from other Pinterest members and re-pin them to your boards.
  • Follow other bloggers in your niche until you get a few hundred following you, then let it grow organically.
  • Create and test different images to see what work’s best.
  • If your total share counts are still low after a couple months, work on improving images and increasing overall engagement on your Pinterest profile.

Pinterest Homepage - Newsfeed 2017

Pros Of Pinterest Traffic:

  • Huge traffic potential
  • Great brand recognition
  • Opportunity to connect with other bloggers
  • Learning to grow new skills in the process (e.g. image/content creation)
  • You can grow a follow and traffic quickly, when approaching the strategy correctly
  • Grows organically overtime

Things To Look Out For:

  • Large portion of traffic is mobile
  • Small portion is on a desktop – 8% in my experience
  • Higher bounce rates, but a lot of repeat visitors also
  • Traffic can fluctuate, but that’s fine because you’re building a baseline
  • Traffic might be less targeted and properly monetizing your website can be tricky
  • Pro tip: enable a good social sharing plugin for your site so you increase shares to other social network outlets as well. One post for example, which received 34K shares pinterest has also received over 100 social shares on Facebook, even though I haven’t shared anything there.


Is Pinterest a Smart Traffic Strategy For Everyone?

Yes. Pinterest is one of the smartest traffic strategies any blog can partake in. Even if you’re not looking to take it as seriously as others (which is totally fine), it’s still great and very beneficial for you to have some kind of presence on Pinterest. The fact it is a weighted SEO factor, makes it even more important.

Also, on that note, it’s important to remember that Pinterest might not offer the perfect audience to every blog or website out there. One niche is most-certainly going to work better than another, so it’s important to find where a part of your audience is hanging out. Niches I found to perform the absolute best on Pinterest were DIY, craft, and intererior design blogs, cooking & recipe, money/budgeting.. oh, and also lifestyle blogs can make an enormous difference and presence on Pinterest especially those whose content attracts mostly to females.

If Pinterest works for your website or blog, great! If not, you just keep pushing, be patient, let it grow on its own as you post a few images here and there. Or simply promote your content elsewhere. I see many Pinterest bloggers who admire at the thought of its large potential for high traffic, but if you take a look at these promotion strategies, you’ll find 100 more alternatives for getting your content out there to the world. All is not lost!

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