My #1 Recommendation – Wealthy Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate

Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Price: $0 Starter Membership

Overall Rating: 9.5/10


One of the best feelings I’ve ever had was making my first dollar online. My first impression of Wealthy Affiliate was that it couldn’t do much for me. Yes, despite its glamorous looks, highly interactive community, and training people couldn’t stop boasting about, I didn’t believe it could make that much of a difference in my life, at least not financially.

I guess the saying is true that the less we expect, the more we gain.

By the time I had joined I already bought into the million dollar dream. You know the one I’m talking about. Those products showing off their $100,000 cars and million dollar mansions. The ones promising us that just by joining we’d make money faster than the next Ferrari..

In the end, those promises turned out to be nothing more than that, a dream.

All I have to say is thank god a program like Wealthy Affiliate had come to my rescue because if not for them today, I don’t where I would be tomorrow. So let me explain more about this amazing program and how it can benefit you in achieving your goals.

I came across this program as I had been searching for a legitimate way to make money online. After trying a countless number of programs I was skeptical, but a good buddy of mine told me that it worked. I’ve tried countless programs in the past and spent many hours searching for a way to make money. So when it came to Wealthy Affiliate, it was like a breath of fresh air. The more I engaged myself and the more I learned the more promise I felt.

Being that there was a free trial, I had to signup for free!

Fast forward 2 years later and I still can’t help but tell my friends how awesome this opportunity is. It led me out of a job, made me financially secure, and has given me more free time than I sometimes know what to do with. My own family agrees this is better than any job out there. Today, I can manage working only a few hours a day. If you’re looking to make money from home, look no further.

This was the first to work for me and many others. From people without college degrees to those looking to start and provide a better life for their families, Wealthy Affiliate would be the answer.


What You’ll Be Doing

The steps involved are easy enough that anybody can do this. We’ll find teenagers and college students to people who are retired that are doing this on an almost everyday basis. As a result, many of us have been able to build full-time businesses from this.


#1. Choose a niche – I always suggest picking a passion or interest. That way we are able to build a business upon something we love, while making money at the same time.

#2. Create a website – While this may sound a bit more difficult than it actually is, it’s actually very simple. With Wealthy Affiliates powerful siterubix builder tool we can begin building websites in under 30 seconds! Although, I only recommend one when starting out, I have three websites today and I can’t imagine what I’d be doing without them. They’re all in various niches including affiliate marketing, quadcopters, and health & fitness.

#3. Get Traffic – This is the most important step of all. Before joining Wealthy Affiliate I underestimated the importance of this. Most of our time is spent attracting new visitors to our website, which in-turn is what makes us money.

#4. Monetize – From adding Amazon affiliate links to the use of advertisements, the number of ways we can begin making money with our website is incredible. It’s the most fun part and will help us make money for years & years to come!

These four simple steps are going to let us get our businesses of the ground quickly and effectively. The Wealthy Affiliate training is going to walk us through in a detailed step by step manner so that we never get lost along the way. This makes Wealthy Affiliates training simply treasured by most people, who can’t wait to see what’s next in store.


What I Like About Wealthy Affiliate

Where to start! There are so many aspects to like about Wealthy Affiliate it can be hard to describe without witnessing them in person. But only for you, will I briefly list them :)

  • Free Starter Membership
  • Live chatWealthy Affiliate 2014 Success Rates
  • Access to 1,000’s of successful marketers
  • Success stories
  • The interactive community
  • 24/7 support
  • WA Training
  • Website builder & hosting
  • All the tools and features
  • No recruiting
  • No direct selling
  • No upsells, hype, or gimmicks

Wealthy Affiliate has so much more to offer. The experience is unrivaled and it is refreshing to feel secure in a place without trying to be sold to. The owners Kyle and Carson believe in value and in choosing to help others. This is a place founded many years ago on the grounds of building it with only the consumers in mind.


What Makes Wealthy Affiliate Unique

Unlike other online marketing platforms, Wealthy Affiliate offers support that is second to none. The owners themselves are there to help us out from start to finish. This is one of the best aspects as it comes to show how trustworthy Wealthy Affiliate is.

In addition, the WA community is something we don’t see every day. One thing I always found myself having trouble with prior to WA is not knowing who to turn to when I was stuck or needed a bit of help. With thousands of other successful online marketers besides us, it is really hard to fail. The live chat alongside having our own personal profile and wall space makes it so easy to connect with others. The WA community is a community that is alive, day in and out.

