Top 5 Best Mobile Survey Apps 2017

Taking surveys right from your phone or mobile app can be a pretty awesome, simple, and straight-forward way of earning prizes, rewards, and extra income.

It wasn’t until a few years ago though when taking surveys from your phone started to become more and more popular.

Today there is a huge variety in the apps to choose from along with the ways you can begin earning on your phone. Deciding on the best one of these apps can be difficult however, which is why I’ve decided to compile the top 5 best mobile survey apps I’ve seen so far this year.

From in-store app surveys to taking picture of your favorite brands, we’re sure your going to enjoy at-least one of these authentic & genuine mobile survey apps!


My favorite and most straight-forward survey mobile app has to be Zap Surveys. The reason I like and enjoy using Zap is because there are no gimmicks. Zap seems to be one of the more legitimate survey apps in my eyes because they involve real-life companies who are interested in hearing your opinions and thoughts. With every survey you take beforehand, Zap gives you the exact amount of money you’ll be earning.

Another thing I like about Zap is the fact you earn a $1 minimum on each and every survey you take. Sometimes I can’t stand sites that pay out less than that for 30+ minutes of your time. Another great thing about Zap surveys is that they have a fairly low minimum $25 threshold, which can be conveniently cashed out with PayPal or an Amazon eGift Card. With a 4+ star rating on the iPhone app store, its easy to see why Zap, who also donates a portion of their earnings to charity is our top survey app of early 2017!



Best Survey Mobile AppsAs one of 2017’s most popular surveys and rewards app, iPoll has definitely made their mark among old and new users alike. Unlike Zap Surveys however, iPoll does not have the option to withdraw earnings via cash. Instead, all earnings are rewarded via gift cards, airline credits, and other forms of rewards. The nice thing about iPoll is that you can customize which surveys interest you most. So if you don’t feel like doing a survey you have no interest in, there’s no need to waste your time.

These surveys, also called “Missions” are furthermore made available to you through out the day or week. The number of available missions or opportunities are entirely based on your location and profile settings, which will include your habits and preferences with shopping and awareness of different brands. In my opinion, I think iPoll is a very legitimate survey app to use that works flawlessly on your device. The only thing that would have made it even better is the ability to withdraw via cash instead of other rewards like gift cards.



Best Survey Mobile AppsThis app is different in the sense that most of the surveys here are based on your lifestyle, experiences with shopping, and entertainment. The surveys and the kind of surveys are much more limited, but they can be more fun to fill out and a great way to earn online. Whenever a new paid survey is available, the app immediately sends you a notification on your phone signaling that there’s an available survey to complete. Unfortunately, all their surveys are only available in the US.

With Surveys On The Go, you can expect to rate media like TV shows and movies, describe your shopping experiences, and evaluating products you’ve used in the past. The nice thing about this app is even when you don’t qualify for a survey, you might still get a small payout for your time. Most surveys with this app however are usually only $.25 to a $1.00 and their not always abundant. Having your location setting turned on tends to result in more surveys being sent allowing you to qualify for more location-based surveys.



Best Survey Mobile AppsPerhaps the biggest drawback of the Quick Thoughts mobile app is the fact that they only allow you to redeem cash via an iTunes Gift Card. These gift cards come in the tune of $10 and are rewarded once you’ve completed a certain number of surveys, or “missions, as they like to call it. Similar to Surveys On The Go, these surveys are primarily location based, so having your location setting turned on is definitely beneficial.

The nice thing about Quick Thoughts is that you have a large variety of surveys to choose from. Some of these surveys can be completed in no time, while others will require more in-depth answers on your part. The app also has some in-person activities you can complete like taking photos that pay out higher. With these you can expect a pay out of up to $5 reward, while other more brief and quick-to-take surveys pay out up to a $3 reward. Once you’ve hit the $10 threshold, you can then cash out with your iTunes gift card.



Best Survey Mobile AppsLast but not least, we have Survey Mini. Less popular than the aforementioned surveys, Survey Mini lets you earn money online by completing surveys from restaurants, stores, and attractions you’ve recently visited. In these surveys, you’ll be asked questions which describe your experience with that retail or brand. Similar to some of the survey apps above, this app requires you have your location based settings to be on.

Founded by scientists from top universities like Harvard, MIT, and Standford, its easy to see why Survey Mini works so flawlessly. With Survey Mini, you don’t need to expect long and tedious surveys, as these surveys are based on fewer questions for a resultant greater reward. Rewards with the app consist of free food, discounts, and points accumulated towards a variety of gift cards.



So there you have it. These are what we found to be the top 5 survey mobile apps of 2017, thus far. Surely, we’ll be seeing more of these survey apps come out in the following months. If we find something we think is worthy of adding to the list, we’ll make sure to do so. As always, if you have any suggestions or mobile survey apps you personally recommend, please do leave them down below. Thanks!

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