Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs For Auto Parts

If you’ve been blogging about your favorite cars and are looking to make serious money with your content, then take a look at the best affiliate programs we have in store. Whether you’re a blogger, mechanic, or someone looking to establish their presence in the automobile niche, here are a few programs that might just come in handy.

Thanks to the following affiliate programs, automobile bloggers and websites looking to earn an income with affiliate marketing is now more possible than ever before. One step you can take to ensure your content is properly monetized is by looking up individual car manufacturers and checking whether or not they have an affiliate program. Most won’t, but some do.

For example, a quick search on perhaps a “Ford affiliate program,” would show that they actually have one offered on Flex Offers. Isn’t that surprising, but awesome at the same time? Subaru one the other hand, comes up with no results, which is okay. In that case, you could use one or more of the affiliate programs listed below.

That’s why if your blog is heavily focused on a specified set of manufacturers to make sure you look those up individually and see if there is something available. Otherwise, incorporating an auto affiliate program that can be tailored to everyone in the auto car part niche can prove tremendously useful and the main reason as to why I’ve created the following top ten auto affiliate list for 2017!


10. AutoPartsWay

AutoPartsWay Affiliate Program

One affiliate program that first comes to mind is Auto Parts Way. While they might not be as largely known or established as many programs on this list, they do offer a plethora of products that might be of interest to you and your visitors.

One of the things that stands out about this particular site is the ability to easily find parts and accessories by vehicle, make, and model. The site’s average order size is also higher than average and is valued at $200 per customer, which is great.

Affiliates take home a 5% cut ($10 per order on average), which isn’t bad, but not the best. If you are looking for higher paying programs, wait to see what else we have below. Otherwise, those interested should send in their Auto Parts Way application here. Free shipping on orders of $100 should also be taken into account as it could provide further value to visitors.


9. Vivid Racing

Vivid Racing Affiliate Program

Is your website or blog tailored towards car racing and performance enhancing parts? If so, you’ll definitely want to consider Vivid Racing as a way to monetize your content. This is a website that offers all of the best parts for speed, racing, and handling that you can imagine.

Visitors can browse through air intake accessories, body and aero kits, brake, exhaust, suspension, transmission, turbo, and ECU tuning parts. What more could you ask for? Their affiliate program is available to both U.S. and international applicants, which pays out a bit higher than the industry standard with a commission rate of 10%.

Not to mention, that the site’s average order value is between $500 and $1,000 meaning your average commission could be anywhere from $50 to $100 or more. If only I joined the auto niche when I had the chance!


8. Andy’s Auto Sport

Andys Auto Sport Affiliate Program

If you’re looking for another very popular affiliate program to join with nothing but the best performance enhancing parts, then you’ll want to consider Andy’s Auto Sport. While its 6% commission rate isn’t as high as Vivid Racing, they do offer a wonderfully long 45-day cookie duration, which should make up for any lost sales.

This is a very well-known and trusted website when it comes to automobile and racing enthusiasts. Users will be able to find all kinds of auto parts from performance, suspension, brakes, audio, wheels, and more. Andy’s Auto Sport could benefit your site and visitors in a number of ways.

In total, Andy’s Auto Sport offers 1 million performance auto parts, which aren’t just for sedans, but trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles as well. Those interested can sign-up through CJ or on the Andy Auto Sport affiliate page.

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7. BuyAutoParts

Buy Auto Parts Affiliate Program

Next up on the list is a website called Whether you’ve heard of them or not, this is an internationally recognized brand that holds the majority of their presence in the United States.

Users enjoy this site for its free shipping on orders over $99 and the ability to easily find parts based on the make and model of your vehicle. The affiliate program differs from most on this list by varying their commission rate. Rather than a set percent, depending on the products purchased, you’d be eligible to receive anywhere from .5% to 8%.

In addition, there is a 7-day tracking cookie, which is nice, as most orders made through the BuyAutoPart website tend to occur within 3 days of a user visiting the site. With over 200,000 products in inventory and a dedicated affiliate management team, the Buy Auto Part affiliate program, may just be worth looking into.


6. EuroCarParts

EuroCarParts Affiliate Program

Don’t worry Europe and U.K., we have not forgotten you! One of the best auto affiliate programs for residents in and around Europe that definitely needs consideration is Euro Car Parts. Its tremendously high 430 Alexa Rank in the U.K. and reach of a few million visitors per month, shows just how popular this brand has become.

Otherwise considered to be U.K.’s number one auto part supplier, this site could be considered to be the AutoZone equivalent of the U.S.. The site’s average order value is approximately 45 pounds and visitors tend to make a purchase within 24 hours upon visiting the site.

Its main disadvantage is the affiliate program’s unusually lower commission rate set at just 3.5%. But for those UK residents who’ve either come to know and respect the brand may find that Euro Car Parts makes all the difference when it comes to offering value, trust, and a recognizable brand to visitors.


5. Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Part Affiliate Program

Are you looking to recommend a site that offers plenty of car performance enhancing tips and an endless variety of car parts? Well then you may want to consider the Advance Auto Part affiliate program.

Users can browse through the site based on popular car make and model, which makes searching for your favorite parts easy. Their site even offers luxury car parts from brands like BMW and Mercedes, which can be useful for luxury car websites and bloggers.

With $5 billion in annual sales, there’s no denying the tremendous legitimacy, size, and popularity of Advance Auto Parts. Their affiliate program, which offers a 4% commission on purchases has no mention of a cookie duration, but is a highly recommended program nonetheless.

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4. Edmunds

Edmunds Affiliate Program

Those of you looking to promote actual new and used cars will love what Edmunds affiliate program has to offer. Rather than promoting car parts, Edmunds allows you to take advantage of both new and used cars for sale.

The variety and kind of cars they have available are endless; convertibles, hatchbacks, sedans, coupes, SUV’s, luxury, trucks, you name it. As a rule of thumb though, only U.S. citizens are eligible to join. While the commission percentage or cookie duration aren’t specified on the site, they do pay commissions out on a monthly basis.

Commission rate increases are also available for high-performing affiliates capable of bringing in many visitors and sales to Edmunds. Those interested in joining the Edmund affiliate program are welcome to do so here. As far as car shopping online goes, Edmunds makes new and used auto transactions smooth and easy!


3. CarParts

CarParts Affiliate Program

CarParts easily makes the top of our list because of their tremendously high Alexa rank and popularity. Not to mention these guys offer some of the highest commission rates in the industry. Also important is the fact that visitors browsing the site enjoy its prompt support and ability to find car parts for cheap.

This makes CarParts especially great and useful for individuals looking to find the most affordable car parts possible. As a CarParts affiliate, you will enjoy their starting base commission rate of 10%. Affiliates who remain with the program and generate more sales are rewarded with higher commission rates.

Individuals who can generate $5,000 in total monthly sales earn an 11% commission rate, while those earning $10,000 or more in sales earn the maximum rate of 12%. All affiliates also benefit from its extra lengthy 45-day cookie duration.. I think it’s safe to say that CarParts affiliate program should be a top contender on your list, especially if your site is focused on affordability and budgeting!


2. Auto Parts Warehouse

Auto Part Warehouse Affiliate Program

For a site that maintains millions of visitors each month, it’s no surprise that many of their top affiliates earn over $10,000 per month on average. If that doesn’t give you an incentive to join, then I’m not sure what would. Perhaps the site’s easy to use navigation and ability to find auto parts on demand has turned Auto Parts Warehouse affiliate program a popular choice among affiliates.

With all kinds of sales going on and an extensive product line, you’ll be able to introduce visitors to a shopping portal with all their car shopping needs. Established since 1995, the Auto Part Warehouse program even offers up to 8% commission on sales generated. Users can register as through Impact Radius found on their affiliate homepage.

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1. AutoZone

AutoZone Affiliate Program

Of course, one of the most well-known and recognized brands in the auto part industry is AutoZone. It’s absolutely wonderful to see these guys have an affiliate program given peoples trust and recognition of the brand. What better way to promote the best auto parts, than with a company who has made their online presence known since 2001.

From car replacement parts to interior and exterior accessories, performance equipment, and more, users should have no problem when it comes to finding all of their car maintenance needs. Their affiliate program is nothing but generous with its fairly high 8% commission rate complemented by an extra long 45-day cookie duration.

This means you could be making sales long after a visitor has clicked on your link, which can be critical to maintaining excellent conversions on your part. Registration is free and can be applied with a CJ or Commission Junction account. For more affiliate information, check out the AutoZone affiliate page here!

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  1. Advanced Auto only offers 4% commission at this time.

  2. Thomas Greenbank | September 14, 2017 at 1:13 AM | Reply

    Hi Pete.
    Informative post, thank you.
    One thing – I’ve been informed that Autozone like to hijack leads sent to them, via “live help”, and process orders without crediting their affiliates. Have you heard of this??
    Autoanything is another that I’ve heard similar reports about.
    I’ll be keen to hear your take on this.

    • Hi Thomas, I really can’t speak to the practices of other businesses in regards to their affiliate programs. It’s also not unheard of either. Best way to find out is to test it within your content. You should also be careful what you read online because I know of many affiliates who end up laying the blame on various programs, when really it’s their business that needs work.

      I see no reason as to why a large corporation would go out of their way to take commissions. After all, they more than likely need you more than you need them. If for any reason, you believe you’re not getting paid the correct amount, making the switch to other affiliate programs and using their links instead within your content is a pretty easy move to make.

  3. Thanks so much, it’s a must for me to look into these great affiliate programs.

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