Top 5 Websites For Selling a Website Or Domain

Sometimes when you create a new website in a niche that didn’t turn out to be all that profitable, one thing you can do is “flip” it. But, you may be asking, “Where and how do I sell my website online?” Rather than letting all your hard work go to waste, why not hand that website to someone who might be more interested to pursue it. I’m not advocating that you give up on creating or building your website whatsoever.

This is only the case for individuals who no longer have any interest in further working on their new website or find they have other projects to attend to. While selling your website isn’t always the most optimal outcome, it can be convenient for those who find they no longer have the time to work on their websites or no longer have the same interest when they started.

Thus, we’ve compiled the top 5 best websites for flipping a website, domain, or app, which you can begin using right away. Here’s the list with the details of each!



NamePros MarketplaceIf you prefer using a simple forum marketplace that doesn’t require you pay any listing fee’s, you may want to check out The site contains forums largely dedicated to the buying and selling of domains, established websites, and starter websites. The benefit of using this forum is you don’t need to pay to find a buyer.

But the downside here is that the transactions are less secure and you need to consistently post on the various threads to get the attention of new and interested buyers. Once you’ve found a good fit, you and the buyer work out and discuss a way of how you want to proceed.

Listing Details:

  • Free To List.



WebsiteBroker MarketplaceOne very straight-forward marketplace for website flipping you’ll find, is WebsiteBroker. Upon entering the site, you’ll be greeted with a big buy now and sell button. But today, we’ll be focusing on how to sell your domain on WebsiteBroker. One thing you might notice is that the site does not give off the same vibe as other more popular services like FreeMarket or Flippa, but does not mean you shouldn’t list your website here. As a service that has been listing websites for sale since 1997, you can be sure that they’ve built up an on-going positive reputation with the community.

With Website Broker, you can begin selling your site as soon as you’ve registered an account. You’ll be able to choose a 90-day standard listing for your website for $9.95 or a premier listing for $29.95, giving you additional exposure. A standard listing for a domain goes for $9.95 and a premiere listing goes for $14.95. The nice thing about Website Broker is that once your site sales, you are not required to pay any success fee once the site has been sold. This makes Website Broker a preferred service for those who only want to pay a one-time initial listing fee.

Listing Details:

  • Standard Listings – $9.95 for both websites and domains.
  • Premier Listings – $29.95 for websites and $14.95 for domains.
  • No success fee required once website is sold.



Empire Flippers MarketplaceEmpire Flippers can be a great option if you want a website to do the selling for you. Its two co-founders, Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti have successfully over 95% of the sites that are listed on their service. They do this by getting your listing in front of 35,000 potential buyers with their large and interested e-mail list.

Having sold over 2,000 websites since their launch and brokering over 1,000 website transactions, one could say that this website has an associated positively growing reputation. Your website must also meet some minimum requirements, such as having $1,000+ per month in net profit. What are the associated costs with listing on Empire Flippers?

Since these two guys will be doing most of the heavy work for you, the listing fees and success fee is higher than most services. Using Empire Flipper thus, makes sense to use if you have an established site you’re looking to sell and make the most out of. First-time listers on the service pay a $297 fee for their first listing, while repeat sellers only pay $97. There is also a 15% success fee commission after each successful sale.

Listing Details:

  • First-time Listers – $297 fee
  • Repeat Sellers – $97 fee
  • Success Fee – 15% of the selling price.



FreeMarketOne top spot and most easy to navigate sites for buying and selling websites is the FreeMarket. With the FreeMarket, you have three sliders on the left sidebar that allows you to browse through websites based on three factors: website price, revenue, and traffic.

At any time, you’ll find thousands of listings to browse through and tons of websites you can place your bid on. More importantly, selling on the FreeMarket is made simple. All that is required to sell your site is a registered FreeMarket account. From there you can choose your listing type; website, domain, or multiple domains.

To create your listing you add your URL’s, add a description or category of your site (e.g. your niche), and then setting the start point and duration of your website’s auction and adding a buy now price if desired. Lastly, you’ll need to add the basic traffic and financial details of your site. Once you’ve done that you can choose to optionally make your website “Featured,” “Highlighted,” or “Private” for an additional fee. While listing your website on FreeMarket is completely free, you will be required to pay the service a 5% success fee once sold.

Listing Details:

  • “Featured Service” – Displaying your listing more prominently on the site for an additional $30.
  • “Highlight Service” – Having your listing stand out from others with a highlight background for an additional $15.
  • “Private Service” – Keeping your listing confidential from search engines & the public for an additional $25.
  • Listing Fee – Free.
  • Success Fee – 5% of the selling price.



Flippa MarketplaceOne of today’s biggest websites and applications for buying and selling established and starter websites is Flippa. Their reputation has surely grown with age and their reliable one on one transactions. On their homepage, you’ll find that the website has more than 1,000,000 listings for sale at any given time with over half a million dollars in sales in a given week and almost $200 million in sales overtime. This just goes to show how reliable and popular the Flippa auctioneer website truly is. On the homepage, you’ll find all the “Featured” websites, domains, and even apps, listed in one place.

To sell your website on Flippa, simply start by clicking the “Start Selling” button on the upper right. Choose what kind of property you’d like to sell. This could be a site that is established, starter site, domain, or app. Choose your preferred method of selling. Auctions, which are a $29 service for established sites ($19 for starter sites), tends to result in a faster sale and also can give you the highest and most bids in a competitive market.

Classified listings, which are a $9 service, requires a waiting period for interested buyers to make you a one on one private offer. Flippa has a higher 15% success fee upon the sale, which is a payment made out to Flippa for using the service. This percentage can be reduced to 12% by using Flippa escrow.

Listing Details:

  • Auctions – $29 for established sites, $19 for starter sites. Domains and apps can be auctioned for $9.
  • Classified – $9 for both established and starter sites. Domains can be listed for free.
  • Success Fee – 15% of the final selling price.
  • Success Fee can be reduced to 12% by using Flippa’s escrow service.


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