UniClique PTC Review 2017

Product: UniCliqueUniClique PTC Review 2017

Website: www.uniclique.net

Type: PTC – Paid To Click

Price: Free with Upgrades.

Difficulty: Easy

Income Potential: Low

Our Rating: 60/100


What Is UniClique?

UniClique is a PTC website, which is otherwise known as “Paid To Click.” These sites have become very popular in 2017 and you won’t find any shortage of them. UniClique has especially grown fairly rapidly with its membership numbers reaching over 100,000 people.

While UniClique is clearly attracting hundreds of new individuals everyday, does it mean this site can make you a reliable income? That’s exactly the primary purpose and intention of this review.

In addition, we’ll be taking a look at your upgrade options as a member, the ways in which you make money, and overall potential as a PTC user.


How Much Is UniClique?

UniClique is completely free to join, which is one of the site’s main benefits. Everyday, you’ll see new individual members taking advantage of the opportunity to earn whatever they can by joining.

One thing we need to be careful of though are the “shiny” membership options, which don’t provide benefits in every scenario. There are times when membership upgrades don’t always result in earning more money, as a result of the price and low earning potential.

UniClique Membership Options

Without further or due, here is a brief breakdown of the memberships offered by UniClique

Resident: A lifetime free membership, 100 max. rented referrals, 100 direct referrals, 7 days between cash-out, $10 maximum cash-out limit.

Volunteer: 30 day membership for $5.50, 300 max. rented referrals, 250 direct referrals, 7 days between cash-out, $15 maximum cash-out limit.

Supervisor: Yearly membership for $69, 500 max. rented referrals, 500 direct referrals, 7 days between cash-out, $20 maximum cash-out limit.

Private: 30 day membership for $19, 800 max. rented referrals, 800 direct referrals, 5 days between cash-out, $25 maximum cash-out limit.

Major: 90 day membership for $90, 1000 max. rented referrals, 1000 direct referrals, 5 days between cash-out, $25 maximum cash-out limit.

Commander: 30 day membership for $43, 1500 max. rented referrals, 1500 direct referrals, 4 days between cash-out, $50 maximum cash-out limit.

Colonel: 90 day membership for $119, 2000 max. rented referrals, 2000 direct referrals, 4 days between cash-out, $50 maximum cash-out limit.

General: 90 day membership for $239, 4000 max. rented referrals, 4000 direct referrals, 3 days between cash-out, $90 maximum cash-out limit.

Marshal: Yearly membership for $919, 10000 max. rented referrals, 10000 direct referrals, 1 days between cash-out, $95 maximum cash-out limit.

In addition to these provided benefits, with each upgrade you get a small increase or improvement in referral benefits. These include higher referral upgrade commissions, and higher recycling costs.

However, remember that this does not always result in more earnings, as you still need to take into account the amount spent on the membership.

It’s also interesting to note, that the higher you go up in membership, the more money you need in your account before you can request a withdrawal.

With UniClique you’re given a number of options, when it comes time to cashing out. These include the following payment processors, which keep in mind, does not offer or include PayPal.

These include Payza, Visa, SolidTrustPay, Payeer, Perfect Money, Coin Base, advcash, OKPay, and PayToo.

UniClique Payment Processors


Ways Of Earning With UniClique

Given that UniClique is one of many, many PTC’s out there today, we can expect the same kind of earning methods seen before. There isn’t a whole lot new going on here, but we’ll be going over them anyway so you know exactly what to expect.

#1. Viewing Advertisements – This consists of the view ads wall, which contain fixed advertisements, standard, macro, micro, mini, and tiny advertisements. Each advertisement requires you view the ad for an allotted time. As you’ll see, the main issue and concern is how small the earnings are for each view and how unlikely it is for you to make a legitimate income viewing these ads alone. Ad earnings range from $0.0001 to $0.001. Unfortunately, you won’t find any advertisements that even pays out in cents. Instead you’re required to continually viewing these ads just to earn fractions of a penny.

#2. Surf & Earn – This is one option I haven’t seen used too much in other PTC’s and actually isn’t all that bad. It’s pretty simple to do and for each advertisement you view, you earn 1 TE credit. This is also known as a “Traffic Exchange” credit, allowing you to promote your offers in turn. Not always an effective way of advertising though.

#3. Paid To Signup – This is a pretty simple wall to complete and payouts are not as bad as the PTC offer wall. Instead for every opportunity you sign-up for, you can earn around $.10 cents.

#4. UniClique Grid – This interesting PTC game is found in almost every paid to click site you’ll ever see. Basically you click on random boxes until you win a prize. Problem is the prizes tend to be very rare and when you do win, it isn’t very much. The most you can win is $5. For the most part, earnings average around $0.01.

#5. PTC Offer Walls – Last but not least, we have all the offer walls you can choose to use in order to increase your earnings. These offer walls include Persona, Kiwi, PTCWall, OfferToro, Offers4all, MinuteStaff, WannAds, AdscendMedia, and PleWall.

Keep in mind that these offer walls are not going to make you rich, but instead should be used in your spare time to make a few extra dollars or cents. Most of these walls contain more PTC ads, surveys, offers, trials, and a plethora of ways to earn more.


UniClique PTC Scam Review – Is It Legit?

As we all know by now, there is a main issue surrounding the world of PTC’s and the opportunities that they offer. That issue deals with its less than average earning opportunity.

For many, it may seem that the site has plenty of potential to deliver. But a quick glance at the opportunity as a whole from its low-paying advertisement wall to its expensive membership upgrades and lack of any real long-term potential makes it all pretty questionable.

UniClique is by no means a scam and there is no doubt that there is a large group of people out there who love using these kinds of sites. Some in-fact, have even found ways for sites like these to work for them. Others have realized that they don’t need to make a ton of money to be happy, which is great!

Our conclusion however, is that those looking to make a legitimate, full-time income should look elsewhere. UniClique is not exactly the kind of opportunity that can offer you that. But those looking to make $10, $50, or $100 with excessive time-commitment probably won’t mind the use of PTC’s.

Just be-careful, since not all PTC sites actually pay, some go out of business, and others sometimes terminate accounts. But from what we can see, UniClique has been successfully paying out its members so you shouldn’t see any problems here, for now!


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