Three Ways To Build & Design a Website In 2017

Whether you’re a local business, brand, or individual looking to make their mark on the internet, there’s nothing as important as building your own beautifully designed website. Question is, where do you start.. Do you build it and design from scratch, or do you hire someone else to do it? In this post we’ll be looking at three popular methods for designing and building your own website. From picking your theme to building out your framework, here is how you can go about building your very first website.


#1. DIY Or “Do It Yourself”

This is my preferred method of building my websites, but it might not be the right one for you. If you’re an individual looking to create or build a personal blog, you might prefer building and designing your website from scratch. While it’s a much lengthier process than hiring a designer to do it, it’s cost-effective and you’ll be learning about building the ins and outs of your first self-hosted WordPress website. Why do I mention self-hosted?

Well chance are if you choose to host it on for free you’ll be much more limited in what you can do. WPBeginner lays out the pros and cons between a self-hosted site and using something like After you’ve hopefully chosen to go with a self-hosted site, you’ll want to choose a brandable domain name. Something short, sweet, and straight to the point will suffice. After you’ve chosen your hosting company, the next step is to choose your theme, figure out the framework, design your website, and begin adding content.


Best Domain & Hosting Services For 2017:NameCheap Domains


Best Places To Buy a Premium WordPress Theme In 2017:

  • ThemeForestThemeForest
  • MyThemeShop
  • StudioPress
  • Elegant Themes
  • SiteMile
  • ThemeBounce
  • Creative Market
  • TeslaThemes


#2. Hiring a Designer or Programmer

Another way you can get a website designed and built for you is by hiring a freelancer. You can use website like Upwork or TopTal to find an appropriate designer for your needs. Upwork for example, provides a list of some of their top web and graphic designers all in one place while also showing their hourly rate and work experience on the site. Personally, I’ve found UpWork gives the best user experience, but you never know which site offers the best freelance designers. You may want to shop around and speak with a few candidates before making a final decision. As shown below, there are a plethora of websites you can use to find the right web designer for your needs.

Another potentially more preferred option is by getting a custom mock-up of your website beforehand so you don’t need to pay for something you might end up not liking. With the Thomas Digital mock-up for example, you’ll be able to fill out all your preference beforehand and exactly what you need in the mock-up before they go to work on your project. You’ll also get the cost of the project beforehand so you know what to expect going in. Best part about getting a custom mock-up is there is absolutely no buying obligation required from you.


Here is a list of 2017’s most popular freelance web design services:

  • UpWorkUpWork Freelance
  • 99Designs
  • TopTal
  • Freelancer
  • Elance
  • Odesk
  • Envato Studio
  • Codeable
  • AwesomeWeb
  • PeoplePerHour
  • SimplyHired


Best Web Design companies & firms for 2017:

  • Blue Fountain MediaBlue Fountain Media
  • Buildrr
  • Coco Design
  • Big Drop Inc.
  • The Creative Momentum
  • NFINITY Web Solutions
  • 360i
  • Esolz Technology
  • Webvanta


For more great web designers, check out the following links:


#3. Using a Free Website Builder

Another way of building out your website is by using a free website builder like using Wix or SiteBuilder. For me, this is one of my least recommended options. The reason why is that many of its limitations are very similar to having a free WordPress hosted website, especially if you’re on the “free” plan. Many times for example, you’ll find that you’re very limited in the number of pages you can create on your site.

Sometimes on those pages, the free website builder will put ad placements on your site that you’re more than likely going to find distracting. The number of plugins, storage, and bandwidth also tend to be limited to a point, making free website builders much harder to brand in the long-run. If you don’t mind these limitations however, you could always test the waters by experimenting with a free website builder. Hey you never know, maybe you’ll learn a new thing or two about building out a website.

Here is a list of 2017’s most popular free website builders:

  • Wix – Upgraded plans from $5 to $25 per month.WIX
  • WebsiteBuilder – Upgraded plans from $7.99 to $11.99 per month.
  • IM Creator – Upgraded plans from $350 to $25k per year.
  • SiteBuilder – Upgraded plans from $4.99 to $11.99 per month.
  • Weebly – Upgraded plans from $8 to $25 per month.
  • SITE123 – Premium plan costs $9.80 per month.
  • WebStarts – Upgrades from $4.89 to $19.99 per month.
  • Webs – From $5.99 to $22.99 per month.
  • Jimdo – Upgraded plans from $7.50 to $20 per month.
  • Sitey – Upgraded plans from $7.99 to $12.99 per month.


How do you intend on creating your new website and which services stand out to you most? As you can see, there is more than one direction you can take in creating your website and it’s always a wise idea to lay out the options in front of you. I hope this post helped clear up a few of the ways you can begin to build, create, and design your first website. If you have any comments and/or questions, please leave them down below!


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