Rewarding Ways Review: Good Way To Earn a Quick Buck?

By | July 13, 2017

Product: Rewarding WaysRewarding Ways Scam Review


Type: Surveys & Rewards

Price: Free to Join

Earning Potential: Low.

Recommended: Yes with exceptions.


What Is Rewarding Ways?

Rewarding Ways is a website that offers rewarding survey opportunities to individuals looking to earn online. Similar in many ways to Survey Junkie, Rewarding Ways has been around for quite some time.

Since 2011, users from around the world have used this platform as a way to both complete surveys and connect with other members. The ability to discuss earnings with others is unique to the Rewarding Way system and can be done through both the chat-box and forum.

The chat-box is useful for informing users of recent payouts and earnings of other Rewarding Way members. Thanks to its members who have spoken out, the site today has earned a solid 8.9 out of 10 points on Trust Pilot.

Individuals further enjoy using the site for its timely payouts and prompt customer service. If there was one complaint of Rewarding Ways in general, it would be the lack of high paying surveys. Rarely do you find surveys that pay out anything over $1.

But generally speaking, features that do make Rewarding Ways stand out include a higher than average paying affiliate program, speedy withdrawals, and an easy registration process.

Its biggest disadvantages on the other hand include not always finding yourself eligible for each survey (which can happen more often than not) and the fact not all earnings are immediately credited to your account.

Some for example could take up to 24 hours or longer in order for the changes to be made. Other survey companies don’t have this waiting process and can partially be dependent on the earning methods being used.

While those looking to earn full-time incomes online should steer clear from this website in particular, others will enjoy being able to make small withdrawal requests on a frequent basis.


How To Use For Best Results

One of the nice things about Rewarding Ways is how easy it is to get started. One of the things you might notice is that the survey opportunity itself is not exactly its most effective way of making money.

In order to boost your earnings as a Rewarding Way member, it is important you act on referring other members to the website. Bringing referrals to the site pays out a “rewarding” 25% commission on all of your referrals earnings. Whatever that person makes, you take a 25% cut.

Rewarding Ways Referrals

The only drawback is that there are much better affiliate programs (some that have courses) which pay considerably more for your time and effort. But for those who are active survey seekers and enthusiasts will love nothing more than spreading the word out about Rewarding Ways.

There is no better way of building a referral-based business than by creating your own website that talks, reviews, or gives an opinion about other survey opportunities.

That allows you to not only get your message across through organic traffic and rankings, but allows you to build a much more viable long-term business.

That is essentially, how you would reap the very best results with a website like Rewarding Ways and I don’t think it’s a bad route to take at all.

I’ve seen many survey niche sites by survey affiliates who have gone onto building full-time businesses and more all by getting referrals to these various opportunities.


Primary Method Of Earning – Survey Taking

Of course, there is the primary method of earning with Rewarding Ways as well. But not only is it much less effective, but is time-consuming. That is, by taking the actual surveys on the site, which can be fun at times I’ll admit!

Perhaps the best aspect to Rewarding Ways is the overabundant number of methods for earning online. But don’t get overjoyed just yet though.

The biggest drawback to Rewarding Ways and just about every other related survey-taking opportunity is that the earning potential and pay out can be small.

Rewarding Way Earning Potential

Of course, if we were to look on the bright side, we can be thankful for the fact that the free opportunity is still there. But when push comes to shove, there are undoubtedly more time-efficient work from home jobs.

Relatively speaking, Rewarding Ways does offer some solid surveys on the site. Perhaps the biggest annoyance to these surveys in general is the kind of information they’re asking from you; the majority of which will try and squeeze your phone number, e-mail, and address from you.

If privacy is a concern, than you better pass-up on the survey-taking industry as a whole. But those looking for one of 2017’s better survey taking offers should have no qualms with Rewarding Ways as their go to site.


Is There Anything You Should Avoid?

If your primary goal is to simply take daily surveys on the site, then you may want to consider forgoing their “Offer Walls” section completely. This consists of Peanut Labs, Adgate Media, Offer Toro, WannaAds, Minute Staff, and more.

The reason you’ll want to consider avoiding these or doing these at the very end is because they are some of the lowest paying offers on the internet and constantly being used on “PTC” or paid to click sites, where users are known to click on ads for pennies.

