Survey Junkie Review For 2017 – Whats Changed?

By | June 26, 2017

Product: Survey JunkieSurvey Junkie Scam Review - Legit In 2017?


Price: Free To Join

Type: Survey & Rewards.

Earning Potential:

Paypal & Gift Cards.

Good for supplementary income.

Available For: US, UK, Canada, & Australia only.

Recommended: Yes.


What Is Survey Junkie & Should You Join?

There was a time and day when Survey Junkie wasn’t the most trustworthy website or brand. But things change and in this case, it’s most certainly for the better.

After a recent e-mail discussion with the Survey Junkie admin team, I decided to go ahead and give my re-evaluation of a site I once didn’t believe in. Today that thought has changed and serves as proof that it’s the legitimate businesses online that win every time.

It also sheds light on the fact that everyday we see the internet space offering more value and real money-making opportunities to its consumers. In the case of Survey Junkie, that value is with additional survey opportunities, help, support, and the genuine service they now offer.

A simple glance at the site not only leaves you feeling comfortable and left with a pleasing first impression, and not only enhances user experience, but makes you want to return for more.

Survey Junkie’s precision to detail is what has allowed the brand to propel to the top of websites like Trust Pilot. Left with nothing, but positive feedback/reviews and a trust score of 8.9 out of 10, I felt it was time to give my updated take on what I now feel is a more legitimate survey taking opportunity.

Long gone are the complaints of Survey Junkie consumers who’ve dealt with random account cancellations and payment with-holdings. Today the Survey Junkie brand has redeemed itself from a scam into a completely reputable & trustworthy brand that we are all becoming more familiar with.

So without further or due, let’s take a look at some of the features, earning potential, and benefits of becoming a 2017 Survey Junkie member!


Top 3 Benefits Of Joining Survey Junkie In 2017

Before getting into the nits and grits of this Survey Junkie review, there’s one piece of critical information you should know about. As a long-time runner in the survey industry, Survey Junkie has one thing under its belt that the majority of survey websites don’t and that thing is experience.

Over the years, Survey Junkie has found a way to fine-tune its service to the needs of its consumers. Not only is this apparent by its high user-ratings, but by the absolute ease in which you can navigate their completely revamped website allowing you to take surveys in minutes.

With more experience we can also expect:

  • Faster response times and support.
  • Higher paying and better quality surveys.
  • Faster and speedier payments.

More importantly is that each and every payment is sent out immediately. No more waiting in line for that next survey check to arrive at your house 4 weeks later. Thanks to services like PayPal and big e-commerce retailers like Amazon, you can receive your cash or gift card right then and there, in seconds.


Who Is Survey Junkie Most Suitable For?

Survey Junkie is for anyone looking to spend their time productively making money from surveys. It is not a service you could expect to earn a full-time living for. Some part-time and supplementary income however is most-certainly possible.

Those who value and enjoy rewarding gift cards and easy PayPal deposits and transfers will make the most use out of Survey Junkie. In addition, we should note that Survey Junkie is available in select countries that include the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

In my opinion, Survey Junkie is best suited for:

  • College students looking for a part-time income while in school.
  • Stay at home parents looking to supplement their family income.
  • Survey seekers & opportunists who enjoy surveys and offering their valuable opinion.
  • Someone looking for a legitimate online money-making opportunity.
  • Individuals interested in promoting the Survey Junkie brand via their affiliate partnership program.


How To Get Started With

Okay, so I convinced you to become a Survey Junkie member and you’re all signed up right? Great, or if you haven’t, feel free to do so here. One of the things you’ll love when getting started with Survey Junkie is the complete ease in doing so.

Creating your user profile can be done in 5 easy steps by providing: zip code, date of birth, gender, and finally your first and last name so that the payments and rewards are made out in your name.

Survey Junkie User Profile

Upon completing the initial section, you’ll be redirected to the user interface where you’ll be rewarded with your first 25 points and asked to complete a general profile questionnaire, rewarding you with 50 more.

If there’s one thing that stands out about these initial questionnaires it’s that they are extremely easy & simple to complete.. Even my dog could do it!

These questions are further important to the process as it properly matches you with various surveys in your area. Daisy’s lovely help also should not go unnoticed and really made the profile setup a breeze :)

Survey Junkie Reviewed - 2017!

Daisy’s first piece of advice was to complete the quickstart checklist before actually going to work on any of the actual surveys. But don’t worry as these are also worth some points as well and can be done in under 5 minutes. By the time that’s done, you should have about 105 Survey Junkie points in your account.

