Top 10 Affiliate Programs For Vitamin Supplements

There’s no question that the vitamin industry is one that always seems to be booming. Whether you have a website that focuses on natural health, supplementation, or overall well-being, recommending your favorite vitamins and supplements can be a great way to earn some extra income. But which affiliate program do you choose and which ones provide you with the most benefits?

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of today’s most reputable vitamin supplementation brands that will make promoting vitamins worth every second. From the best commission rates the industry has to offer to desirably long cookie duration’s, here is affiliate-sale’s top 10 choices when it comes to affiliate programs for vitamins.

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Vitamin World

Vitamin World Affiliate Program

Vitamin World is one of today’s most recognized brands for vitamins and supplementation in the world. This alone makes Vitamin World an excellent choice when it comes to choosing your affiliate program.

Focusing on vitamins, supplements, protein, digestion, superfoods, weight support, and more, visitors can find practically anything health, wellness, and fitness-related. More importantly is that they not only focus on fitness supplementation, but on herbs and holistic health and wellness as well.

While no commission rate is explicitly stated, the average dollar order per customer is between $65 and $125 and each link’s cookie duration is 45-days. Those interested in sending in an application can do so directly on their affiliate page. Those who need more specifics are also free to get in touch with the affiliate management team.


Vitamin Shoppe

Vitamin Shoppe Affiliate Program

Another one of today’s most recognized supplementation brands in the world is Vitamin Shoppe. Attracting millions of visitors worldwide, this is simply an affiliate program you need to put on your list.

The trustworthiness of this brand alone will give your visitors reason enough to purchase their products without hesitation. Visitors on Vitamin Shoppe can find products based on brand, department, on-going deals, and even health goals.

With over 25,000 products and 400 brands to choose from, affiliates will love taking advantage of their 9% commission rate. Those looking to become a Vitamin Shoppe affiliate can join free here!



Affiliate Program For Supplements

Of course, we all already know how incredibly popular the GNC brand has become over past decades. As one of the most preferred shops for bodybuilding, fitness, and health-related supplements, GNC can make a great fit for any site focused on wellness.

Whether it’s the latest weight loss, strength training, superfood, or personal care products, GNC has a huge selection of products to promote. GNC affiliates will most-certainly benefit from promoting one of the most established and recognized brands in the health & wellness industry.

Users earn a default 5% commission rate on all finalized sales and can sign-up through the CJ affiliate network found on the GNC website. Currently, no cookie duration is specified.

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Bodybuilding Affiliate Program

Those individuals with a blog or website focused on fitness may want to bulk up their bank account with one of the largest bodybuilding websites to ever exist. not only offers endless essential tips and advice on their blog, but one of the largest forums and community’s in the world of fitness.

To make things more convenient, they have an entire shop with some of the best protein powders, vitamins, and supplements you can imagine. Its well-established affiliate program not only provides you with all the supplements you can promote, but even allows you to provide and link to the most recent cutting edge fitness information, improving conversions in the process.

You’ll additionally be given access to plenty of creatives, banners, and text links to make your site pretty. Bodybuilding’s affiliate program cookie duration lasts for 9 days, offers 15% commission rate on new customer orders, and a 5% commission rate on existing customer orders. Not too shabby!



What better choice of promoting vitamins and supplements then with the eVitamins brand itself. Founded in 1999, this is a company that has shipped millions of orders worldwide making it a great fit, regardless of your location in the world.

With over 25,000 high-quality and low-priced products in their catalog, this is a brand your visitors are sure to love and trust. Not to mention that over half their products are eligible for free shipping on orders of $49 or more. With over 600 recognizable brands and up to 75% discounts on some of the most in-demand products, eVitamins can prove valuable to visitors.

eVitamin’s commission rates further vary depending on the network you choose to join, but ranges between a wonderful 10% and 20% rate. Its 30 to 45 day tracking cookie further makes the eVitamin affiliate program one we highly recommend.



Health Supplement Affiliate Program

ProHealth’s audience largely consists of visitors from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, making it perfect for those affiliates residing in these countries. What really makes ProHealth stand out in this list however, is the kind of products and ailments this brand focuses on.

This brand, founded in 1988, empowers patients over the world with the supplements and information offered on some of the toughest conditions known to man. ProHealth focuses on easing ailments related to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lyme disease, and more. Those with a health-related website will therefore, love making use of the affiliate program and products ProHealth has in store.

Not to mention that commission rates range anywhere from 10% to 20%, making it one of the highest in the industry. ProHealth’s affiliate program comes highly recommended for affiliates whose content focuses on these kind of ailments and the products that help these conditions. Its 60-day tracking cookie may also be one of the highest you’ll find in the supplement industry.



Affiliate Program For Supplements

Those looking for a brand whose primary focus is on the American audience and on strength training and fitness should definitely take a look into A1Supplements. Attracting nearly half a million visitors a month, A1Supplements offers some of the best protein, sport nutrition, and weight loss supplements.

All you fitness affiliates out there will love its everyday wholesale prices offered on sport supplements. Not to mention that holistic health supplements can also be found on A1Supplements, including products and remedies on a wide-range of conditions.

Their affiliate program and dedicated management team’s focus on making your site a success is complemented by a wonderful 10% commission rate, 30-day tracking cookie, and an ability to offer special promotions and deals on your blog. Anyone from anywhere across the world can apply as an A1Supplement affiliate.

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Lucky Vitamin

Affiliate Program For Vitamins

This brand’s beautiful web design, easy to use interface, and established reputation makes this a strong contender on this year’s list. This is especially true for those of you looking for a brand that emphasizes great values, leadership, and philanthropy above anything else.

It’s a brand whose ultimate and true focus is on health, wellness, and happiness. Products consist of almost every health-related supplement you can imagine. Users can shop by nearly any health-related concern, by ingredients, by goals (e.g. burn fat, build muscle), or by featured specialties (e.g. organic, cruelty free, gluten free), which simply makes this e-commerce so pleasing to shop with.

Not to mention that this particular site’s affiliates are earning $30,000 per year or more, a wonderful result of its 8% commission rate and 30-day tracking cookie. Those interested can sign-up for Lucky Vitamin’s affiliate program here!


Puritan’s Pride

Affiliate Program For Vitamin Supplements

This brand’s very long and well-established reputation is what makes Puritan’s Pride a great option when it comes to choosing your affiliate programs for vitamins.

At Puritan’s Pride, visitors can expect to find this years top selling vitamins, sport & diet supplements, essential aromatherapy oils, beauty products, healthy foods, pet products, and more. Their affiliate program not only gives you some of the best creative, banners, and tools for improving conversions, but a 21-day tracking cookie as well.

While its tiered commission structure aren’t as high as other previously mentioned programs, commission rates do vary from 5% to 7% and depends on how much in sales you make per month. Here’s where the Puritan’s Pride affiliate program can be found.



Vitamin Supplement Affiliate Programs

Boasting nearly 2 million active Vitacost customers and over 35,000 health and wellness products, Vitacost is certainly one program to consider. The number of supplements and vitamins you can find at Vitacost are nearly endless.

Some of the kind of products you can expect include the best vitamins, supplements, natural foods, pet health products, diet products, herbs, botanicals, and so much more. This makes the affiliate program at Vitacost a wonderful fit for the huge range of blogs and niches out there today.

Currently, no commission rate or cookie duration is specified, but compensation is competitive with an average customer order size of $75. Here’s where you can apply to the Vitacost affiliate program.

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