Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs For Gardening 2017

By | July 6, 2017

One way people obtain more information for gardening is the internet. From downloadable products to niche-related articles, there is a never-ending abundance of information within the gardening niche. I assume that your particular website contributes some of that information or plans to in the near-future.

Well one important aspect when building any website is to not only consider the best affiliate programs to join, but learning how to monetize your content as well. My plan for this particular post was to do more then give you a list of the best websites. Instead this is a post on the gardening niche that will hopefully inspire more ideas when it comes to monetizing and linking your content to reliable third-party retailers.

So if you’re looking for the best gardening affiliate programs to join as well as some of the best monetization techniques for your website, buckle up. Here are ten of 2017’s top affiliate programs within the gardening niche!


10. Arbico Organics

Arbico Organic Affiliate Program

One affiliate program that might be of interest to you is with a company called Arbico Organics. Located out of Arizona, Arbico Organics puts its emphasis on everything that deals with gardening.

Their product categories consist of products that deal with fly & pest control, animal care for horses and household pets, as well as indoor and organic growing. If you have a niche site in gardening, Arbico Organics isn’t only a good one to consider for its range of products, but because of its reputation built since 1979.

At this time, there is no mention of a specific commission rate on their website, but those interested can feel free to send in a quick application here.



DIY Affiliate Program

Now if you’re looking for the Home Depot or Lowe’s of the UK, then you’ll want to check out This is another program best suited for individuals in the UK and around Europe. Many of their products make it perfect not just as a DIY & Craft affiliate program, but for home and gardening also.

The company thrives not only as a result of their high-quality products and big brand name, but from specialty services like next day delivery, a 45-day return policy, and free delivery on select orders. What makes it especially good for the home and gardening niche is that their entire product selection is related to outdoor projects, gardening, and home renovation.

Visitors can browse through an endless number of categories related to kitchen, bathroom, flooring, sheds, and much more. Unfortunately, affiliates only receive a small portion in commission of the sales generated with its unusually low, 1% commission rate.


8. World Market

World Market Affiliate Program

This website’s intuitive and welcoming design isn’t the only thing it has going for it. But has plenty of home and gardening categories to take advantage of as well with outdoor furniture being some of its biggest sellers.

World Market is one of today’s renowned brands, similar in a sense to other stores also owned by World Market like The Christmas Tree Shop, Bed Bath and Beyond, One Kings Lane, and more.

World Markets primary focus however isn’t only on outdoor decor and gardening but on dining, kitchen, and home decor as well. Needless to say, we’ll find plenty of more options when it comes to gardening, but it’s safe to keep World Market on the back-burner and a good way to incorporate a wide range of home good products on your website.

Affiliates can join through their website or CJ affiliate and earn up to 6% commission on all shipped products. I do have to admit that this website offers some of the best outdoor furniture I have ever seen!

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7. SmilingGardener

Smiling Gardener Affiliate Program

Let’s say for example, you want to do more with your website than just recommend your favorite gardening tools. Perhaps your home gardening website is used to also teach and inform your audience on the latest gardening techniques.

Well, why not simply offer a product like the Smiling Gardener and make more money in the process? This particular affiliate program, led by Phil Nauta offers some of the best organic fertilizers along with an academy completely dedicated to organic gardening.

If this sounds like this could be a great addition to your website and another way to offer value, then check out more details here. I’ve always found that selling courses as an affiliate is one of the best ways to go, as it results in month to month revenue and the affiliate owners tend to pay out higher percentages. In this case, those promoting the Smiling Gardener academy make a 50% commission on the sale price!


6. Direct Gardening

Direct Gardening Affiliate Program

One up and coming website that has entered in the home and gardening scene is a website called This is a website that has managed to obtain hundreds of thousands of visitors on a monthly basis. Its growing popularity seems to stem from its product category that offers an endless number of gardening plants to choose from.

The best thing about the site is that their specialty solely focuses on the selling of plants and nothing else. This could serve as a valuable service for visitors looking for nothing else but the best plants to buy. What kind of plants does the site offer?

This site has everything from perennials, bulbs, trees, shrubs, roses, vines and climbers, seeds, container plants, and more. It’s safe to say that as long as your website holds some kind of interest or focus on plants will make great use out of Direct Gardening’s affiliate program, which pays out $6 for every sale you make, instead of a default percentage.


