Wealthy Affiliate vs. Affilorama: 2017 Comparison & Review

By | June 6, 2017

In today’s post, we’ll be taking a look at two of today’s largest affiliate marketing training and courses.

If you’ve been wondering which is the perfect affiliate training course for you, look no further as we provide you with an unbiased take of the two.

Nothing is more vital to your success, then finding the perfect training, tools, and community you need.

Both of these are fantastic courses, that I can’t recommend enough.

A Wealthy Affiliate vs. Affilorama Comparison For 2017 And Beyond..!

If you’ve been looking for a way to make money online, see what both Wealthy Affiliate & Affilorama have to offer in our review down below.

In this section, we’ll be covering some of the awesome aspects in the Affilorama training and community, followed by Wealthy Affiliate.

But first, let me give you some bullet points so you know what it’s all about.

Affilorama is…

Great for more experienced & more advanced internet marketers.

If you’ve already earned money with online marketing, Affilorama can be a great option.

Free to get started with, but many of the tools and services will cost money.

Very professional and not spammy like many of today’s online marketing scams.

Great online reputation with an early start in 2006 (11 years and running).

Available support through phone (Mon – Fri), e-mail, and social media.

120 Video lessons in total and other awesome training and tools to take advantage of.

Won’t be helpful if you don’t know the first thing about websites or marketing.

Affilorama Training

Unlike many products and programs I’ve reviewed in the past, Affilorama distinguishes itself by offering you all the support, tools, and strategies for an experienced marketer to get started.

That being said, the approach to marketing with Affilorama is quite different than Wealthy Affiliate’s, but I wouldn’t call either one of the approaches better or worse.

Affilorama sticks to a lot of complex methods that might require backlink building, where ranking a site with Wealthy Affiliate is all approached through very high on-site user engagement and SEO (which is what I prefer and as you can see worked out quite well for Affiliate-Sale!).

This is a very general and basic explanation of the SEO strategies involved with each – the important takeaway however is this.

Those new to the internet marketing field will greatly benefit from WA’s straight & direct approach, while more experienced marketers and established websites might prefer the more advanced lessons taught in Affilorama.

Wealthy Affiliate is..

Perfect for anyone (starters & experts) who want to rank and grow their very first site.

Has one of the strongest communities you might ever find in affiliate marketing.

Offers support through a 24/7 support ticket system, live chat, & discussion boards.

Includes 1,000’s of training & live training videos on a variety of topics.

Live training sessions are also available by Jay (aka MagicStudios) every Friday night.

Comes with a unique set of tools with new ones always being introduced.

Members can get more involved and even earn side money by creating helpful vids & tutorials for others.

Offers fabulous incentives for those who promote WA..

(Such as my beautiful growing collection of coffee mugs & yearly paid trips to Vegas)

Streamlines the entire process from building your first website to helping you publish amazing content on your site.

Honestly, nothing has been more valuable to me and my site than some of the tools and training offered by WA.

WealthyAffiliate.com Platform

Tools & Features Being Offered (by Affilorama)

Next up, we want to delve in a bit deeper to some of the most entertaining aspects of these two training portals.

Perhaps, one of my favorite aspects to Affilorama are the tools & packages offered, which could be really great if you have a little money to spend.

Here we will breakdown Affilorama’s tools into the appropriate three section. Tools, training, & features in Affilorama include…



It’s where Affilorama’s training goes down.

Here you can expect to learn all about keyword + market research, creating content, setting up a website, web design, on & off page SEO, and more.

Includes 91 step-by-step videos and tutorials for creating your website.

Comes with videos + notes you can download and store for later.

Features like a progress tracker and homework or tasks are included with each module.

Available members area, where you can chat with members and get feedback on your website.

Advanced marketing tool suite for spying on competitors, search engine rank tracking, and link finder tool are also included.

Also includes 1-year web hosting for one month.

Price of AffiloBlueprint = $197



Think of it as AffiloBlueprint, without the training.

It offers a whole marketing suite to track your stats (which is currently undergoing beta), so expect improvements to come.

Marketing Suite integration with…

G.A. (analytics), Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Moz, SemRush, Clickbank, enom, and Namecheap

(told you this was more advanced, lol!).

Allows you to discover deeper insight into your rankings, keywords, indexed pages, competition analysis, and more.

Best Part – It’s Free To Use – Anyone Can Join!



Think of it as my favorite package. For those who don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a small or new niche website, this allows for an awesome gameplan allowing you to buy a pre-built website and growing it on your own.

Pre-built website includes 1 full year of e-mail newsletters to send to opt-ins (90 e-mails in total), three 10,000 worded reports, three e-book graphics, AffiloTheme, 12 months of web hosting, and done for you setup.

Option to choose from 18 profitable niches.

It does however, give an unfair and unrealistic comparison between setting up a site yourself and using AffiloJetpack.

An awesome package nonetheless!