Peanut Labs for example, also offers signing up for trials and things like a “Free insurance quote,” which we really know isn’t actually for free and requires some kind of credit card information. If you’re looking to avoid headaches, you should avoid these as well (unless you really know what you’re doing).

Rewarding Way Survey Offer Wall

Otherwise the best way of earning with Rewarding Ways in the fastest way possible is with the “Earn Money” wall, where you’ll find plenty of decent paying surveys that reward you with about a $1 each on average.

As mentioned, those who want to earn considerably more online will want to place most of their focus on affiliate programs like this with much higher payouts.


How Do You Get Paid?

Unlike the old days, where survey companies might actually send you a check in the mail or wire transfer, we now have advanced payment processors like PayPal for immediate deposits.

The processors that are accepted and used by Rewarding Ways include PayPal, Skrill, Payza, bitcoin, and Amazon. But the greatest thing about Rewarding Ways all has to do with their withdrawal service.

Now when you take a survey on a legitimate survey website like Rewarding Ways, you can expect your payment to arrive within 24-hours. More importantly, you don’t need to wait to hit a $10, $20, or $100 threshold.

Instead Rewarding Ways honors all withdrawals that are made above just $1! Essentially, you could complete a single survey, call it a day, and request a fairly easy withdrawal.


Pros – Benefits Of Using Rewarding Ways

– Has been online offering surveys, customer support and timely withdrawals to its members since 2011.

– Offers a plethora of survey taking opportunities to its members, many of which pay out around a $1 or so each.

– Member chatbox and forum offers a reliable way for Rewarding Way members to connect, discuss earnings, and strategies for earning more. Thus, Rewarding Ways offers a community-based survey opportunity not seen on other websites.

– The fact the website has almost 300k registrants to date and paid out over half a million dollars in total to members is evident that the website is legitimate and paying.

– Uses a variety of payment processors in order for members to get paid efficiently and on-time. Minimum $1 payment withdrawals, which are done every few hours through out the day ensures that all its members are taken care of.

– Community-based activities like their $1,000 bonus prize contests give users an incentive to keep coming back to the site.

– Offers one of the highest-paying survey-based affiliate programs in the industry with a 25% of lifetime earnings from direct referrals. This is a great feature for those looking for a passive income based opportunity or to receive even more earnings from the site.

– Their fairly high 88,000 Alexa rank in the U.S. is evident that the site is fairly popular and that it has good number of repeat visitors who come back to use the site often.

– Potential part-time and full-time incomes can be achieved with the sole use of their affiliate program alone. To learn more on how it’s done, please see my WA review.


Cons – Drawbacks Of Using Rewarding Ways

– The biggest drawback of has to be the fact that the payouts are very low. Survey Junkie for example, has surveys that are at-least worth a few dollars and even give a $5 bonus upon sign-up.

– There is also a higher than average chance that you might “not qualify” for a good number of surveys offered on the site.

– The “Offer Wall” section of the site offers risk-based trial opportunities that can require personal, billing, and credit card information. Other portions of the “Offer Wall” section simply might not be worth the small payout.

– Survey opportunities in general aren’t very high-paying and can be time-consuming.


Is Rewarding Ways a Legitimate Survey Website In 2017?

Rewarding Ways is a legitimate survey-taking website that I believe has done a good job of building up their reputation over the better part of the decade.

Improvements to their service as a whole include more survey-taking opportunities than ever before, faster cash withdrawals, more payment processors, and making it available to users around the world.

There was a time and day when users from certain countries could only sign up to the site. But that restriction has been removed. While Rewarding Ways might not be the most viable opportunity for everyone, given the lower earning potential, user of their affiliate program definitely helps with this.

Generally speaking, Rewarding Ways offers a high-quality service that is better than most survey opportunities we’ll see. Their ability to present these surveys in a organized manner further helps improve the experience.

So if you are looking to make a few extra bucks, Rewarding Ways might be worth your time.

But those more interested in learning how to make a full-time income, should consider looking into other means to make an online income (hint: click below to learn more).

Thanks for checking out this Rewarding Ways Scam Review. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below!

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  1. andrew chase

    Every time I go to cash out with either Rewarding Ways or Superpay Me after having completed my surveys, they either mark my account as a cheater or ask me to verify my account.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I knew Super Payme was a scam altogether, but this is the first I’ve heard of Rewarding Ways not paying people out. That is something to definitely take into account. Thanks for letting us know.


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