As soon as that number reaches 1,000, we’re in business and can choose from a selection of PayPal and other gift cards (e.g. Amazon and Ebay), meaning these rewards are just as good as cash or a direct deposit and similar to what Earning Station offers. Many of those who already have a PayPal account will further appreciate the ease in which you get paid.

What I like most about Survey Junkie is how completely straight-forward everything is. In other words, the only surveys you’re going to find are the highest paying ones for your time.

There is a real distinguishing factor here between Survey Junkie and other survey companies, which has to do with the fact that you don’t find pointless, low-paying, worthless offers on their site that pay pennies.

This has actually become a trend I’ve noticed in recent years, with survey and PTC (paid to click) sites utilizing offers from “OfferToro” or “PeanutLabs” that I’d personally avoid.

Instead your dashboard is filled with a plethora of legitimate surveys that range in terms of duration and payout. Here is what my current Survey Dashboard currently looks like to give you an idea of what to expect. Survey Junkie Member Dashboard 2017


You’ll notice that some of the redeemable points + duration look more attractive than others, but overall I would say that the rewards you receive for the time spent is not bad at all.

A simple 20 minute survey would earn me 250 points, which means I’m already a quarter way there to receiving my first $10 gift card. Do one, two, or three of these surveys every night before bed, and who knows the kind of rewards you’ll reap.

Sure, it won’t be anywhere near a full-time income, but who doesn’t like free money! Okay, maybe not free, but nothing wrong with another opportunity to take advantage of, right?

In other words, if I were to join and use a survey rewards website, Survey Junkie would one of them. Despite my previous opinions, they’ve done a lot to change themselves into a more upstanding brand that doesn’t use spammy practices.


Pros Of Becoming a Survey Junkie Member

– Completely free to join without hidden memberships or fees. Anyone who is over the age of 18 and residing in the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia can sign-up with survey junkie. Those looking for a legit full-time income should click here.

– Sign-up process is quick, easy, and can be done in a matter of minutes. Account cancellations can also be requested by sending in a support ticket and cannot be reversed once done.

– Points are immediately added to the account balance after each survey completion. One Reddit user reported earning anywhere from $50 to $200+ per month.

– No fee’s are required to redeem points. Point also never expire for active Survey Junkie members. Only after 12-months of inactivity on the site will your points expire.

– Simple and fast redemption process – PayPal or E-gift cards such as Amazon can be selected. It’s good to know that the cash option is there for those with PayPal accounts.

– Large survey inventory available with surveys that are customized to your profile and settings. More relevant surveys tend to result in more rewarding and higher paying opportunities. With that said, the profile questionnaire and setup is not mandatory.

– Simply and user-friendly interface that allows survey completion to be done with comfort and ease.

– Online customer help & support is available through e-mail. I’ve personally used this and got response times within 24 hours or less.

– An entire database of related questions and specific questions and inquiries is also available and effective at answering questions.

– Large and professional social media presence on Facebook and Twitter makes it easier to get in touch for support and a great way for members to interact with the brand.

– New surveys are available daily and can be taken anytime, anywhere. Surveys are not only limited to desktop, but can be taken with smartphones and tablets as well.

– Great for earning supplementary or small part-time income. Doesn’t offer low-quality or low-paying surveys and rewards are sent immediately. Affiliate partnership with Survey Junkie is also available and will reward you just for referring friends, family, and strangers alike!

– Information sent and transmitted through Survey Junkie is encrypted and done securely through their own SSL certificate. User personal information is also never shared with third party marketing companies.

– Constant growth in their Alexa rank and their rank of being the 11,000th most popular website in the United States (as of June 2017) shows massive improve to their service and credibility as a survey taking brand, while Earning Station just barely takes in the lead by a couple hundred or so points!


Cons Of Becoming a Survey Junkie Member

– Some surveys still require a qualification process meaning all surveys might not be applicable to you. Some points are still received when becoming unqualified for a survey.

– Identity verification is also required but a necessary step to making Survey Junkie more of a reputable and trustworthy service.

– Customer service support by phone is currently not available.

– Earning potential in general isn’t high and shouldn’t be dependent on for a living.

– Not a good substitute to your regular day job, so make sure to keep that!


Survey Junkie Overview: Scam Or Legit In 2017?

There’s no question in my mind that what Survey Junkie has done and their ability to put their brand in a completely new light is impressive to say the least. Sure, it might have been a scam at some point and time in space.