Total Price: $997


As you can tell Affilorama has some pretty steep prices, but for those individuals serious about building a business and income with Affilorama could definitely consider this route.

And, a package like the AffiloJetpack can actually workout great for beginners. But just remember that purchasing a site does not mean immediate rankings (or money) will occur.

There are still a whole bunch of steps involved you need to go through in order to rank some of the niche websites sold on Affilorama. It’s also important to note that regular web content is not provided with AffiloJetpack. You’ll still need to do some writing.

While it’s great to have the entire foundation laid out, you’ll need to promote your site, add more content daily, and perhaps bring it on over to WA so you can SEO optimize your site for the users and get ranked.

Or, why not build your own website, completely customizing it to your liking using only one of my favorite training’s in the world.. (Thanks Kyle!)

Tools & Features Being Offered (by Wealthy Affiliate)

Get ready for it guys.. It’s a lot..Kind of!

Tools & Features:

Ability to create up to two free websites within the platform. Or you have the option to use SiteDomains, where you can purchase your own domain for cheap within WA itself.

Free hosting with premium memberships for an unlimited number of websites. This also comes with very important features like an SSL certificate (very important now for rankings), malware & virus monitoring, website backups, and website health.

Hold on I’m not done! There are a few other aspects to domains & hosting to mention like the SiteComments platform. One method used at WA to get ranked quickly by getting comments and engagement on your posts from other members.

Similar to Affilorama, there’s a SiteFeedback tool where you can also request feedback from other members.

WA Starter Membership: Free to Get Started!

Quick Preview Of Me Using SiteFeedback For a New Site!

WA Feedback Platform For Websites

Needless to say, kwwhite was right on point!

My latest niche website faced an abnormal and astounding bounce rate of 92.5%.

In other words 9 out of 10 people were leaving my website after landing on the first page.

After a few tweaks however, I was able to bring this number down to 65%, while watching rankings go up in the process.

Anyway, that’s just a taste of the world’s kindness and most helpful community.

Here’s more on that note.


Wealthy Affiliate Community:

Within the community, you’ll be able to find all kinds of help and assistance and is quite similar to Affilorama’s forum area with some added extras.

Live chat with other members is always available.

If you ever experience down time with your website, need fast and immediate help, or just want to have a cup of coffee with a quick chat in the A.M., there is no more perfect tool than this.

Place for discussion boards, questions, tutorials & blog posts by members is just a quick peak into the WA community, which is what makes it so especially useful for starting marketers.

WA Monthly Premium Membership: $49 Per Month, Start Here!

My First WA Blog Post EVER

My First WA Blog Post!

Yep.. that was me in 2014 without a clue as to what I was doing.. Here I am.. 3 years later. Got my first place, my first car, and have four websites that I love working on.

If you weren’t aware of the best aspect to affiliate marketing – it’s that your presence, progress, and income all have the opportunity to grow.

Just like you would get a promotion at work, in the online world it’s all about how you promote yourself.

Let’s move on to what else Wealthy Affiliate has to offer!


Everything Else About WA That Comes To Pete’s Mind:

Certification Course – The main course or dish when it comes to building an affiliate website, getting it ranked, and making money. Involves niches outside of WA.

This site for example, would have gone through the Affiliate Bootcamp course instead, while my drone site would use the Certification Course.

Affiliate Bootcamp – The course I went through with WA to reach tens of thousands in traffic each month.

Can be done with any niche so choose a hobby or passion you love and want to share!

Jaaxy Keyworld Tool – Included with the WA is a Jaaxy keyword tool, which is vital when it comes to content creation and finding those valuable keywords. Premium option for unlimited searches is also available.

And then we have our latest and most fabulous addition….

The SiteContent Writing Platform – Attention all individuals, bloggers, and affiliate marketers..

If you want to create awesome content, try SiteContent! It allows you to create awesome content formats and templates for your highly admired readers.

Lastly, you’ll find training on every little topic you need to know about, not to mention you’ll be learning from other member’s success stories as well.

WA Yearly Membership – $359 Per Year, Join Here!

Quick preview of the latest SiteContent Platform!

New SiteContent Platform at Wealthy Affiliate!

Here are some of the WA training topics in a nutshell:

Keyword, Niche, and Market Research; WordPress, Content Creation, SEO, Social Engagement & Marketing, Web Development & Programming, as well as Local, Video, E-mail, and PPC marketing.

Want to become the next YouTube star, or the next best PPC marketing strategist?

How about learning to become a Local SEO consultant?

No problem.. Just sign up for WA here to see what more they could possibly offer. Always up to date and offering help, there is no better place for online marketing than WA or Affilorama.

A good plan of action is to start (and continue) with Wealthy Affiliate, followed up by some of the more advanced courses, resources, and packages by Affilorama.

Now how’s that for a WA vs. Affilorama comparison. Leave your comments down below and have a good one!

p.s. Affilorama does not offer free websites, but that’s okay, since AffiloJetpack totally makes up for it.


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