Top 5 Best Books On Blogging Of 2017

If I had known of all the perks and benefits that came along with blogging, I would have started mine years ago.

With so much opportunity for growth and exploration, writing as an expert on a topic can be rewarding. The thing about blogging is that it’s not always easier than a real job. You must depend, trust, and rely on yourself in order to reap its short and long-term benefits.

You need to write consistently, respond to comments, make sure your website is up to date, etc.. But at the end of the day, if you love your job, niche, and community, you will love the difference you can make by having a voice that is unique to you and your niche audience.

Blogging further gives you and your content the opportunity to shine, to get noticed, and to be read and considered by others. This can allow you to earn an income with a blog you’ve built, piece by piece. But, how do you go about doing that?

The hard-work involved with blogging is of a different kind and having to wait on traffic and rankings is a testament to the amount of patience and consistency involved with the job. This makes it all the more critical to get your formula right your first time around.


What To Consider When Starting a New Blog:

Our Niche – Choosing a niche you’re passionate about, have an interest in, or expertise on will give you the upper leg when it comes to standing out in your competitive space. Choosing a niche based on “potential profitability,” isn’t always the smart or correct strategy.

Instead look at your credibility within that niche as an author and formulate reasons as to why you feel you could be one of the best bloggers, talkers, or authors in that industry.

Plans For Monetization – No two blogs are the same and therefore, require different monetization strategies. What might work really well for one blogger, might not for the next.

Once you’ve chosen your niche, brainstorm ideas on how you can effectively monetize your blog, without taking up too much intrusive ad space. This post for example, shows how bloggers in the cooking & recipe niche can effectively monetize their blog.

Type Of Content – Understanding the type of content we want to layout moving forward can put you on a new brink of success.

Research various forums to see exactly what you’re audience is looking for and use resources like Google Trends to get an idea of the kind of topics that are becoming popular. The idea is to understand the needs of your readers and audience and give them exactly what they need.

Luckily, we have books we can use to read, learn, and study awesome blogging tips and tricks from. As one of my favorite methods for learning everything blog-related, I decided to go ahead and list 2017’s top 5 best books on blogging. So if you’re unsure of where to start or need more details on how to begin as a blogger, this list will be a great starting point!



Blogging By Efron HirschIf you need a book to walk you through the process of all the steps that are entailed with blogging, try this guide written by Efron Hirsch. Despite a somewhat short read, the book provides an excellent framework and foundation consistent with most bloggers out there today.

This framework is based off of topics, such as how to build a website, choose your niche, design your blog, create posts & content, drive traffic, and monetize.

I would recommend this read for individuals who don’t really have any knowledge thus far with blogging and as a resource to fall back on when you’re unsure of what to do next.

Efron Hirsch is a fairly well-established author who’s written books on many topics that relate to online marketing and other small niches. These include starting an Etsy marketplace, stock market investing, and drop-shipping.



This particular book by Ruth Soukup is a classic I can’t recommend enough. Despite its 2014 publication, the book’s many golden pieces of nuggets still apply to this day. This particular, best-selling, second version edition is an insightful read for beginning and expert bloggers alike.

The book’s main and primary emphasis is in growing your blog through the power of social media, particularly with Pinterest. More importantly, Ruth covers all the bases by entailing the steps that relate to setting up your blog and creating content for long-term growth strategy.

If you love platforms like Pinterest and Facebook or find that that is where your blog’s demographic resides (so to speak), then this book is for you. Ruth Soukup is the owner and author of Living Well Spending Less and has established her reputation as a blogger by writing for sites like The Huffington Post and Fox News.



How To Find a Profitable Blog Topic IdeaThere is nothing more important than choosing that correct niche or topic before having started your blog. That’s exactly what Steve Scott does when walking you through his process in his book, how to find a profitable blog topic idea.

Steve provides us with a unique take and strategy on blogging that involves ways of being able to resonate with your readers through doing something that you love. The main idea of this book is to show you how to avoid choosing a topic that you might have trouble with down the road in-terms of monetizing and in creating new and interesting content.

The book walks you through his six-step plan for finding that profitable niche idea you’ll love. It walks you through advice relating to how to demonstrate your niche authority, a four step plan for identifying your own passions, finding ways to make your blog and content stand out, determining profit potential, and avoid blogging mistakes made by others.

While it doesn’t walk you through the actual process of setting up a blog, it begs the answer to one of the most important, but basic questions, what niche do I choose?

Steve Scott is also the publisher and author of How To Write Great Blog Posts That Engage Readers, which I highly recommend for getting a step-up on your competition!



Entrepreneur: Six-Figure Income StrategiesFor the highly determined and experienced blogger, Entreperneur by Michael Maxwell is a must-read. It’s a 3-book set that goes into great depth and detail on how to take your blog to the next level, by incorporating some interesting strategies to turn your blog into a six-figure business.

These strategies rely more on just blogging and creating great content and really emphasizes product outsourcing and selling your own physical product online.

It makes this really great connection between Amazon FBA, blogging, and other six-figure income strategies for taking your blog and passive income business to a whole new level. If you’ve been in the blogging game for quite awhile now and are looking to raise the stakes, then this book, Entreperneur could definitely be worth your time and attention!



This 408-page read is one of today’s best resources when it comes to starting a blog. Published in June of 2016, this book contains all the necessary information applicable to blogging today.

If you need a book, that contains literally everything you need for starting a blog from start to finish, then this book will definitely come in handy. There are a few reasons in particular I highly recommend this book.

The first is the fact it not only covers the basics to blogging, but puts both basic and advanced strategies in place that helps you build a personal brand as you go through these steps when building your blog.

With this book, you’ll learn everything from choosing the right niche & content strategy, monetization methods, working with, and utilizing various social media platforms for leverage. All in all, this book does not disappoint and will truly layout every step needed to build your blog on today’s strongest foundations possible.

Have any questions that regard blogging or any of the books listed above? What’s the best book on blogging you’ve ever read and why? Please let us know your thoughts and comments down below. Thanks, and hope you enjoyed the post!

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