Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs Of 2017

With so many affiliate marketing programs to choose from in 2017, how do you know which one to go with? Sometimes, it’s better to see them all laid out in front of you. In this post, you’ll see our top 10 favorite affiliate marketing programs of the year. We made to sure to include the most popular networks as well and the ones likely to earn you the highest in affiliate commissions based on their commission percentages and likeliness to convert.

In this list you’ll find some networks that are based solely on CPA marketing, others that only include digital products like e-books and courses, and then networks that only sell physical products like eBay. So take a glance and see what affiliate network you could see yourself using and could potentially make for a great fit for your site!


10. JVZoo

One affiliate network that is very similar to the highly-popular Clickbank affiliate network is JVZoo. Despite being far from the best, the network does have a large selection of digital products to choose from. The thing to be careful with JVZoo is to avoid products that may have a low reputation. So make sure to test out and try those products first!


9. FlexOffers

With FlexOffers, you have an abundance of big brand products you can promote on your website. We’re talking Best Buy, Target, Macy’s, and thousands more. With a very lucrative two-tier affiliate program, robust tracking system, and smart data-feeds showing you viable affiliate programs to market on your site, FlexOffers is a great option. The one thing I don’t like about FlexOffers is navigating around the website and dashboard can often feel a bit confusing. Otherwise, it’s a solid site with a fast-growing reputation that caters to all niches!

8. MaxBounty

Similar to Peerfly, MaxBounty is one of today’s largest CPA networks. With more CPA offers to choose from than any other CPA  network, MaxBounty is a great choice for those looking to promote the CPA model. With MaxBounty, you’ll find offers that pay you for e-mail submissions, newsletter sign-ups, double opt-ins, registrations, sales, and more.

7. Rakuten’s Affiliate Network

One of today’s most popular affiliate networks is Rakuten. Though I’ve personally never used it, I’ve heard good things. One issue you may run into with Rakuten is that they promote a lot of well-known brands, that you’ll constantly have to find yourself applying to individually for acceptance. In that sense, using Rakutens affiliate network can feel more of an inconvenience to some. But, if it’s a network you’ve had your eye on, it could definitely be worth a try.


6. PeerFly

This CPA network is one of today’s fastest growing cost-per-action networks and it shouldn’t be slowing down in 2017. With many popular brands to choose from such as Uber, MCafee, Gamefly, and so much more, you are guaranteed to find an offer you’ll be comfortable promoting. This network is different from most other affiliate networks on this list because you’re getting paid every time someone completes an action versus buying a product or digital product. Depending on your niche and traffic, this CPA network (along with MaxBounty) could work well with your site.

5. Clickbank

As one of today’s most popular affiliate programs for selling digital online products, it’s no surprise that Clickbanks somewhat high on our list. Our biggest gripe with Clickbank is the fact that because the program is so lenient with who it lets in, many of the products tend to be of low-quality. Nevertheless, Clickbank tailors itself to all niche audiences so there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find plenty of digital products to promote on your site. With more guides, tutorials, and e-books than practically any other affiliate program out there, you might just find a Clickbank product or two you’d be interested in promoting with your site.


4. ShareASale

If you’re looking for a good alternative to Amazon or Ebay, where you can recommend products from well-known brands and merchants, than you’ll love using ShareASale. In my experience, commission rates tend to be higher and they even have a two-tier affiliate program allowing you to get paid for referring others to the site. ShareASale additionally offers plenty of flexibility when promoting offers including methods like cost per action, cost per lead, cost per sale, and cost per click. If that’s the kind of flexibility you’re looking for in an affiliate program, then ShareASale comes highly recommended.


3. CJ Affiliate

Once known as Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate is loved for a number of reasons. Similar to Rakutens Linkshare affiliate network however, you’ll need to individually apply to each advertiser. The benefits in using CJ Affiliate though is the fact they have both digital and physical products you can promote on your site. As one of today’s oldest withstanding affiliate networks, its easy to see why it’s one of the most popular options among affiliates today. They have an amazing tracking system and browsing through their site and affiliate products couldn’t be any easier. You’ll also be able to find much higher commission percentages on certain products than elsewhere, due to its well-established reputation.


2. Ebay’s Partner Network

As one of today’s largest online marketplaces, being involved with eBay’s partner network could provide you with a valuable technique for monetizing your website. The one drawback you might find when applying to eBay as an affiliate is the large amount of traffic your site needs beforehand in order to get accepted. But if you already have an established site and are looking for an awesome affiliate program to try, then eBay could be a good bet.


1. Amazon’s Associate Program

Starting an amazon businessOne of my favorite affiliate programs of all-time is Amazon and for good reason. Not only has it surpassed Ebay as the largest online marketplace, but it also offers a very lucrative and high-converting affiliate program. With more tools and a robust tracking system than any other affiliate program I’ve seen thus far, Amazon is an excellent option for niches tailored to physical product sales. The program uses a 24-hour cookie that credits you for any purchases made by the consumer in that time-frame. While commission percentages tend to be lower overall, you can normally expect a much higher conversion rate, especially for trending niches.

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