Social Lead Freak Review – Does This “Lead Magnet” Really Work?

Social Lead Freak Review

  • Is Social Lead Freak Review a Scam?
  • Or is this the Social “Lead Magnet” it convinces us to be?
  • Is utilizing the tactic of going out and attaining Facebook Leads by scraping addresses an ethical marketing method, nevertheless useful by any means?

Social Lead Freak Product/Service Overview

Product Name: Social Lead Freak

Product Owner: Ali G. and Marcus Lim

Product Website:

Product Price:Social Media Freak Light: $97

Social Media Freak Pro: $247

Social Media Freak Standard: $147

1. What Is Social Lead Freak?

Social Lead Freak is a piece of (expensive) adobe air software that claims to help and ease an internet marketer’s search for people, more specifically leads, to sell their specific products or services to.

Social Lead Freak Scam

social lead freak scam

The social lead freak software works by using keywords that go out and search Facebook and Google Plus, finding people who have mentioned the keyword you used.

For example, say you were an internet marketer who’s been promoting a certain brand of clothes on your website. Well what Social Lead Freak will supposedly allow you to do, is type in that certain brand of clothing, and search for people who have merely mentioned this item in Facebook.

(For example, a person mentions “Golf”, as the keyword, and it will download that users ID for you to e-mail, or attempt to gain their information by sending them a link to your website)

2. How Does Social Lead Freak Scam Work?

Social Lead Freak works by obtaining the user ID’s of all the people it scans through Facebook pages, groups, and profiles.

This invasion and inhumane method of attaining “leads,” does not only seem wrong, but nearly worthless to the internet marketing user.

Why Social Lead Freak Won’t Help You Attain Proper Leads?

There is no reason to think just because a certain person types in a related buyer’s keyword that by simply e-mailing that person on Facebook, or following him or her on Google +, will give that person any reason to purchase whatever it is your selling.

It is in my unbiased opinion that in order to be a highly-effective internet marketer, you must have the ability to connect with your audiences or target on a more communicative level.

By simply attaining and extracting a list of Facebook User Id’s who’ve say for example, typed in the keyword “Nike Clothing,” that it’s going to do you any good by chasing after those people, promoting your product through e-mail marketing tactics.

The way Social Lead Freak works is by attaining these user ID’s and converting them into “corresponding Facebook e-mails” using the address @

Social Lead Freak additionally claims that not all user ID’s will have any associated corresponding Facebook address, which in that case causes Social Lead Freak to eliminate the user ID since it has now become essentially useless to the user.

3. Social Lead Freak Scam Overview

Nonetheless, Social Lead Freak is no different than a black-hat marketing e-mail scraper technique.

By utilizing this technique, the internet marketer is essentially going against all can-spam law by illegally attaining and contacting e-mails he or she were never given permission to in the first place!

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