Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Forums & Communities


#1. Affilorama’s Forum & Community – Visit Here!

Affilorama ForumIn my opinion, Affilorama has one of the best and most professional affiliate marketing forums online. With over 115,000 articles posted and nearly half a million members, Affilorama has certainly built a reputation for itself. Within the forum you’ll find topics posted on all kinds of subjects that solely relate to affiliate marketing. Topics on market research for example, discuss ideas related to keyword research, keyword product tools, and ways to find your niche, among many others.

Topics on Social Media & Marketing Ideas discuss topics like video marketing, social media networks, as well as doing PPC on those networks. It also discusses ideas that could be either outdated or are currently trending. A lot of the discussion is related to PPC ads on Facebook and how to properly optimize those ads. Next up, there is a SEO & Link Building topic section, which as you might guess goes into detail on website building and the latest SEO techniques for making your website as search friendly as possible.

There’s another discussion sub-forum on Affilorama that is solely dedicated to PPC. Otherwise known as Pay Per Click, this part of the forum can help you find more information on creating landing pages, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and more. Then there are two additional sub-forms, which focus on content creation and website building, which is at the heart of affiliate marketing. These sub-forums go into discussions that mainly relate to WordPress and content.

Lastly, there is an entire section on Affiloroma that is dedicated only to affiliate marketing programs.. So, if you’re ever in need of a new affiliate marketing program to program on your site, then checking out Affilorama’s affiliate marketing sub-forum would definitely be a good idea. The best part about Affilorama is that it’s completely free to join and they have some awesome affiliate marketing training as well, such as the AffiloBlueprint that you can both purchase as well as promote!

#2. Wealthy Affiliate’s Community – Visit Here!

If you’re looking for an amazing community full of like-minded entrepreneurs and one of my all-time favorite ways for learning affiliate marketing, you may want to check out Wealthy Affiliate. Otherwise abbreviated it as WA, this is a community that is over 10 years old and has build up a very large community base. There are some awesome tools that you can use in WA as well, such as a keyword research tool, live chat, WordPress themes, and more.

What’s awesome is you can even buy your own domains and host it right there as well, which really makes things easy. In my opinion, WA is one of the most beginner-friendly ways to get a handle on affiliate marketing. With thousands of blog posts, articles, questions, and discussions constantly going on within the community, this is definitely a great place to learn.

While you can become a free member at WA, paid subscribers will benefit the most out of this wonderfully friendly and growing community. Forum topics and training are based on SEO, Video Marketing, PPC, Content Creation, WordPress, Affiliate Programs like Amazon, and more.

#3. AffiliateFix – Visit Here!

AffiliateFix ForumAnother one of my favorite affiliate marketing forums of all time that should definitely be placed in the top 5 is AffiliateFix. This is a great forum to get involved in because it’s so active. I love how all the topics and discussions are so wonderfully organized. I personally have two favorite sections with AffiliateFix.

The first is the Case Studies and Success Stories sub-forums. The reason I really enjoy browsing through this is because you get to see how other people are succeeding with affiliate marketing. In this section, you can find some of the latest and working step-by-step tutorials on how to get started with affiliate marketing from people using different methods.

Another great sub-forum and topic on AffiliateFix is traffic sources, which can inspire ideas on how to get traffic using mobile marketing, SEO, PPC, PPV, display media, eCommerce, lead gen, and more. All in all, AffiliateFix is a great source for affiliate marketers looking to learn more from other well-versed marketers.

4. ABestWeb – Visit Here!

With only 150,000 or so members, this forum is a lot smaller than the 3 mentioned above, but it’s got some great information and is definitely active. There are topics you’ll find on ABestWeb for example, that you might not find anywhere else. For example, they have section that is solely focused on affiliate tax laws in every state, as well as other business and legality issues.

They also have a section that is entirely dedicated on starting your own affiliate marketing business, which is great for newbies. Here you’ll learn how to setup your own domain & hosting, blogging, content creation, and promoting on social media. Then they have a section tailored to more advanced affiliate marketers with topics on traffic, SEO, programming, newsletters, advertising, analytics, and optimization.

#5. Digital Point – Visit Here!

Digital Point ForumThen we have Digital Point, which is a great forum for affiliate marketers in many ways. The one thing I don’t like about DP is that sometimes it can feel a bit spammy. This is a hugely international forum where affiliate marketers from all over the world gather to discuss ideas and even put up things for sale like domains, websites, services, graphics & designs, eBooks, articles, and templates.

So, if you’re an affiliate marketer looking for an awesome alternative to, you may want to check out Digital Point. This forum has sections that are entirely devoted to SEO with Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as sub-forums on website design, website development, and other general business & marketing topics. This is definitely a place where you can find some valuable ideas and where you can outsource a lot of your own affiliate tasks, if need be.


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