Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs For DIY & Crafts

Say you have a website focused on crafts, woodworking, home decor, or any other do-it-yourself project, then it’s important to find an affiliate program that works for both you and your visitors. You want to choose the programs that are reputable, trusted by the masses, and fits in flawlessly with your content.

If you personally buy your tools, crafts, or other handiwork material, then you should consider directing them to a store you can vouch for and would personally recommend. In this post, we’ll be looking into some of these best e-commerce shops and retailers to help you in your marketing journey and to spur new ideas for monetizing content.

I understand just how quickly and largely the DIY niche is growing, which is why I decided to go out and hunt down some of these affiliate programs on my own; many of which, I think have the potential to fit in nicely with many of your DIY websites. If you’re ever in a rut or need help with the start or growth of your website, then check out my top recommended course. Without further or due, here the top ten programs for the DIY, crafts, & woodworking niche!



Expressions Vinyl Affiliate Program

If a huge portion of your website is dedicated to paper cutting and vinyl, then consider the shop over at Expressions Vinyl. Offering everything from adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, vinyl packs, and tools and accessories for your cutting machine, this could be a great fit for those in the vinyl cutting niche. More importantly, the website doesn’t only offer a shop to browse through, but plenty of awesomely helpful articles, how to tutorials, help with vinyl, and new project ideas. Using a cutting machine isn’t always so easy, which is why Expressions Vinyl can certainly come in handy as a great resource to link out to. The affiliate program integrates a 30-day tracking cookie with your link and a commission rate percentage, which isn’t fully disclosed. You can sign-up through ShareASale, or directly through their website.



Fire Mountain Gems Affiliate Program

For those in the niche of crafting, creating, and designing new pieces of jewelry, we found the perfect affiliate program for you. Believe it or not, but the Fire Mountain Gem website is huge with its 1 million monthly audience. Selling all kinds of wholesale beads, jewelry supplies, and more, Fire Mountain Gem is a go to stop for everything DIY & jewelry related. So if your audience is into designing their own pieces or you know of a way to implement and recommend some of Fire Mountain Gem’s finest products, then you can register for their affiliate program here. The company offers a standard 6% commission on all sales, a 30-day tracking cookie, and a ton of awesome creatives and banners for you to use on your site.



Graham & Brown Affiliate Program

One reason I like Graham & Brown is because of the sites sole focus on wallpapers. It doesn’t sell anything besides a whole assortment and array of high-quality designs and wall paper art. For many of you who have a DIY & crafts website with a focus on interior and home decoration, then Graham & Brown could be perfect. While its popularity certainly stems from the UK population, its presence is also noticeable in the US as well. With Graham & Brown there is no kind of wallpaper or wall art you simply cannot find. So why not integrate a few wallpapers you love in your next interior decorating tutorial? Here’s their affiliate application just in case, and for those wondering, commission rates are set at 6% with a cookie duration of 30-days.

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Printcious Affiliate Program

If you’re looking to make some potentially serious commissions, then one affiliate program you can look into is Printcious. Every product in their shop is DIY & craft related, many of which would make for the perfect gift. Providing a top-notch user experience, Printcious allows its visitors to create t-shirts, mugs, cushions, cases, puzzles, and more, while customizing each product and design to their liking. The site’s affiliate program offers a 25% commission on all products and offers a 60-day tracking cookie for visitors.



DIY Affiliate Program

What better way than to promote your own DIY products than from the site itself? As one of the largest e-commerce retailers in the UK, reaching millions of people per month and worldwide, you can bet on the fact that this is one of the go to websites when it comes to anything DIY-related. Whether its tools for decorating, gardening, building, or any other outdoor home-related projected, will prove to be useful when it comes monetizing. Perhaps its only drawback is its 1% commission on sales. Given its wide recognition however, using DIY still has the opportunity to garner more sales as a result of its trust and reputation. Definitely worth a try, and if you are interested you can always complete and send a quick application found on their site.



Kiwi Crate Affiliate Program

Within every affiliate program post I create, I always like to add something fun, and for this particular one, I simply could not wait to introduce the Kiwi affiliate program. This particular website has loads of visitors coming to the site (nearly half a million every month) so you know something of quality is being offered here. What really makes the Kiwi site so special is a result of the one product they offer – the Kiwi Crate. This is a package sent to your home every month and is meant to get your children’s hands on some fun crafty projects. Users can select the perfect brand most suitable for their kids and age. You’ll also find new crates being launched from time to time. Not only does this make for the most perfect gift ever, but gives you an opportunity to earn additional money with your website. This is a result of their affiliate program that not only offers 15% in commission for shop orders, but $10 to $20 for subscription orders. Check out more details here!

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Scrapbook Affiliate Program

If a large portion of your website is dedicated to scrapbooking and crafting paper, then you’ll love As the largest scrapbooking website in the world, they not only offer featured products and specials on over 250+ of the biggest brand name products, but also courses in scrapbooking. Classes range from card-making, organization, albums, product tutorials, and more. With over 50,000+ products in total, the Scrapbook affiliate program offers a 30-day conversion tracking cookie, affiliate management team to help you, monthly giveaways, and more. They even go as far to pay DIY & craft bloggers for sharing their own pictures, projects, and layouts on Sounds like a great way to kill two birds with one stone and a way to get yourself immersed in another niche-related community. Current commission structure is not currently listed on their application, but will be sent to you once your Scrapbook affiliate application is approved.



Home Depot Affiliate Program

As one of the largest retailers in the US, implementing products you recommend from Home Depot could be a wise choice, especially for those individuals who are also in the woodworking niche. With a section entirely built and dedicated to DIY Projects & Ideas (e.g. DIY Workshops, DIY Bath Projects, Organic Gardening, and DIY Appliance Repair), Home Depot is definitely a retailer that makes sense and one I would personally enjoy integrating into my own DIY site. Current commission rates on products is 3% on products, mobile, and in-store pick-ups with an opportunity to earn more. The Home Depot affiliate program can be registered through the CJ Affiliate Network, also found on the Home Depot website.



Craftsy Affiliate Program

You know one thing many DIY enthusiasts love? Classes..! Completing that next DIY project or craft isn’t always an easy task and so many individuals are constantly looking to up their DIY ‘game.’ So instead of always promoting products, why not recommend a course as well? Here’s a great website I found just for that, which reaches millions of visitors per month as a result of the many DIY courses this lovely DIY website offers. From learning how to be a quilting expert to sewing, knitting, crocheting, baking, arts, and more, Craftsy’s affiliate program could be just what you’ve been looking for. Affiliate commissions and tracking cookies vary with the course and product being purchased, but can be registered with directly through their website, or the ShareASale Network.


  1. ETSY

Become An Etsy Affiliate

With nearly 200 million visitors, each and every month, incorporating Etsy into a DIY & crafts website couldn’t make anymore sense. As one of the most recognized handmade crafting websites, Etsy has turned into a global phenomenon, making its presence in nearly every corner of the internet, Pinterest included. So why not? Why not recommend some of your most favorite handmade items and crafts by your favorite Etsy designers, not only supporting them in the process, but in growing your own brand as well? Commissions, paid out on a monthly basis, varies from 5% to 7% per sale and also uses a 30-day tracking. Here is where Etsy’s affiliate application can be found.

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