Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs For Weight Loss

For those of you who have chosen weight loss as your niche, it’s critical to understand that there is a never-ending abundance of what you can choose to promote on your site. Of course, the more relevant and similar the affiliate product or program you promote is to your website, the better your conversions and sales will be.

When it comes to the weight loss niche it’s important to think big and creatively. Rather than settling for a single weight loss program, try a number of products and programs to maximize conversions and to satisfy your visitors. Always ensure that what you are promoting is something you believe in and something you prefer having on your website.

Stay away from offers that make too many promises or might make your website feel less trustworthy overall. There are many high-quality weight loss affiliate programs, which we’ll be taking a closer look at below.

So if you’ve been wondering what some of the best affiliate programs for weight loss are, you are in the right place. Make sure to also check out my top recommendation for web building, creating content, and getting your site ranked 1st on Google!

10. Diet To Go

No one can argue that one of the healthiest things you can do for your mind, body, and weight is eating healthily. One program used to encourage healthier eating to daily visitors is Diet-to-Go, which allows users to customize their own meals and get them delivered right to their home.

With four different and delicious menus to choose from, visitors get a nice variety of choices. From their Balance, Diabetes, Carb30, and Vegetarian Menus, Diet-to-Go visitors can choose exactly how they want to approach their weight loss efforts. Affiliate earners make $40 on every sale and includes a 45-day tracking cookie. Learn more or sign-up to their affiliate program here.

9. BistroMD

BistroMD’s classy and intuitive web design makes this affiliate program a top contender on our list. The BistroMD weight loss program is one that isn’t only tailored towards both men and women, but has been featured by big brands like NBC, Dr. Phil, Lifetime, and more.

BistroMD’s primary focus and expertise is on healthy eating more than anything else. The way it works is the consumer selects one of their desired weight loss plans for the following 5 to 7 days in which the entrees are delivered right to their doorstep. Users are able to look at each menu in advance and choose the kind of meals they’d like to eat with each entree delivering the best nutrition and ingredients possible.

Their affiliate program offers a nice $45 commission on each new sale made, while providing you with a 45-day cookie duration. The program can be signed up through the Commission Junction link on their website.

8. MyFoodDiary

If you’re looking for something very simple to promote on your website or blog that could result into a useful tool people need for higher conversions, you may want to check out MyFoodDiary. The reason this program could work out well for you is because it solves a simple solution to a problem people may or may not need.

That solution is a calorie counter that allows users to know exactly the amount of food they’re consuming through out the day. With over 100,000+ foods in their nutritional database, MyFoodDiary has a become a go to app, website, and resource to those looking for an easy, but effective way to keep track of their eating and food habits through out the day.

In other words, this could be a logical, easy, and straight-forward way to begin monetizing your blog. Their affiliate program offers $7.50 in commission through each new member you refer to their free trial.

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7. DietBet

One of my personal favorite affiliate programs when it comes to the weight loss niche is DietBet. This is a website that allows you to incorporate more creativity and engagement through out your website as a result of what they offer.

If you haven’t heard of DietBet, it is a simple strategy that gives players on the site more motivation to lose weight by betting against each other. These DietBet games & contests that go on for a month or longer end in a splitting of the jackpot to its top contestants. So whoever has lost the most weight takes a split of the jackpot which is usually somewhere in the thousands of dollars..

And guess what? The affiliate also takes a nice 5 to 10% cut for him or herself. The DietBet program is becoming increasingly popular, has been featured on Today, ABC News, US Weekly, and the New York Times. They even have their own mobile app. You can check out their affiliate program here.

6. Vitamin Shoppe

One perfectly viable option for promoting vitamins and other weight-loss helping supplements is with the big branded giant, otherwise known as Vitamin Shoppe. With retailers all across the United States, the Vitamin Shoppe is one of today’s go-to brands for purchasing wellness, bodybuilding, health, and weight loss related supplements.

Online, the Vitamin Shoppe offers over 25,000 select products from over 400 brands and 9% commission to affiliates. Getting registered as a Vitamin Shoppe affiliate is simple and can be done through their CJ Affiliate Publisher Sign-Up form.

As one of today’s most reputable supplement selling brands, incorporating some high quality Vitamin Shoppe products could be a good idea, as long as those products or supplements are relevant to your website, brand, and message.

5. eVitamins

Another great option for monetizing your health & weight loss blog is by offering branded vitamins and nutritional products at a discount, and there is no better way of doing that than with With over 500 big name brands, this online vitamin store has practically every vitamin supplement you can imagine, while offering a holistic solution as well.

If your website or blog has a big emphasis on health and well-being overall, then maybe an affiliate program like the one offered by eVitamins could do your blog a world of good. Affiliate program “mileage” (or commissions) vary on deciding who to register with. Signing up directly or through their in-house program offers the highest percentage at a rate of 12% to 20%.

Signing up as a ShareASale affiliate earns you commissions in the 10% to 20% range, while Commission Junction offers the lowest partnership with a commission rate of 10%.

4. Nutrisystem

With over a million visitors every month, promoting a weight loss plan like Nutrisystem might offer a great way for you to monetize your website. Their professional branding and clean user interface will make this a wonderful site for you to present to your visitors.

Their simple to use website further allows their users to quickly get the information and weight plans and analysis they need through a simple form submit on their website, which could ultimately lead to higher conversions for you. Their affiliate program is offered on the highly reputable affiliate network, Rakuten Linkshare.

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3. Weight Watchers

If you’re looking to promote a weight loss program instead of physical retail products, then why not join and try one of today’s biggest weight loss diets of all-time. This not only goes for Weight Watchers, but any diet you feel is relevant to your website. These diets could perform wonderfully and help make your content and site stand out as a whole.

Given that the Weight Watchers brand has been in the industry for quite awhile (nearly 50 years), consideration of adding this simple but effective program on your site, might not be a bad idea. Every qualifying subscription to the Weight Watchers program will earn you $10. The affiliate program can be joined through the Commission Junction link on their website.


As one of today’s largest and most popular websites, blogs, and forums related to bodybuilding and weight loss, it only makes sense to incorporate Bodybuilding’s one of a kind affiliate program. This is especially true if what you’re looking to do with your site is sell retail products that relate to fat loss, muscle building, increased energy, and more.

If your website has a focus on supplements when working out, Bodybuilding can be a great choice as a result of their tools used to help you promote the program done through banners, creatives, articles, and even social media posts.

Affiliate commissions for past customers who order through your link are in the range of 5%, while any new customer you refer to the Bodybuilding program pays you 15% commission on their first orders.

1. The Mayo Clinic Diet

One of the best affiliate programs you can decide to offer on your weight loss blog or website is The Mayo Clinic Diet. Not only is its popularity up there with Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem, but it is a program that is run by a full-team of expert nutritionists and doctors. What better way to help establish the authority and reputation of your blog than by promoting something that offers individuals a direct and healthy approach to weight loss?

With The Mayo Clinic Diet, users can expect to follow 100’s of easy meal plans, recipes, and portion-control guides. In addition, they’ll get a deeper understanding of how to boost weight loss using Mayo Clinic’s personalized workouts and cardio guides. Lastly, they’ll be provided with a list of interactive tools to ensure that progress never comes to a halt.

These tools include the Mayo Clinic Diet Phone App, healthy habit tracker, food and fitness journal, and weight and inch tracker. To add icing on the cake, they pay out an astounding 75% of the sales price in commission for every subscriber you refer to the Mayo Clinic Program. Affiliate sign-ups can be done by sending an e-mail to their affiliate marketing manager.


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