Top 5 Social Media Marketing Books Of 2017

Social media is a great tool for leveraging new traffic sources to your blog and social media marketing books can show you exactly how to start. It shows that you don’t always need to rely on SEO for gaining a bigger and wider target audience. Not to mention that search engines love blogs that are constantly being shared on social media. It’s an indication of your blogs popularity and is a tool that will allow you to build a community around your blog.

With so many social media platforms and opportunities to choose from, knowing where to start can be difficult. It’s always in your best interest to know what options you have before diving all-in into any one platform. Social media marketing books can help you understand the benefits of various social media platforms and the kinds of processes it takes to establish yourself and your blog on those sites. Not every social media platform is the same and will all require different kinds of attention, expertise, and methods to stand out.

Without further or due, here is my personal compilation of 2017’s best social media marketing books. If you’re interested in today’s top affiliate marketing books, make sure to check that out as well!


5. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING BY L.M. LEWISSocial Media Marketing By R.M. Lewis

This particular marketing book covers Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram in detail and depth. Some of its main talking points expand on ways of differentiating you and your brand from competitors and how to correctly brand you and your website on social media. Whether you’re business is offline or on the web, the book uses strategies and techniques relating to both. Its author, R.M Lewis is an experienced writer and entrepreneur from New York, who has been writing books for the past ten years.

Showing you how to drive traffic and exposure to your site from start to finish, the book also covers the tools necessary to begin doing so. The book will further show you how to choose the best social media platforms for your business. The books 54 page length however, makes it most suitable for beginners or individuals just getting started with these social media platforms.



The reason I enjoy this social media marketing book is because it covers a wide-spread of social media platforms and tools. Unlike other books, it doesn’t limit itself to one strategy or technique. More importantly, the book contains tools that will become necessary to your success on these platforms. Social Media Tools 2017 covers Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Not only does it cover these social media platforms, but even gives you ideas on how to become a better content curator, which we all know is an important trait of any blogger.

The book also goes over subjects that relate to e-mail marketing, bookmarking sites like Reddit, and how to create posts and images with viral potential. The book concludes with the tools needed for each one of Jason McDonald’s strategies, who by the way has a PhD and is very knowledgeable when it comes to marketing.



Social Media Marketing All-in-One For DummiesThis 3rd edition of Social Media Marketing For Dummies contains 9 books in one covering a wide range of social media topics and everything you need to know when it comes to effective marketing.

Social media platforms it covers include Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Included with the book are tools for making your time more effective on these platforms. The book uses sites as an example of how they leverage their social media marketing efforts and shows you how to follow in their footsteps.

With this book you’ll learn exactly how to come up and create your own social media marketing plan before its time to attack. One of the main ways of doing this is learning how to identify your target audience and finding the perfect social media platform for you and your website. You’ll also learn how to use tools like social media analytics and the required steps for setting up a paid social media marketing campaign.



Text Me! Snap Me! Ask Me Anything! By Kevin CruseFor those who may already have a social media presence in place, this book is for you. In “Text Me!”, author Kevin Kruse uses his own experience to show you how success on social media can truly be achieved. There is this heavy attention on using intimate attention and personally engaging one-on-one with individuals on social media. It’s an amazing method and technique for building your personal brand, and although time-consuming is very effective when done correctly.

Kevin Kruse methods will show you how to grow your followers, e-mail lists, but more important than that, will show you how to grow followers who are truly engaged in you and your brand as a result of the personal attention you’re giving them. This one of a kind book is recommended for experienced social media users who care about their brand and reputation and have a desire for an engaged and growing following. Kevin Kruse has success as an Inc 500 Entrepreneur and is a New York Times Best-Selling Author. I can’t recommend this book enough!



Brand Building By Donald CharlesThis book focuses more on just getting traffic from social media and really emphasizes and building your brand as a long-term social media strategy. Written by Donald Charles, Volume 1 of Brand Building focuses on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat as a way of effectively building up your brand and getting increased exposure and recognition. In my opinion, nothing is as strong as building a brand that an audience in a niche truly knows about and is why I believe this book to be so effective.

Building a brand is something that can help you get better long-term results and stand out from the competition. Brand Building supplies you with proven strategies that are broken down into easy-to-understand modules you can use to ease your way into building a website and brand people will come to recognize. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced social media strategist, this book is for you and could help you in ways other marketing books can’t. Published on January 1st, 2017, there’s no better book that can help you start the year off for you and your business right!


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  1. Amanda Lawrence | July 18, 2017 at 12:06 PM | Reply

    How about Social Media & Mobile Marketing Strategy from Oxford?

    • Hi Amanda, if you’re referring to this one here, I would say that this looks more like a textbook. While I’m sure there is plenty to learn, I would say that maybe this book is more appropriate for someone majoring in marketing or looking to work within a bigger company using more complex marketing strategies. But, if you’re an online entrepreneur like myself and you work independently, you might find that the books in this post uses methods that are more useful and easier to implement. Hope that helps!

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