What Does a Niche Mean?

In today’s post I will be going into greater detail about what a niche means, and why it is so essential for the success of any aspiring online marketer. 

Hence, the term niche is a term I have come to realize is less commonly understood than I could’ve thought within the online marketing community.
Niche definition, in the most simplest terms- “a small part of a topic or subject.”

Niche Examples:

  • Cars
  • Animals
  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Cars
  • Sports
  • Books
Nevertheless, we can break up these niche’s down further, essentially finding a niche within a niche! Thus, we can continually break these niche’s up as small, and as broken down as as we want, essentially creating for ourself a bunch of mini-powerful topics we can then utilize to consistently inform other’s upon.

Subniche Examples:

1) Car Niche 

      Subniche 1 -> Mercedes, BMW, Infiniti, Acura, Honda, Lexus.
        Subniche 2-> Black, White, Purple
          Subniche 3-> Features

2) Animal Niche

       Subniche 1 -> Pets, endangered species, Aquarius
         Subniche 2 (microniche) -> Furry, smooth

3) Food Niche

      Subniche 1-> Snacks, candy, health foods, pet food
        Subniche 2-> Sweet, salty, crunchy
          Subniche 3 (microniche)  -> Vegetarian, carnivorous!

4) Furniture Niche

       Subniche 1 -> Beds, couch, cushions, outdoor chairs
          Subniche 2 (microniche) -> Regular couch, or pull-out couch.

5) Sports Niche

Subniche 1 -> Basketball, football, soccer
             Subniche 2 (microniche) -> Equipment, hobby, professional entertainment

6) Electronic Niche

Subniche 1 -> Sony, Toshiba, Apple, Microsoft
       Subniche 2-> T.V.’s, radio’s, computer’s
As you can see what I illustrated above, is a simple, yet very thorough, effective, and powerful way for finding an instaneous way to building up an everlasting online business, with content around. Essentially, by building out this type of framework when choosing your niche, you’ll have a never-ending list of topics, to keep on producing and pushing content about.
Last but not least, the more we can dig into your niche, the more we can capture our specific audience! Instead of building a business, or website, simply around the term or niche “football,” place your focus into something more specific. Drill down, so when your very own traffic (people!) who are constantly, and unknowingly searching for your content are able to find exactly what they’re looking for, as a sole result of your efforts.
Therefore, instead of blogging or writing out content about “football,” in which there are already millions if not billions, of competing websites, and businesses out there, how about utilizing a deeper sub niche, within the niche, that will then give your own online business the potential to truly grow, speedily, and with ease, as a result of you becoming an authoritative figure within this largely potential uncovered subniche alone!
Subniche Example:the latest and safest football equipment.”
Then under that subniche you could create even more subniches! (also regarded as a microniche)
  1. football safety
    1. avoiding injury
    2. best football safety practices.
At the same time, I am sure there are many folks, or children out there, who would like to play football, but are being stopped by their parents. There are hundreds, if not thousands more, of simple and easy topics to come up with, and use as a way to leverage up your own name brand even, starting from the ground, scratch! :)
Hence, make sure that your targeted audiences are receiving the proper “conversational,” talk when writing, or when visualizing your content for them. If you’re aiming towards children “ages 6-10,” you may also want to be aware, that the topic you’ve chosen will not exactly present itself, to a large potential “buyers market,” unless your providing traffic to the most wanted and rare toy, where you have now put the child’s parent into having no other option, but to purchase from you!
That would be nice, huh?

Quick Niche Recap:

Example 1:
Niche (or Market) – Football
Subniche (niche within a niche) – Football Safety
Microniche- Football Safety Equipment
Example 2:
Niche- Tennis
Subniche- How To Serve
Microniche- How To Serve Left-Handedly
Example 3:
Niche- Cars
Subniche- Infiniti Year & Model Reviews
Microniche- Where to Buy!
I hope you’ve enjoyed todays affiliate-sale post, and that if you have any questions, or find yourself struggling trying to find yourself a nice powerful niche, to start an online business upon, don’t go, until you have posted your question below! I promise, it will make all the difference!


About the Author

Peter G.
Hi I'm Peter. I'm 29 years old and I'm a Uconn graduate who finally found his way through life by becoming a full-time affiliate marketer. I enjoy trying out new things and believe there's no greater satisfaction than being able to make money on your own time!

11 Comments on "What Does a Niche Mean?"

  1. Hello, just wanted to say you did a great job.

  2. Peter,
    Thanks for simplifying the whole niche thing.

    Once you’ve narrowed down a niche idea do you do anything to assess your competition?

    • Richard,

      Great question! It’s imperative to assessing your competition after having narrowed down your desired niche. Furthermore, people interested in starting an online business must understand how to perceive competition of a specific niche.

      Example: if I were to create a site on “how to train dogs,” with say 10,000 searches per month…no matter however many websites there tend to be on that niche, or how many authoritative websites, the result being the over-abundance of long-tailed keywords, is never-ending!

      In the online world, utilizing specialized keyword tools, allows you to easily leverage whatever content, and website you like.


  3. Peter,

    Great job breaking niche’s down into a very easy to understand package, that is easy on the eyes.
    Valuable info for anyone trying to earn online, thanks,


    • Truly appreciate that Gary. Anyone looking to start a business in marketing must always know where to start, in my opinion finding a niche to narrow down on is the first and foremost place!

      Peter G.

    • Truly appreciate that Gary. Anyone looking to start a business in marketing must always know where to start, in my opinion finding a niche to narrow down on is the first and foremost place!

      Peter G.

  4. Great examples and a good read. Keep up the good work :)

  5. This post actually provides a better understanding of what a niche is. I would recommend it to anyone starting out in internet marketing.


    • Thank You Ade! I’m so glad it’s proved helpful :)

      I know the majority of marketer’s have trouble with the initial start when building the foundation of their online business, including myself when first starting! Thus, I found it possibly inspiring to help other’s understand the significance of building around a niche, rather than some big category, that will likely lead to failure!

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