Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs For Pet Care

Since I happen to know a fair number of bloggers in the pet care niche, I decided to go ahead and compile ten awesome and highly relevant affiliate programs related to pet care. So whether your blog is on dogs, cats, ferrets, etc., this post will provide you with a nice list of affiliate programs to consider. And, if you do ever decide to start another blog, also make to check out our top affiliate programs for music, movies & streaming, and gaming!

With over half of the U.S. population owning some kind of pet in their home, you can further take solace in the fact knowing that this is a huge niche, consumers are constantly spending money in. Pet care is important for several reasons and allows pet owners to avoid health problems down the line.

So it is of the utmost importance you promote products from a company you truly believe in and know can get the job done. Nothing is more important than giving your visitors the best of the best, which is why I’ve created this list for you. And, if you ever need assistance with your website or blog in pet care, make sure to also check out my #1 recommended course for affiliate marketing. Without further or due, here is 2017’s list of the top 10 affiliate programs for pet care.


10. BudgetPetCare

BudgetPetCare Affiliates is a website with an affiliate program that stands out for several reasons. The first is that they not only sell pet-related products for dogs, but for cats, horses, and birds. They also have constant sales, clearances, and deals going on. But aside from that, their affiliate program stands out as a result of their 13% in commissions per sale, paid out on a monthly basis. They also have an average order of $95 per customer, which is considered pretty high. Lastly, their affiliate program comes with an astounding 60-day tracking program, meaning if a customer went back to the site within 60-days of clicking your link, you would get credited for those purchases. Their affiliate program can be registered through either Commission Junction or the Rakuten Linkshare Network; applications which can both be found directly on their website.


9. Only Natural Pet

Only Natural Pet Affiliate Program

Given the substantial amount of traffic, OnlyNaturalPet manages to receive on a monthly basis, we felt it only right to include this program on our list. Their focus on only natural, high-quality products further makes them a winner in our book. From products ranging from pet gear and toys, treats, pet food, supplements, grooming, and more, makes this a perfect fit for many pet bloggers out there, while their ongoing 10-year reputation certainly precedes them. Their affiliate program can be registered through one of two ways; the Commission Junction or ShareASale network, links which can both be found on their website.


8. BarkBox

BarkBox Affiliate

BarkBox, if you haven’t heard, is one of the most interesting and creative new startups related to pets that you’ll come across. Having approached over half a million visitors per month, has taken the internet by storm, allowing consumers to purchase a monthly gift delivery for your pet. In these boxes, your pet will receive toys, food, and treats. What better way for you to surprise your own web visitors than by introducing this new concept idea? You never know, but promoting BarkBox from time to time could result in higher conversions for your site, when implemented correctly. In order to sign-up as a BarkBox affiliate, you’ll need to go through the FlexOffers affiliate network directly.


7. PetCareRX

PetCareRX Affiliate Program

Nothing is as important as ensuring your pet has received all the proper treatments and medications for the season. That’s what PetCareRX exactly allows you to do. The website’s sole focus on flea and tick treatment, heartworm prevention, arthritis and pain management, and more, makes them a reliable site and resource when it comes to pet care. Not to mention their ability to fill pet prescriptions for consumers online. They also have products related to grooming, food, collars, and so much more. The website usually receives an average order of $85 and includes a 35-day tracking cookie, which is great. Their affiliate application can be viewed via their website or on the Rakuten Linkshare Network.


6. Affiliate Program

One pet-related affiliate program I simply can’t get enough of is the one provided by The reason I think this program is so exceptional is because of what they offer, which just goes to show how you can find practically an affiliate program for almost any service or product today. offers pet-sitting services all across the United States, in addition to their babysitting, tutoring, and housekeeping services (for humans, mind you) as well. So, if for example, the audience your targeting is always in need of some kind of pet sitting or dog walking service, just refer them to the services offered by Every new subscriber you refer to their paid membership, earns you a commission. The affiliate program can further be registered through the ShareASale link on their website.


5. Affiliate Program, first founded in 1969, now has their own affiliate program! But it isn’t their only one. is also a division of a network of pet-care related websites, which include,,,,, and more. Supplies for all different kind of pets can further be found on the website. This highly reputable website and company is known to have some of the best supplies in the market, which range from health & wellness products for pets, treats, food, toys, crates, and so much more. Customer average order size is typically around $75 with a competitive commission structure.  Their affiliate program can be registered with here through the Pepperjam Network Application.


4. Pet Mountain

Pet Mountain Affiliate Program

Despite a very simple and easy to use interface, Pet Mountain has managed to garner nearly half a million views to their website each and every month. Selling everything from aquarium, bird, cat, dog, pond, reptile, and small animal supplies, pet owners can practically find any product their looking for when it comes to pet care. Their commission rate pays 5% on each sale and comes with a 10-day tracking cookie. Their affiliate program can be registered on their site through their Pet Mountain supplies campaign.


3. Pet360

Pet360 Affiliate Program

Pet360 is a huge website for pet-related e-commerce, to say the least. They are in-fact also partnered with other reputable companies like, PetFoodDirect, and Paw Culture. At Pet360, you’re able to easily navigate your way into finding every kind of pet care product you can think of. Their main focus however is on dogs, cats, pups, kittens, birds, and other small pets and animals. They hold only the best brands out there and pay out a 4% commission on sales made through your site. Cookie tracking duration also lasts up to 30 days. Their affiliate program can be registered with directly on their site through their Pet360 Campaign.


2. PetSmart

PetSmart Affiliate Program

One giant retailer we all may have come to love and know is PetSmart. Given its nationally recognized brand, incorporating links from PetSmart within your content and promoting some of their best products, could do really well for you and your website. As a PetSmart affiliate, you’ll have an opportunity to create and post links to any one of their 10,000+ products available in store. To be an affiliate of Petsmart, you’ll need to get accepted through the Rakuten Linkshare Network.


  1. Petco

Petco Affiliate Program

Did you know that even Petco has an affiliate program you can take advantage of? As one of the largest pet care retailers in the US, this could definitely be a program worth considering. Not to mention, they have one of the widest selections when it comes to pet-related products. As an affiliate of Petco, you’ll earn a generous 10% commission on each sale made. You are also given a dedicated program management to help you increase sales and revenue. You can join the Petco affiliate program completely free by joining through the Commission Junction affiliate network. Commissions are paid out once you have hit a $25 threshold.

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