Top 7 Best Freelancing Jobs Of 2017

By | February 22, 2017

If you’ve been trying to work online for awhile now and just don’t know where to start, then this post is for you. In this post, we’ll be looking at ten of the most popular and best freelancing jobs of 2017. After reading this list, hopefully you’ll have some idea of where to start when it comes to online work. There are thousands of sole proprietors, businesses, and webmasters looking for people like you who can handle their workload. The most important thing for any freelancer is to be consistent and delivering the right amount of work.

Getting the job is another task in itself and it’s of utmost importance you separate yourself from the crowd. People want to see you have the right experience and skills for getting the job done. If that means adding a resume, possible education, and recent freelancing work examples, then it’s a good idea to add that to your portfolio.

Hopefully, you’ll find a stable freelancing job in no time. Lastly, keep yourself open and available to the different kinds of freelancing jobs out there. Don’t limit to yourself to just one type of work, but take advantage and use your skills and experience in other fields if possible. Without further or due here are 2017’s best freelancing jobs to start with!

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One of today’s most convenient freelancing opportunities is writing. There are several types of writings as well as bloggers looking for the right worker. If you can manage pushing out several articles a week, you could definitely make a nice part-time income and hopefully work your way up to something more full-time. Individuals with a lot of writing experience tend to hold the best potential candidacy when finding jobs. As a freelancer, always make sure your writing is general and unique to please the individual(s) you’re submitting your work to. Just like anything, your goal here is to get a stellar recommendation and reviews so finding and landing great freelancing jobs and gigs in the future will become even easier.



One of today’s most in-demand freelancing jobs is graphic design. If you have experience with image creation and/or website development, then you may want to look into these kind of freelancing gigs. When finding a job in graphic design, try and come up with several potential images and layouts instead of one. One great freelancing website for graphic and website design is With 99designs, you’ll be able to portray your skills, portfolio, and recent clients you’ve worked with. You’ll also have the opportunity to design all kinds of images, logos, and websites, depending on the job you land.



If you’re into social media and have experience with creating and managing social media accounts in the past, then there’s a good chance you’ll find a freelancing job here. There is a huge space for social media freelancing these days, especially with the constant up-rise of new social media platforms. YouTube marketing is especially big for individuals looking for help with branding and building their channel.



Let’s say, you don’t have too much experience with any of the above, then what? How about applying to become a virtual assistant? On freelancing sites like, you’ll find hundreds of virtual assistant jobs that consist of tasks like organizing schedules, posting on social media, sending out e-mails, and making phone calls. As a virtual assistant, your job here is to make the life of the blogger or webmaster easy and help unload many of their daily tasks. The most important trait when becoming a virtual assistant is keeping in constant contact with the individual who hired you and seeing what needs to be done on a daily basis.



Do you have experience with search engine optimization or have recent blogging experience? Then, you could always try applying to jobs as an SEO expert for up and coming bloggers and webmasters who aren’t sure how to get their websites and articles ranked. People in this generally do very well and charge high-rates an hour for a skill that is unique and requires plenty of experience. As a freelancing SEO expert, you can plan on looking over existing web content, adding proper meta data, keyword research, assisting with a proper marketing plan, and helping the webmaster do things that take may them longer to figure out and do otherwise.



Do you have experience in programming? If so, why not use that to land a lucrative freelancing gig. As a web developer you can expect to complete tasks related to user interface design, development of front and back-end applications, game development, and more. Many of these freelancing gigs tend to require experience and some kind of degree beforehand. If you have an idea of what to do in terms of the engineering and/or designing of particular apps, then this is probably a great route for you to take.



If you enjoy helping others out when it comes to more technical difficulties, then customer service may be a freelancing job you’d be interested in. Many of these jobs are in-demand and required by larger online web services and are usually looking for people with relative experience in the field. Some customer service jobs might consist of you assisting individuals out through chat, e-mail, or phone support. Other roles may integrate some kind of task relating to direct sales as well. Virtual assistants differ from customer service representatives in the fact that a service rep. is more likely to help out other individuals, whereas the virtual assistant completes tasks directly related to the individual who hired you.



With so many available online job opportunities, it’s easy to see why freelancing gigs have exploded in recent years. With more and more webmasters and online services, the demand for freelancers is constantly growing. If you prefer that steady-paying job and enjoy building on your experience year after year for higher paying jobs, then freelancing is a great route to take. Testing out the freelance waters definitely doesn’t hurt and is a great option for individuals who may not enjoy working face-to-face.

Instead, you’ll be proving your skills and expertise solely through the work you deliver. As a freelancer, your best bet is to stick to one or two kinds of jobs in the beginning and building on that experience through the years. If you prefer building a passive income instead, then I highly recommend checking out the link below. Thanks and I hope this article helps you with your freelancing gigs and career for many prosperous years to come!

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