QuickRewards Network Review – Should You Join In 2017?

Product: Quick RewardsQuickRewards Scam Review

Website: quickrewards.net

Type: Surveys & GPT Offers

Price: Free to Join

Difficulty: Easy

Our Rating: 70/100 – Legit.


What Is Quick Rewards Network?

Quick Rewards is a survey and GPT (“get paid to”) offer website that allows you to earn money through the completion of tasks. This is a site, which as you can tell has been around for quite a long while. Since 2002 to be exact, the Quick Rewards Network has been paying its members for the completion of surveys, offers, online shopping, games, and more.

But is this a site you can actually earn a legit income with and what are Quick Reward earnings like? Can you really earn real cash and gift cards? That’s exactly the topic we’re going to be covering in this review. But first lets take a look at what it’ll cost to join a site like Quick Rewards.


How Much Is Quick Rewards?

Quick Rewards is one of those free GTP websites that just about anybody can join. Joining is completely free and the best part  is that it only takes an e-mail address and username to get started.

As a Quick Rewards member, you’ll also have access to nearly 50 gift redeeming options. These include withdrawing cash with PayPal and earning gift cards from stores like Amazon, Applebees, Red Lobster, the Disney Store, Walmart, Olive Garden, and a lot more.

One big benefit of Quick Rewards is how simple it is to get started. Unlike other consumer panels, Quick Rewards allows you to quickly get started with just some brief information. While registering, you’ll also be given an option to join select programs for more earning opportunities.

These include the QuickRewards Shop & Save Program, QuickRewards Paid For Your Opinions Program, and and the QuickRewards Earn Cash Online Program; all programs to help you earn from your survey-taking efforts and are sent to you via e-mail.


QuickReward Earning Methods

Once logged into the panel, you’ll find a number of different surveys, offers, and tasks you can complete for earning online. Similar to most sites, you’ll also be required to qualify for each and every survey you wish to take. Thus, it can turn into a time-consuming process when attempting to complete as many surveys as possible in record time, as it’s just as easy to get disqualified for any particular survey.

Most earnings here average between $.25 and $1, while most surveys can be taken from directly within the QuickReward site itself. You will also find that its offer section tends to be the highest paying section of the site. The reason is because they typically require you to sign-up for a trial. I’ve personally never seen the benefit in these.

In addition, we’ll find plenty of other earning methods within the site. These include the following:

  • Daily Clicks – consists of daily tasks, quizzes, surveys, games, and watching videos.
  • Slide Show Views – considered as one of the newer ways of earning online, this is a nice and refreshing option for those who want to relax and earn by scrolling through slide shows.

QuickRewards Slideshow Example

  • Daily Click Tasks – easy way to earn by clicking and watching videos.
  • Flix TV – one of the newer ways of earning on the site, which earns you 25 QuickPoints every time you watch a video of your choice. The interface is actually very nice and gives you an opportunity to watch videos in tons of categories (e.g. art, business, entertainment, extreme)

QuickRewards Flix Videos

  • Interactive Videos – More videos that can be used to earn more QuickPoints.
  • Signups – Consists of offers, surveys, and membership rewards you can sign-up for in exchange for cash. Earnings average between $1 and $10, but many require a trial of some sort.
  • Surveys – Pretty self-explanatory, consists of an abundance of surveys, which payout anywhere between $.60 and $1.00.
  • Shopping – This is actually just a collection of blogs giving you the latest news and updates and shopping deals that are going on.
  • Paid Emails – These consist of the QuickReward programs mentioned earlier that get sent straight to your inbox. Here you can check which of the programs you want to join; Shop & Save, Paid For Your Opinions, and Earn Cash Online.
  • Offer Portals – These consist of offers and sweepstakes I typically don’t recommend. The reason being that they always require so much information from you and many times require you pay for some kind of trial in exchange for points.
  • Printing Grocery Coupons – Pays you $.05 for each grocery coupon you print-out and redeem in store. Not a whole lot that can be earned here.
  • Trivia – Easy way to earn 50 QuickPoints by answering the 4 questions posted on the trivia wall daily.
  • Games Portal – Allows you to earn by playing a variety of online games. These include card, word, arcade, strategy, and puzzle games.


Who Is Quick Rewards Network For?

Quick Rewards Network is a great survey and GPT website for those looking to earn some cash online. Whether you’re looking to earn cash or free gift cards, Quick Rewards Network will allow you to do either.

Quick Rewards Network is not for those looking to earn a more substantial online income for those looking to build an online business. This is a site most suitable for those who want to supplement their full-time job with some pretty easy survey-taking opportunities.

Quick Rewards is further a great site for those who need a site and panel they can trust. Having been around since 2002, this is a site that has shown plenty of promise and reliability over the years.


Quick Reward Network Pros

  • Easy to get started – only e-mail and username needed.
  • Doesn’t ask for too much personal information.
  • Variety of methods when it comes to earning with the site.
  • Site has been around since 2002 and built itself quite a reputation.


Quick Reward Network Cons

  • Not a ton of earning potential unlike other online earning methods.
  • Taking surveys & doing offers can be somewhat time-consuming.
  • No opportunity to take surveys on mobile.
  • Doesn’t allow you to build an online brand or presence.
  • Not much room for growth as an opportunity.
  • It’s easy to get disqualified from certain surveys.


Quick Rewards Network Overview – Scam Or Legit In 2017?

Quick Rewards Network is definitely still a legit survey site in 2017. This is a site that has been running for nearly 12 years now so it’s safe to say they have gathered a bit of reputation. In my opinion, this is a site you can trust, but it’s also not a site that should be used to make a lot of money.

On the other hand, there’s no doubt that it can be rewarding to those who put in the time and are looking to make a bit of money in their spare time. You’ll also come to enjoy the fact that these surveys don’t typically require a lot of information from you like other panels do. Thus, it is a great site for those who are protective over their personal information.

The simple fact anyone can get started with just a username, email address, and computer further makes this survey site simple and convenient to use. If only these surveys paid more than a $1. If only there was a more effective way of earning more online. Interested in learning about affiliate marketing and how I built my own website & business online? Click below to learn more!

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