Top 18 Paying Survey Companies Of 2016

#1. Inbox Dollars – This website allows you to do much Inbox Dollars - Top Paying Surveysmore than just take surveys. Although, surveys are the bread and butter of this service, they also allow you to earn by playing games, shopping online, searching the web, and by even redeeming coupons

Inbox Dollars always seems to be one of the excellent companies when it comes to taking surveys, thanks to higher payouts. It’s also true that Inbox Dollars has been liked by 1.6 million people on Facebook. Given its early reputation since 2000, you may want to give this one a try.

#2. Paid Viewpoint Another established and reputable survey website that makes getting paid feel easy. One of its biggest stand-out features is the fact that your payout is dependent on your “trust score.” Therefore meaning, that the more honest and truthful your answers for each survey are, the higher your “trust score” becomes, and the more money you can potentially earn. Achieve a trust score of over 9,000 and you could find yourself in the top 10% of Paid Viewpoint members, and earning more than the rest of its members.

#3. Mintvine This is another website that is definitely worth mentioning. With its very easy to navigate website, Mintvine makes taking surveys feel like a breeze. Whether you want to use your points to convert into cash to be deposited into your paypal or for a gift card you’ve been looking at for awhile, Mintvine is a great option. Not to mention there are no limits as to how many surveys you can take. (Read the review!)

#4. Pinecone Research Do you prefer or enjoPinecone Research y evaluating products before they hit the market? Well
that is the whole objective behind Pinecone Research.

It’s all about asking the consumers what they think and feel of a certain product before it goes on sale.

If you love shopping and have an interest in some of the latest trending products, then this is the survey site for you.

#5. Global Test Market In 2014, over $32 million dollars were made by users on Global Test Market alone. Similar in nature to Pinecone Research, your objective here is to also evaluate certain types of products before they hit the shelves. Survey invitations our sent out to your e-mail and allow you to earn up to $5 for each survey.

#6. Opinion Outpost Their rewards range from cash to gift cards of your choosing and they have various kinds of surveys ranging from all sorts of topics: electronics, politics, medicine, advertisements, appliances, sports, and food. In addition, every few months of the year, they hold a $10,000 prize draw for its members.

#7. Ipsos I-Say Despite its fairly odd name, Ipsos I-Say makes sure to reward its most loyal and active members. Every survey you complete enters you into a drawing to win prizes like an all-exclusive trip on their Caribbean vacations or other luxury prize packages. One of Ipsos most interesting features are its polls, where the users and members are allowed to create their own and ask a question to the community. One of the latest featured polls was “Would you ever go Vegan?” in which the majority of individuals answered with a resounding “no!”

#8. VIP Voice A survey website that really tries to put an emphasis on the kind of prizes you can win. within the website you can see all of its latest sweepstake winners. They have both prizes in which you can either bid in an auction (called “Bidland”) as well as allowing you to use your own VIP points to win a sweepstake (called “SweepLand”).

#9. Survey Savvy This is an interesting one that allows you to download the SurveyConnect software on your PC or Mac. By doing so, you then become automatically enrolled into their own behavioral research panel giving you additional opportunities to earn. Survey Savvy is a well-established and trustworthy survey site that has been around since 1999.

#10. Rewarding Ways This site allows you to earn more than just by completing surveys. In addition to surveys, you can sign-up for various trials and offers, as well as in taking part in their affiliate/referral program for extra earnings.

#11. Cash Crate An established and trustworthy suCash Crate - Top Paying Surveysrvey website since 2006. The great thing about Cash Crate is not only does it have tons of offers and surveys for you to complete, but how they tell you how much each one is worth in advance.

You can earn by trying out new products, signing up for websites and services, taking surveys, getting cash-back on purchases, and earning points just for socializing and playing games on the site.

#12. Swagbucks If you already spend plenty of time doing things online, then why not give swagbucks a try. Although, it isn’t one primarily focused on surveys, we thought we’d include it on the list due its great popularity in recent years. There is no limit to the number of ways you can earn on the site. You can earn just by searching, so why not get paid for something you’re already doing. For example, do you use Uber? Do you have an android and wouldn’t mind using a new app? All these actions can be used to build your number of Swagbucks to earn even more rewards.

#13. Points2Shop One of the latest testimonials on Points2Shop is of a user who earned $916 over the course of the month. In addition, he was able to earn a Playstation 3 and a Nintendo Wii as a result of his hard work. Best thing about Points2Shop is the fact they have millions of products and rewards to choose from. They offer surveys, trials, offers, and games and give you your first 250 points just for signing up!

#14. My Survey is just like Pinecone Research and Global Test Market that pays you to voice your opinion on consumer products before they hit the market. You can use My Survey to complete new surveys on your PC, Tablet, or on their own mobile app offered on the App Store and Google Play.

#15. YouGov From the outside, may not look like a website with surveys, but it actually contains one of the world’s largest database of opinions for all kinds of brands. YouGov consists of nearly 4 million people who all share their views on products, brands, people, and more. Companies and other institutions then use this information in-turn to better understand their target market and consumers.

#16. iPoll A website that places most of its focus on the iPoll smartphone app allowing you to stay connected and receive the latest surveys and polls in real time. iPoll has only been around since 2013, but since then has seen some very rapid growth. If you’re going to use iPoll make sure you have the app installed if anything else.

#17. Vindale Research With over $5 miVindale - Top Paying Surveysllion paid to its users to date, Vindale has become yet another highly established and reputable survey website.

Vindales greatest feature of all is that it allows you to see users and their testimonials of surveys they’ve already completed to give you a better idea of how simple or difficult that survey was. Users are also given the option to rate that survey on 5-star scale. You are also given the exact duration of how long it takes to complete that survey.

#18. Get-Paid This survey site seems to be getting more popular by the day. It’s been around since 2008 and pays out by allowing you to redeem coins which can be won by completing online surveys, tasks, games, and watching videos.


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