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Hey guys, so glad you could make it to this page. Today I’m going to let you all in on how I got my start with affiliate marketing and the best courses, programs, and tools you can also use to start your own income-producing website. One of my favorite aspects of affiliate marketing is the time freedom it gives me. I absolutely love being able to work from home. It’s a privelege not a lot of people have. The purpose of this page is to show you the exact courses and tools that have allowed me to do this.

Those looking to build an income with their own website usually have a few options to choose from. The first is the self-learned route, which I don’t typically recommend. Affiliate marketing was something I actually tried on my own. Without any guidance or training I was destined to fail. Always make sure you’re following the steps in order when building out your site so that you have a website that completely shines and stands out among the competition.

In order to become successful online, you’ll definitely want to have a website or blog in place. Absolutely every single person I know who has reaped any kind of success online has a fully-functioning website in a niche. Without a website you have no home or place to do business. Whether you’re conducting your own business on social media, getting traffic organically, or directing people to a product you recommend, having a website is VITAL!

These tools aren’t only going to show you how to build your own fully-functioning website, but is going to set you up for the long-term by allowing you to naturally build and add content to your site on the daily. Eventually you’re going to learn the many, many avenues of building success online with your very own income-producing website.

In order to accomplish this, there are only a few tools you actually need to have online. In-fact the more you limit and simplify the number of tools you use the better. When starting a website, there are a few things you will need. These include a domain name, hosting, and training, which are included in the amazing money-making recommendations I’m about to show you!

#1. Wealthy Affiliate

One of the only courses and programs I ever needed to succeed online is Wealthy Affiliate. You may have seen this advertised once or twice before because of their absolute dominance in the online marketing place. But this is the training that led to the birth and success of my website and many others.

Wealthy Affiliate will also show you exactly how to start a website in any niche you desire. It’s going to show you how to gradually add content to your website and monetize that content with affiliate links so that you’re on your way to making money. Signing up for Wealthy Affiliate does not guarantee overnight success, but it will put you on an amazing path and journey that will only have you looking forward.

Complete the steps involved in Wealthy Affiliate and you have a great chance of building the business that could support you for a lifetime. And if for whatever reason you fail, you can always start-up a new site and pay closer attention to the training! Wealthy Affiliate is by far my #1 recommendation for any beginner to advanced marketer who is looking to attract all the organic traffic they can imagine. Income potential with WA varies.

I would say a good portion of people in WA earn at-least $500 per month, but you also have many earning in the 4, 5, and 6 figure range as well. Your income here is definitely proportionate to the time & effort spent on building your website. Those who learn to love building their website will definitely have the most fun and reap the most rewards & income with this platform.

Lastly, you don’t need to worry about hosting elsewhere, since all the tools, domains, & hosting are included with your monthly membership. You can get started for free or you can go premium for $49 per month. There is a $359 yearly membership as well so you don’t need to concern yourself over paying monthly. Definitely recommended!


Get Started With WA Here, For $0, It’s Free!


#2. Affilorama

Affilorama Training

Now this is a course I recommend for individuals who don’t care as much about community and don’t need as much guidance from others. It’s still good for beginners, don’t get me wrong. But I know that for me, Wealthy Affiliate was where I needed to be since I had no idea of where to start. The WA community was a big help and amazing at putting me on the right path. But, if I were to choose now, I would go with Affilorama because of my growth in experience and knowledge as an affiliate.

Affilorama is therefore, an excellent choice for the advanced affiliate, but also good for beginning affiliates who just want a taste of what affiliate marketing is about. This is because of the fact they over over 100 FREE affiliate training video modules, which is awesome.

The other thing I love about Affilorama is the fact all their products come with a 60-day money back guarantee.. So honestly, if things were to take a wrong turn, you’d have nothing to lose. Most importantly, the information you’re getting here is invaluable to those looking to get started in a real online business. Affilorama comes with several products.

I typically recommend newbies get started with Affilorama’s free membership if they’re unsure about going premium. Otherwise, I highly recommend checking out AffiloBlueprint, which is one of the best packages they offer. This is their proven step-by-step system showing you how to make money as an affiliate. In this course, you’ll learn how to build money-making websites using your own profitable niche topic in mind.

This comes with everything need for your online success including 90+ step by step videos, downloadable lessons, private members forum, Affilotheme, 1-year web hosting, 1-month trial of AffiloTools, and lifetime access to one of the best affiliate training platforms in the world. The price of getting started with AffiloBlueprint is a one-time $197 payment.

One of my favorite packages Affilorama offers to those who have money to spend and the knowledge to build, create, & rank websites is AffiloJetpack, which is a pricier $997 package of 5 pre-made websites, but absolutely worth it. This also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and you literally get everything needed for starting up your own business.

This includes a done for you website setup, content cheat sheets, web hosting, Affilotheme, ebook graphics, and a free report. Basically, your entire website is setup for you, but there is still work you have to do, which is why this package is best for the more experienced marketer.

Get Started With Affilorama’s Free Membership + Choose Your Package!


3. Wealthy Affiliate + Affilorama Overview

To break it down for you – If you’re a newbie that’s completely lost sign-up for both Wealthy Affiliate + Affilorama’s free membership so you can benefit from both, since they’re free!

If you’re a beginner who is ready to start building an online business, go with Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership. If you’re experienced and need more businesses to build, then consider going with AffiloBlueprint (the step-by-step proven system) or AffiloJetpack (a set of 5 pre-built websites), which will definitely keep you occupied & hopefully keep the income rolling in! :)

Either way, you can’t go wrong with any of these. If you’re just an average joe like myself looking for the best way to make some extra income, this is it. There is nowhere in the world I’d rather be than with these guys, who’ve showed me the exact step-by-step system on how to make an income with any niche in the world. It’s that simple. All you need is the time and dedication to make it happen.

Thanks and hope this post and the products within it find you well and help you as much as it has helped me these past 3+ years. Best of luck on all your affiliate marketing journeys and efforts and if you ever need a hand, let me know. I’m also always chatting up a storm in Wealthy Affiliate, so feel free to check me out there as well :)


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Hi I’m Peter. I’m 29 years old and I’m a Uconn graduate who finally found his way through life by becoming a full-time affiliate marketer. I enjoy trying out new things and believe there’s no greater satisfaction than being able to make money on your own time!

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