But the important takeaway is that they realized that they had a legitimate service to offer this entire time and that even with their past reputation, they could still overcome the survey taking scene. This is why I believe without a doubt that Survey Junkie is no longer a scam in 2017.

There is nothing more respectable to me than that, which is why I made the decision to update my review on the brand Survey Junkie is currently building today. At the time of writing, I already have 100 points sitting in my Survey Junkie account.

Now if I actually had the time on my hands, or if I were still in school, or college, you can all bet your bottoms that every survey in this list would probably be completed and I would end up with more than 1,000 points for the day (e.g. $10).

Remember, as mentioned that while this isn’t a site that is going to earn you a full-time income, it can and should supplement your income, while offering other nice rewards in the process.

For those of you who are interested in dedicating more time and commitment out of your day for making a full-time online income, click my number 1 affiliate marketing recommendation below for more income; keep in mind that this requires more work and patience in general as you’ll actually be building up your own business from the ground up.

Regardless, make sure to get your Survey Junkie account setup today, while also keeping in mind that I am not affiliated with them. I just prefer keeping things honest. Thanks and have a good one :)

How has your experience with been? Have payments been made out on time? Are the surveys easy or difficult to complete? Feel free to leave every lasting thought you have on Survey Junkie down below!

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Hi I'm Peter. I'm 27 years old and I'm a Uconn graduate who finally found his way through life by becoming a full-time affiliate marketer. I enjoy trying out new things and believe there's no greater satisfaction than being able to make money on your own time!

7 thoughts on “Survey Junkie Review For 2017 – Whats Changed?

  1. Susan

    Hi Peter

    I just joined it for the first time. I believe it real after reading the comments above.

    Am waiting for the survey

  2. Peter

    Thanks Peter for this review of yet another scam. I have tried online surveys before, but I quickly gave up because of the time it took to complete them for a very small reward. It just wasn’t worth it!
    Anyone who has the time would do much better building a real online business with your #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hello Peter!

      It’s nice to see we have the same name :)

      Anyway thank you for leaving your very helpful input. I agree that online surveys, regardless of the company in charge, is not worth anyone’s time or effort, given the other immense number of legitimate online earning opportunities out there. Just like your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate, of which I can completely endorse without any hesitation!

      I hope people will learn a great deal from this, especially those who’ve been lucking out when trying to earn with online surveys. I remember when I first gave it a try it was like spending hours just trying to find one that I could be eligible for. About 99% of the time, I would get some kind of error or notice that I wasn’t! So aggravating.. Nonetheless, I really appreciate your input Peter :)

  3. Daniel Euergetes

    Surveys very often appeal to folks just finding about marketing on the Internet. I too, was one of these back in 2004. I learned very quickly that these simply didn’t pay out anything. They always seem to get your information and even a survey or two from you and tell you that you simply don’t match up for the surveys they give.

    Not to mention, if they are compensating by special offers outside of putting up the money, people who join these things get suckered into the hype, flashy advertising – because unfortunately, it works!

    The vast majority of folks who market on the Internet don’t care about reputation, and for those that do, their advertising campaigns show it. Look at Wealthy Affiliate’s, for example.

    I deal with inferior products all the time, though not survey sites. Even the best of these are a poor way to make money on the Internet and only a very few can actually make full-time incomes off these – usually with tons of work!


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Excellent comment and response Daniel.

      I was just responding earlier the exact same thing. Almost 99% of the time you’ll never be eligible to join that survey to begin with. Even worse is you spend so much time after time, filling out all this personal information, and then about half way through, you suddenly have found yourself getting booted out of the survey saying you’re not a match.

      I can completely relate to what you’re saying Daniel and cannot believe these companies have been around for so long!

      No wonder there always seems to be a new survey company opening scamming people left and right everyday. It’s true what you say, that the vast majority have no care at all about their reputation as well, and I think that’s a result of simple selfish greed and having this entrepreneurial power or force over other innocent people selling them on things that are absolutely worthless. I think it is also a result of being able to create any product you want out there without having to put an actual legitimate name or face behind the product. Therefore, that person is able to take people’s cash and in-turn give back a product that has no meaning, almost like the reputation of the seller is a ghost!

  4. Neil

    Hey, Peter.

    During my early days as an online money maker, I explored every avenue possible for earning an income and I found that taking surveys were just a waste of time any way.

    Thanks for sharing this review and just from reading the name of this program, makes it sound like another cheesy scam!

    If people really want to earn money online, Wealthy Affiliate is certainly a legitimate internet marketing training and community to be a part of :D



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