5. Gardens Alive

Gardens Alive Affiliate Program

Whether or not you’ve heard of Gardens Alive, you’ll be surprised at the popularity of this semi-giant e-commerce retailer. While it manages to obtain hundreds of thousand of visitors each month, over 90% of this website’s traffic is based out of the U.S.A and Canada.

So if you are lucky enough to reside somewhere within North America, this is the perfect affiliate program for you to join. Gardens Alive main focus (as implied by the name) is on home and gardening; nothing more, nothing less.

They sell products for lawn care, insect and pest control, weed control, gardening supplies, vegetables, fruits, and more. Visitors will also enjoy browsing through the site’s latest featured products. Their affiliate program is currently only available to US residents.

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4. Affiliate Program

Those based out of the UK, might enjoy this e-commerce retailer who is more local and can more adequately provide products to your UK based audience. Otherwise known as Crocus, this website has managed to maintain an 8.7 out of 10 score on Trust Pilot based off of thousand consumer reviews and experiences.

This places Crocus on our list for the best gardening affiliate programs to join in 2017. On this particular site, users will benefit from constant coupons and a wide range of products based on outdoor plants, indoor house plants, garden furniture, pots, tools, gifts, and even advice for picking the best plants.

Affiliates of Crocus won’t only enjoy representing one of the most awarded and reputable gardening websites, but the ability to earn up to 15% in commission. Individuals can sign-up through a program titled TradeDoubler via the website.


3. EarthEasy

Earth Easy Affiliate Program

One website and program in particular, that has gained plenty of traction over the years has also shot this website up to a 30k Alexa rank in the USA. Otherwise known as Earth Easy, this company’s principals and values are based off of a greener and more efficient environment.

Products and categories offered by Earth Easy include green home solutions, yard and gardening, water conservation, non-toxic pest control products, and energy efficiency. The ultimate goal of this company’s products are to reduce overall home utility costs and improve energy efficiency.

When it comes to making Earth Easy purchases, your visitors will benefit from secure shopping with SSL, environmental friendly products, 30-day return policy, FedEx and UPS ground shipping, and purchasing from a family owned business that has been around since 2000.

As an Earth Easy affiliate, you will benefit from the website’s naturally higher than average conversion rates and a 10% commission on all Earth Easy products. Their implemented 60-day tracking cookie will boost sales and conversions even higher for every click garnered.

With an average order of $150 or more per customer, joining Earth Easy’s program simply makes sense. Not to mention, being able to contact the affiliate at a moments notice (by phone or e-mail) only proves more beneficial, as does the websites 4.9 rating on Google Customer Review!


2. Gardeners

Gardeners Affiliate Program

As one of today’s largest home and gardening online retail suppliers, this is one program to take advantage of. Its alexa ranks score high on both the global (25k) and national (6k in the US) level. One stands out most about this company is their attention to ethics, the environment, creating new jobs, and community service.

Having been around since the mid-80’s this is a company and brand that’s built a great deal of trust. Those looking for a high converting affiliate program to join, will enjoy having links to Gardeners products on their website. Their products and categories of products are simply endless.

Customers will find everything from products for different kinds of gardening, pest control, outdoor lighting and furniture to home decorating and other indoor solutions. This website is in other words, a home gardener’s dream who will love the endless assortment of products.

Affiliates will further take advantage of their 8% in sales commission on all products sold, a number of creatives and banners, and personal support from the affiliate team. Those interested in Gardeners affiliate program can join here.


1. Home Depot

Home Depot Affiliate Program

Perhaps the best and most trusted affiliate program for the home and gardening niche is Home Depot. Who’s never heard of Home Depot after all? As the absolute top home and gardening brand of all time, becoming an affiliate of Home Depot is one program every home and garden affiliate should try and join.

In case I need to remind you, Home Depot offers products in nearly every home improvement category that you can think of. People’s trust in the brand and their products will only help to boost your website’s conversion rates. Individuals can sign-up to the Home Depot affiliate program here or through CJ Affiliate by Conversant, of you’re already a CJ affiliate member.

While its 3% commission rate might feel low to some, remember you’re working with one of the most trusted brands. Either way, it’s important to test out the various affiliate programs with different posts to see what works best for your website specifically.

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