Top 10 Affiliate Programs For Movies & Streaming

There is no denying that streaming movies today, on the internet, TV, cell phone, and tablet has become one of today’s most popular methods of entertainment. Sure, we may occasionally buy a DVD or movie we love, but when all is said and done, streaming and renting movies is far more popular.

If you’re a blogger and you’re looking for the best affiliate program to help monetize your awesome entertainment or media website, look no further. We compiled 10 of this year’s top affiliate programs for movies. Whether you’re looking for a program that offers streaming or DVD’s and products for sale, this lists got it.

These programs are further suitable for those who blog on things like movies, media, and entertainment and is a perfect way for you to make money off all your wonderful blogging efforts. We even have ideas for merchandise you should check out as well. Here’s our top 10!



Fandango Affiliate Program

One awesome affiliate program that immediately comes to mind in 2017 is Fandango. While we all know how popular streaming movies has become, that hasn’t necessarily stopped people from going to AMC or iMAX on a Friday night to watch the latest Star Wars movie. Fandango therefore, offers a perfect solution for incentivizing your traffic to seeing a movie. More importantly, it’ll allow them to buy tickets in advance rather than waiting in line only to find out that movie is completely sold out.

As today’s #1 online movie ticket seller, mentioning the site and its services, wherever it seems to make sense on your website or in your content is a near-perfect idea. Sure, you don’t need to base all your content around Fandango and going to the movies, but there’s no doubt that sparingly adding these links can provide both value to your readers and some additional advertising for your blog.




Mentioning famous movie posters can be a great way to spruce up your website or blog post, generate some interest, and remind others as to why some movies are so memorably great. Posters are an easy and affordable purchase, popular among adolescents and college students, looking to hang up something on that blank and empty wall.

They’re great for movie fanatics as well, some of whom live and die by quotes of their most favorite-watched movies. So why not chime into those emotions by mentioning some of the posters offered by 123Posters? Online since 1997, these guys are professionals when it comes to framing and delivering high-quality posters in demand. The 123Poster’s affiliate program offers 10% in commissions per sale and a 60-day cookie for visitors.



Walmart Affiliate Program

As one of today’s largest retail stores, it only makes sense to add Walmart to the list and I have to say that their DVD collection and prices might far surpass your expectations. Always on top of their movie, film, and media game, Walmart is one more great affiliate program to join for your movie-focused blog. It’s a great way to offer the actual physical DVD or product for visitors who insist on owning a physical copy.

With Walmart you’ll always have new deals and savings to look out for, as well as with new releases. They have a sophisticated affiliate program as well with new creatives and banners, an analytics dashboards, and a new Walmart WordPress Plugin to allow the easy placement of affiliate links relevant to your actual content!



Best Buy Affiliate Program

Maybe your income producing website focuses on more than just movies, DVD’s, and TV. Maybe your blog also has a focus on the hardware necessary to play today’s entertainment at optimal resolutions. If your website has a focus on entertainment systems, 1080p or 4K HDTV’s, then maybe it’s time to consider an affiliate program like Best Buy, where you know your visitors will get some of today’s top deals.

Sure, there’s Amazon and there’s eBay, but there are times when your visitors want to see these items or pick them up in store and for that, there’s no better alternative than the well-established At Best Buy, visitors can find hardware for practically any entertainment or media-viewing purpose. The affiliate program can be signed up via two different websites. Your first option is using Flex Offers and the second, is the affiliate network and e-commerce giant,



Hollywood Memorabilia Affiliate Program

If I were to guess, I would say there is a good chance that many, if not most, of your visitors might be interested in Hollywood Memorabilia. This awesome collective site offers a variety of movie collectibles, comic book collections, and autographed music photos. It’s definitely a fun browse-through kind of site with some awesome authentic entertainment memorabilia for sale.

