Wifi Millionaire By Matt Lloyd Isn’t Life-Changing

By | June 29, 2017

Product: Wifi MillionaireWifi Millionaire Scam



Type: E-book & Affiliate Marketing

Owner: Matt Lloyd

Price: $3 with upsells (in the $1,000’s)

Recommended: No.


What Is Wifi Millionaire?

Wifi Millionaire is an online marketing system that is presented as a $3 e-book. The whole premise behind Wifi Millionaire isn’t exactly the low-cost e-book itself, but an introduction into what comes next.

MOBE is known for creating and branding new brand named businesses year after year. The reason for that isn’t known, but some say it’s a way for them to increase exposure, release new products, or hide behind a new name for those who’ve come across MOBE in the past.

In other words, the actual product is never about what’s being sold to you first. Sure, you’ll get a 40-page e-book but this entire sales funnel is about much more than that.

Other products used to sell you into MOBE include:

  • My Millionaire Mentor
  • My Top Tier Business
  • Internet Funnel System
  • 45 Minute PayDays
  • Internet Success Coach
  • Many more..

Were these products good? Not close, except for the minority already well-versed with affiliate marketing and have been successful with it in the past.

There is no doubt that once you sign-up for Wifi Millionaire, you’ll be left feeling like you need to purchase the next upsell, no matter the cost.


How Much Is Wifi Millionaire?

Now here’s the tricky question. How much does it cost? Well it’s MOBE’s pricing strategy and sales funnel that makes the whole system feel questionable.

I can still remember the days when joining My Millionaire Mentor or MTTB cost $49. Wifi Millionaire reduces that cost to just $3, which is then followed by the $49 membership.

What is that $49 membership followed by?

Are you sure you want to know? Hundreds and thousands of dollars in upsells. Upsells that I believe used to go up to almost $9,000 in price has now gone up to $30k. Are these the kind of prices you’d be willing to pay to join an online opportunity?

Is this the kind of system you want to involve yourself in? If so, be my guest and then come back in a month and leave your comment when you’re done.

Now I understand the compensation for those top MOBE affiliates is pretty darn good and you want to be right there with them. So do I! But not in that way.

You see in order to do that, you’ll also be attempting to sell $5k, $10k, and $30k worth of dreams when the world might just be better without them.


How Much Can You Earn With Wifi Millionaire?

Even when you do go out and promote MOBE, could you be successful? A brief look at the MOBE income disclaimer can give us a better idea.

Wifi Millionaire - Income Stats

One statistic you first need to know is that the average MOBE consultant generates less than $250 per year. Now keep in mind this does not take membership costs and upsells into consideration. Hence, a member might have paid thousands of dollars in advance just to get a small commission for the year.

Even for those active MOBE consultants, nearly 55% of consultants earned less than $100, while the 22% at the top earned over $10,000. It’s important to note that the individuals at the top are the reason you see MOBE and all those affiliated programs being advertised everywhere.

These are by people who are well-established, well-versed, and have years of affiliate marketing experience under their belt. These are the top leaders, meaning they have access to traffic and sources that the average human being in no way has. We’re talking about their blogs, social media followings, and spending thousands of dollars on PPC campaigns.

Simply said, if you don’t have a method for obtaining traffic, good luck. Why do I say that? A quick Google search for “Wifi Millionaire review” will present us with actual MOBE consultants & affiliates who have an online presence, blog, and traffic coming to their website.

One individual reported earning $200k in profit with MOBE thus far and it is believable. The question here is – do you have that same kind of online presence he has, which is able to constantly funnel in new traffic and leads.

If not, then why are you still considering Wifi Millionaire.. hmm.. While I’m sure there is some half-decent training in MOBE on how to start getting traffic and maybe even your own blog, remember that the training does not come without upsells.

More importantly is that there are no secrets within the training. If I had to bet, I’d say there is a good chance you’ll walk away pretty unimpressed after having to fork out a couple grand or more.

Quick look at the current membership structure:

– Silver membership costs $2,497 with a $27 monthly maintenance fee to remain active.