The casual help being offered surely is something we don’t see in most other online marketing programs. It doesn’t matter whether we’re in our live chat rooms for the day or thoroughly immersing ourselves in one of Wealthy Affiliate’s top-notch training classes, everything is built upon helping us succeed. It is really a wonderful surprise to see how interactive this community is and how willing these members are to go out of their way to lend us a hand. Help is there 24/7.

Last but not least is price. Where in the world could we start a business for just 20 bucks! This is something that surprised me the most the more I went along with the training. Many people are so flattered by it that the optimism and atmosphere is unreal. Many have quit their full-time jobs to focus only on Wealthy Affiliate, myself included and has helped to create one of the most diverse online communities in the world.

Kyle & Carson have built Wealthy Affiliate with a universal training system that works for everyone. There is no need to relentlessly try and recruit others, to pick up the phone, or sell to others. As long as we follow the training, and implement the steps, we are guaranteed to succeed.


Who Can This Program Benefit?

Here is a comprehensive list of the type of people Wealthy Affiliate can help.

  • Unemployed or needs a job
  • If you’re looking to work from home
  • Disabled or can’t work outside
  • Veterans
  • Retirees
  • Those wanting to get away from MLM
  • Those wanting to get away from the 9 to 5 grind.
  • Those who see the internet as a place for opportunity!

Basically, it does not matter how our lives are or current economic situation is. Trust me, mine wasn’t the greatest when I first joined. But being able to finally create a full-time income by blogging, put making money online in a completely different perspective for me. I’ve never been so relieved to finally be able to depend on me and me only. WA is my blessing in disguise.

If we can put in time and effort into the training, we’ll truly be able to create an amazing business, or two. Even if you happen to have some technical difficulties, you can still do this. The best part is the fact we can work from anywhere and for as many hours as we want. The important thing is we are consistent, we take action, and we continue to apply what we learn, without getting lazy!


The Price

Wealthy Affiliate, unlike other online marketing programs, will not cost us a fortune. To make sure this is something you want to join and be apart of, you can get going without paying a dime. Registering as a member is very easy to do and you may even find that the free WA membership alone holds more value than the majority of programs out there.

#1) Starter Membership – $0 (Join here)

#2) Premium Membership – $47 per month (Join here)

The best part is Wealthy Affiliate strides on its own without following the norm. There are no upsells, hype, nor gimmicks. These guys are so straight-forward with their approach and is one of the only online marketing programs I have seen without a catch!

The only catch here is seeing its members succeed, no matter the cost. Also, by joining within the first 7-days of your free starter membership, you’ll even get a 59% discount and pay only $19 for your first month, which is a steal.


What I Recommend!

Without Wealthy Affiliate in my life, I’m not sure what I would be doing. I would actually still be working a 9 to 5 since all the other online marketing programs had me fail miserably. Wealthy Affiliate is simply insatiable and to not join is the same as missing out on a million dollar opportunity.

Simply stated, we will not miss out on success if we follow its simple and direct approach to making money online. Wealthy Affiliate can help us all in ways that are unimaginable. Today, I only work between 3 and 4 hours a day, but sometimes I enjoy putting in the extra time. I really do love my job.

My recommendation is to start out with the free starter membership as this will be just enough to give you an outer glimpse of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. From there you can either decide to choose premium, or  keep on searching for the next best way to make money online.



66 thoughts on “My #1 Recommendation – Wealthy Affiliate!

  1. joyce brooks

    Thank you for your information website! I almost signed up for lifeforce international but decided to research the company and came accross your website once i read your review of their heirarchy and than read about WA, I was so thankful. Hence i did not sign up for the other MLM and will definately be looking into WA and love that you can do the free trial to learn about how to do the business than can upgrade at a minimal amount of money monthly than anyone else. Thank You Thank You!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      No problem at all Joyce. Glad to have had you stumble on the website and find all the information you were looking for. WA is another journey in and of itself that I know you’re going to thoroughly enjoy. If you ever need a hand, just let me know!

  2. Tanya


    Do I have to have a website of my own to become a affiliate marketer?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Tanya, it is highly recommended you have your own website for affiliate marketing. This will become your platform for attaining a consistent flow of traffic and sales throughout your content. Otherwise, recommending products and making sales will be difficult, if not impossible, without the use of PPC (or pay per click) traffic. Great question!

  3. Fred G

    Great article, I can personally say that WA is the best out there. There knowledgebase is second to none, and the support you get not only from the owners, but also the WA community is overwhelming. I know my investment in WA is the best way I could have spent my hard earned money, to learn how to make money online the “RIGHT” way! Keep up the good work my friend!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thank you Fred. I’m glad you liked it. I think the WA community is outstanding. I would not be where I am today without them, as well as Kyle and Carson. Very helpful people who made me feel at home from the first day I started!