Whether it’s for personal use, a collection, or gift for a loved one, this is an affiliate program that could come in handy. Visitors on the site are able to browse via movie, television, music, theater, authors, and history. The site further offers 5% in affiliate commissions per sale with a 30-day tracking cookie and can be signed up with via ShareASale.



VUDU Affiliate Program

I consider VUDU to be the “Blockbuster” of movie rentals and purchases. Their library and blockbuster hits section is huge and serves as an excellent alternative to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. VUDU movies can be streamed and watched on smartphones & tablets, blue-ray players, smart TV’s, Roku, Chromecast, Playstation, and Xbox.

With new promotions and deals constantly going on, it’s no wonder as to why VUDU has become a popular option among entertainment enthusiasts. Services like converting DVD’s even allows VUDU users to transfer all their physical DVD copies into a digital format in the cloud. The VUDU affiliate program is just one extra option of providing value on your blog and can be signed up here with FlexOffers.



iTunes Affiliate Program

If your website and blog is heavily based on entertainment, then you need to try iTunes affiliate program. With over a million books, TV’s, movies, and more, iTunes provides an easy, affordable, and convenient solution for visitors to experience entertainment at its finest.

The iTunes affiliate program will allow you to earn commissions based on purchases made with Apple Music, the App Store, iTunes, and iBooks, providing several avenues for earning money with the program. It’s a fast-growing program with a growing number of participants in various entertainment and media-based niches. Applying to the iTunes affiliate program can be done directly on the website.



Amazon's Affiliate Program

Of course, this list would not be complete without having mentioned today’s largest worldwide store in e-commerce, Amazon. They literally offer just about everything you can imagine, not to mention that you’ll even get paid for customers signing up for a prime membership. This further allows customers to not only experience free shipping, but access to Amazon Prime Video allowing prime members to experience streaming in all its beauty.

Sure, it might not be as big or as mainstream as Netflix as far as streaming goes, but it’s still huge and growing nonetheless. And with some amazing TV series, movies, and shows like “The Man In The High Castle,” “Goliath,” “Hand Of God,” and so much more, you’d be remiss to not at-least offer the possibility of Amazon prime onto your movie blog or website. Did I also mention that movies can be previewed and bought in Amazon’s marketplace? Yeah, that too!



Roku Affiliate Program

Why not offer a way for individuals to stream movies with their TV using one today’s best hardware and device? The Roku has become one of today’s best and most popular ways to stream services like Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, and more in brilliant picture quality onto your TV. Many of Roku’s streaming devices even offer streaming in HD, 4K, and HDR quality.

What better way than to inform your visitors of today’s powerful streaming capabilities than with Roku itself. Affiliate payouts start at 5% with an average order size of $99 per customer. The Roku affiliate program can further be joined through the Commission Junction affiliate network program and offers an excellent service for your traffic and visitors to consider.



Netflix Affiliate Program

I personally can’t think of a better affiliate program to join then Netflix itself. With so much international media and attention, Netflix only seems to be growing year after year. According to CNN, this entertainment media giant added 19 million new members in 2016, up from its previous 17.4 million in new members in 2015.

Given that the streaming subscription only seems to be growing, mentioning Netflix somewhere in your blog posts or adding a banner ad on your site could be a great start when it comes to monetizing your movies and entertainment blog. Don’t you think? Visit to become a Netflix affiliate today!

Update: We’re unsure whether or not the Netflix affiliate program still exists. Please get in touch with FlexOffers to see if there is a program available and let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Hi Peter, I have a website of series and movies but we only use embed linking we don’t host any file in our host, is it possible add amazon program to the site?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Billy, if you’re referring to the fact that your website doesn’t host any original content, then chances of getting into the Amazon’s Associate program is slim. If that is not what you’re referring to, then I would contact the affiliate team over at Amazon – they’re very friendly and helpful and should point you in the right direction in no time, before sending in your application!

  2. any affiliate programs use ?

    • Hi Dmitriy, that site is in not on the list. I just checked it out and they don’t seem to have an affiliate program. If you do happen to find one, let me know!

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