– Gold membership costs $4,997 with a $64 monthly maintenance fee.

– Titanium membership costs $9,997 with a $121 monthly maintenance fee.

– Platinum memberships cost $16,667 with a $198 monthly maintenance fee.

– Diamond memberships cost $29,997 with a $295 monthly maintenance fee.

Is this some kind of game.. Why pay thousands for training? Not only is it completely unnecessary, but can be done for far cheaper and more effectively elsewhere. (still getting over the shock.. just a minute)


5 Good Reasons To Avoid Wifi Millionaire

Before we close of this review, let me give you 5 reasons why I don’t recommend Wifi Millionaire.

1. Very expensive. No one should have to pay thousands of dollars to get started with an opportunity.

2. Lack of transparency. Instead of coming out the gate and offering you their product at a premium, we are instead offered with a $3 e-book. This lacks trust.

3. This also translates into MOBE’s famous thousand dollar upsells. While this might be perfectly fine for those MOBE affiliates and consultants who’ve already reached the top tiers in the system, those who’ve just started with MOBE and Wifi Millionaire will be left strapped for cash.

4. Everyone is trying to make commissions off each other. Since when is that a legitimate business model? Similar in many ways to a pyramid scheme, every MOBE affiliate and consultant have only sold MOBE products to other MOBE members. Let that sink in for a second.

5. Once you’re in, you’re in. If the MOBE training is supposedly good, why have so many complained and reporting losing an upward of $1,000’s. Yes, even on this website you’ll see complaints left over the years. Very rarely, have I actually been confronted with a comment saying MOBE actually did some good for them or was legit.

Bonus: Did you know that on the MOBE website you can submit a request ticket for a refund? If that’s the case, why have people reported never receiving these refunds?


What constitutes a legitimate affiliate marketing business model?

1. Systems and products where members aren’t constantly trying to sell to others just to join an opportunity where they’ll do the exact same.

2. Learning to build a legitimate online presence and establishment. By that, I’m referring to a website, social media presence, e-mail list, etc. without having to pay thousands of dollars.

3. A business that doesn’t require you to pay to recruit others. As a MOBE member you’ll find that these expensive upsells are used to unlock certain parts of their business model and ability to recruit others.


What Would Make Wifi Millionaire & MOBE Legit?

1. Reduce the price of upsells. Better yet, eliminate them. A $30K upsell is simply outrageous. Does anyone agree?

2. Avoid making promises you can’t keep.

3. Be more newbie-friendly. Include a step-by-step training that gives everyone the opportunity to succeed. Not just the experienced. Is Matt Lloyd’s system only interested in your commission or in helping you succeed?

4. Honor your refunds. If you’re going to add in a request form specifically for refunds, then shouldn’t you honor them? This only raises red flags.

5. Work on trustworthiness (for the millionth time).


Wifi Millionaire System Overview – Scam Or Legit?

Well guys I think it’s fair to say I don’t recommend Wifi Millionaire in any way, shape, or form. It’s a product I believe does not belong in this world and is unfair to many of those who buy into its $30k upsells.

But I do hope this review has helped in one way or another and revealed some truths you were never aware of. If you want to learn more about MOBE, what their past upsells used to constitute, or other information, see my review on My Millionaire Mentor.

Otherwise, heed these cautions carefully, make your decisions wisely, and don’t be influenced by get rich quick dreams. I know many people look at MOBE and Wifi Millionaire as a legitimate business opportunity. But clearly, our definitions of legitimate differ and so should yours, if you’re looking to avoid any future headache that is.

Thanks for checking out my Wifi Millionaire scam review. Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Also, do you happen to know under what name the next MOBE scam is? Stay on the lookout!

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      Hi Salman, I see no benefits in joining Wifi Millionaire for any newcomer. Just figuring out which upsells you should buy and which to avoid will probably eat up most of your time (and wallet) anyway. More importantly, we see these products by MOBE time after time and Wifi Millionaire offers nothing new or different from what we’ve seen in the past!


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