  4. mike

    Hi, can you market HOW TO digital products with WA? Thanks.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Yes! That’s actually one of the things I’ve been working on with my new niche site. If for example, what you’re referring to are digital products on Clickbank then you most definitely can!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Robert, my suggestion is to focus on products that either offer monthly recurring commissions or products that give you a higher split percentage on the sales price of that product. Some vendors for example, will actually give you a 75% cut for each sale of their product!

  5. Rachel

    Can you make money using the free membership or are you obligated to pay to start earning?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I definitely recommend going premium. But if the free membership is your only option, atleast you’ll still get an idea of how it all works. Premium membership is a must though if your looking to build a viable long-term income for yourself!

  6. Chilas

    I read your honest review and tried to sign up for WA but I couldn’t. I got a msg that “your country isn’t supported” can you explain this for me? I am from Nigeria. Thanks

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Chilas, the free starter membership isn’t available in some countries. If you’re from India, the Philippines, Vietnam, or Nigeria than the free membership isn’t available, but you can always go premium!

  7. Wally

    Thanks Pete for such an thorough and honest WA review. I was looking for a legit opp to make money online and promote on my new blog and glad I found your site!

  8. Monica Hill

    Wow very informative information. I have been trying to look for online work for well over a year now and still have not found anything. I really would like to join this weekend. How would i sign up under you. Please send me your link!

  9. Ganesh Rao

    Hi Pete,

    I signed up for free a/c and once logged in found out, the 7 day free trial is not applicable to my country India. Also, there was no offer of 19$ for the 1st month.

    So, wanted to double check with you before deciding either way..

    Ganesh Rao

  10. Anastasia

    I searched a lot before becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate. From the very first day of my free membership I understood that it was something different from all that online “garbage” out there. I am glad to be a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. Great review keep up the good work

  11. Mark

    Hi Peter, nice site! I was looking into both feeder matrix and GAS. I am signed up to WA and have been for a couple of months. I am aiming to come up with a niche to become an Amazon affiliate. How much info do they like to see on your website for you to be accepted? Do you need to have product reviews etc, already done for them to be happy to accept you? Thanks. Mark.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey Mark, great to see you signed up with Wealthy Affiliate. That’s a great question actually. Amazon really isn’t hard to get affiliated with. As long as you have a website, that should be fine for now. In-fact I don’t even think they review your website until you make your first sale. Even then, almost everyone gets accepted. It’s more of the affiliate networks like Commission Junction that’s very difficult to get accepted by. I signed up recently and apparently you need 100,000 visitors or so per month!

  12. Davie

    Do i still make any money/income if i stay a free member forever on Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Good question Davie. I’ve been asked that quite a lot and this is what I like to tell people. The free starter membership is there to help you get a better understanding of what you’ll be doing. By becoming a free starter member you will get a better gauge on whether you really have an interest in affiliate marketing.

      In my opinion, the best thing any affiliate marketer can do is learn! Ex: How do you begin to promote products on Amazon, how to correctly advertise online, etc.. You’ll know whether this is for you or not by joining WA. From there, you decide whether to not you want to become a premium member, giving you access to the tools, resources, and community any one person needs to continually create success!

      Hope that answers your question :)


    AWESOME REVIEW ON WEALTHY AFFILIATE..! Just recently signed-up because of your review and am loving it. Everyone there is so incredibly helpful and the lessons are way above par. I truly was not expecting all this.. Words simply can’t describe how great it is to have finally gone premium. Thanks Pete!! :)

    p.s. I’m excited to start my new online gaming website.. I just know, this is going to go great!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      You’re very welcome William :)

      I noticed you were having a bit of trouble with the anti-captcha earlier?

      I apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused. Anyway, I am excited to see you on the other side! You have a great and exciting journey ahead of you, one where I cannot wait to see the plenty of success you’ll soon be achieving.

  14. Jo

    Wow, that was a really thorough and informative review of the best Internet Marketing training on the internet that I have found too. You have a great talent for this business and thanks to Wealthy Affiliate even if you didn’t you could learn it all there and it’s FREE! A great opportunity for newbies and long standing businesses alike who just need a helping hand with the Internet side of things. Great for ALL!

