PrizeGrab Review – How Legit Are These Prizes?

Product: PrizeGrabPrizeGrab Review


Price: Free to Join

Type: Sweepstakes  & Prizes

Our Rating: 65/100 – Not Recommended.


What Is PrizeGrab?

PrizeGrab is a completely free to use website that allows new and old members to enter into as many sweepstakes as they like for any number of prizes. We’ll be going over shortly exactly what these sweepstakes are, what prizes consist of, and how promising the site is as a whole.


Are There Actual Winners On PrizeGrab?

Yes, according to the site, prizes do seem to be given out. However, we have no idea as to the frequency of these prizes since no actual dates are given. The number of winners since its inception seems to be anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 in total. Latest PrizeGrab winners can be viewed on their ‘Winners’ page.


What Do These PrizeGrab Prizes Consist Of?

From what we can tell, PrizeGrab prizes consist of: $10 Amazon Gift Cards, $10 Starbuck Gift Cards, Dunkin Donut Gift Cards, Cash, high-tech gadgets like laptops and watches, and a whole lot more. The majority of these prizes seem to be $10 gift cards, but they have other plenty of high-quality products that can be won as well.


How Does PrizeGrab Work?

Now for all of you who’ve been wondering, where do these sweepstakes and prizes come from and are they in-fact legitimate? Well, we have an answer!

What PrizeGrab does is it finds companies who want to advertise their product on the PrizeGrab site. PrizeGrab purchases their product and then chooses its winners.

In addition, it seems that they also make use of CPA (or cost per action) offers on the site, which pays out PrizeGrab every time one of its members fills out a form, sends over personal information, or signs-up to receive information from that company.

Thus, this allows the advertisers on its site to continually market to you with all the personal information you decide to enter with.


What Are The Advantages Of PrizeGrab?

Advantages of PrizeGrab include the fact it is completely free to use. Never should you have to pay anything out of your wallet, even when entering into any Sweepstakes.

The other advantage is it might be fun to try out in your spare time. There are cons however to the site, which we’ll mention after this. In addition, you have an plenty of sweepstakes and a pretty nice variety to choose from.

But, let me just ask you this.. When was the last time you’ve ever won a sweepstakes? As far as we know and as we will show you, winning any sweepstakes is very difficult!



  • Free To Use.
  • No Purchases Necessary.
  • Plenty Of Sweepstakes To Enter.


What Are The Disadvantages Of PrizeGrab?

There are a few reasons why you may or may not want to become a member of PrizeGrab. But I would say that the biggest and perhaps only concern with the site is the fact, you are exposing all of your information to big companies and corporations who won’t mind sending you phone calls, mailed advertisements, e-mails, and any other way they can get a hold of you.

This is what they call effective marketing and in-return they are more then willing to hand out the ‘daily’ prize to become privy to so much valuable personal information.

It’s up to you to ask yourself, if freely giving away your information is worth that $10 Starbucks gift-card or $2,000 Macbook. It really is in your hands, but as far as we know most winners are hardly chosen more than once. Being able to win alone in any kind of sweepstakes is difficult and rare.

Although, the site has maybe given 2,000 (perhaps a bit more) prizes, the site ironically enough receives almost 4 million visitors a month. When we take a look at the site itself, they have nearly 750,000 Facebook likes and yet only 2,000 winners. This just comes to show that these prizes are very rare and if you do so happen to be a lucky one, chances are that’s as far as your prizes go.

I’m not saying this site is bad, nor is it a scam because you’re not exactly paying for anything. But the biggest concern to be aware of is that you are truly handing out information to marketers who are going to use that information to their benefit.

Given that most people aren’t exactly in love with most telemarketers is the reason I’ve written this review for you. But it’s completely up to you to decide.



  • Must be willing to expose personal information.
  • Number of winners are very limited.
  • Winning any kind of sweepstakes is difficult & based on luck.
  • Lack of prizes/winners might make you think it’s all fake.
  • There is a chances that some of the sweepstakes are Scams Or Fraudulent (as stated on their Fraud Prevention page itself).
  • Even though you don’t need to pay to enter into most sweepstakes, there are risks involved.


Is PrizeGrab Real? Should You Use It?

Yes, PrizeGrab is real and there are actual winners. But remember that all you’re doing is entering into a sweepstakes. In other words, you can compare this to the last time you received a receipt from McDonald’s, showing you a website or number to call to enter into their sweepstakes.

There’s nothing different about PrizeGrab and using the site hardly increases your chances of winning. You are still one in thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousand of contestants. In my personal and honest opinion, I don’t see many advantages of entering any sweepstakes, but you’re more than free to test your luck.

Just remember, that it would be smarter to keep your personal information to yourself, especially in this day and age, where marketing plays a huge role of the society we live in today.

For those who prefer to work for their money or rewards in life, please check out the link below to see my preferred method when it comes to online marketing. Thanks, and hope you enjoyed this PrizeGrab review!


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