    Best of luck with all your ventures :)

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks Jo! I actually had to cut it down a bit because I think people found it to be too long. Anyway I’ve shortened it and even added my personal touch, which I hope will let people in on the truth about WA and how awesome it is :)

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey Kobus! Couldn’t agree more with your statement. Wealthy Affiliate is too amazing. Especially with the consistent updates that they have been putting in place, only makes it that much greater :)

      Thanks, and I wish you the very best of success Kobus!

  15. Ty Jord

    Hi Peter,

    Good job on a very thorough write up on WA, as a fellow member I can fully assure anyone considering joining that it’s the real deal.

    Best wishes to you.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks Ty. Greatly appreciate you vouching for me and my #1 recommendation.

      Wishing you the best of success as well my friend!


    1. Peter G. Post author

      You most-certainly may Mac! They should take my advice :)

      Anyway this review needs some updating. Its starting to feel a bit outdated and with my writing having improved, this truly needs some refurnishing.

      Either way people, don’t hesitate in joining!!

      Until next time ;)

  16. Kendrick

    Very nice Wealthy Affiliate review this is the place to earn money online. It teaches methods that will last for a long time online.

    It’s the best!!

  17. David S.

    Well written and well detailed Pete!
    Thanks so much to this review, I don’t where I’d be without it.

    I’m so glad I signed up. You’ve been of really great help and are always there for me when I’m in need.

    You deserve nothing but the best, and have helped me greatly within my own internet marketing efforts.

    I can’t recommend Wealthy Affiliate enough to everybody out there. Oh,by the way, I’m working on a new website. I’m thinking
    of making it on a Gaming niche site. Anyway I’ll talk to you within Wealthy Affiliate and let you in one some of the details.

    Just wanted to tell you thanks for all your help thus far. It’s been an amazing ride thus far!

  18. Evelyn

    Wealthy Affiliate is a very legit way to build a business from home. They have fantastic learning materials that will teach anyone how to build a business from home. Great Review!

    1. Peter G. Post author


      So happy to be able to talk and discuss with you our websites and progress on a daily basis.
      It’s been one very enjoyable and successful journey thus far. The amount of time its taken
      us to complete the number of tasks required for a great online business has been truly
      minimized by being able to distinguish what’s important and what isn’t!

      It’s a great thing to become growing experts within our niche :)

      Thanks for commenting Evelyn!

      Talk to you soon,

  19. Miquel

    Very nice post. I really enjoyed this!

    Would you recommend this to someone looking to make money oversees?

  20. Chris M Cloutier

    Great review man. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a great place to learn. If it wasn’t for the community, I’d still be working some dead end job somewhere.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hahah me too man! But honestly, the whole purpose of this review is to give as much accurate information as I can. From there people can decide for themselves and make a better informed decision if Wealthy Affiliate is for them or not. Keep up the good work Chris!

  21. Stephanie

    Well, done! Great review. Always good to know when is a online business true or not. I am also part of the this business and can personally vote that this is one of the best I came across.
    Enjoy your day!

  22. Renee

    Wow! What a great review! I’m a WA Member and you even taught me a little something about the site! Great job and good luck :)

  23. Wayne

    Great site, WA looks like a super site to start a new business, All the best to you.

    1. Pete

      Right on the spot Wayne! Thanks for taking the time to comment on the progress of my new website. WA has turned me into a total and complete action-taker, versus my old habits “of trying to make money fast” online!

      I’m so grateful for having found the #1 online community in the world.

  24. Cheyvonne

    Hey Ken, this is a detailed and yet simplified review of Wealthy Affiliate. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate an amazing and unique place to grow an online business. Much success to you.

  25. Pauric Mather

    This is a great post. Wealthy Affiliate is where I started my online business too. It was the best online decision I ever made. I highly recommend it.

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate in July 2013. Since then with the awesome Training Tools and Support I have learned and built a very successful website. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Pete

      Thanks for the compliment Pauric. Really appreciate it. Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best affiliate website, and I’m glad to see you sticking with it. Just comes to show how easy W.A. makes everything for us!

  26. KEN

    Nice review on the BEST affiliate training program for any NEWBIE.

    If you are new to the work at home business or any home business. This is the program you should be following to learn and succeed.

    1. Pete

      Thank you for the kinds words Ken. Couldn’t agree more. There really is no better program in the realm of online marketing when attempting to create any sort of online business. The sky is truly the limit, and am truly blessed to get all the support one could ever need!

  27. John

    I too have been looking for a legit way to make money online and you’re right, it is not easy! I found WA about 6 months ago and I am completely amazed at what I have learned. No more falling for get rich quick schemes and no more hunting for ways to make money online. Great recommendation you got here Pete!


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