World Global Network MLM Review – Is It a Good Opportunity?

Product: World Global NetworkWorld Global Network Review


Type: MLM & Network Marketing

Founder: Fabio Galdi

Difficulty: Hard

Our Rating: 60/100


What Is World Global Network?

World Global Network or WGN is one of today’s most recent and fastest growing multi-level marketing opportunities. Founded in 2011, WGN has founded itself on the premise of technological innovation and holds its presence in more than 100 countries worldwide. Given the current rise in technology, it’s easy to see why so many have flocked to this potentially promising opportunity.

But given the nature in how these products are advertised, one can only question whether this opportunity is really legit. This is the primary purpose and intention of the following World Global Network review.

In it, we’ll be covering everything you need to know to help you in your decision-making process. From the ways in which you can earn to its compensation plan, products, pricing, and more, we hold nothing back and hope this review finds you well.

One thing you should know about MLM marketing is that these opportunities have proven difficult to many, fruitful to some, and promising to most. So it’s important we take a look at every aspect of this opportunity to see if this is best suited to you, your personality, and lifestyle.

Its promising nature and constant guarantees of one incentive after the next can make it easy to pull you in. Hopefully this review will give you a more realistic outlook of what to expect.


Pricing – How Much Is World Global Network?

When becoming a member of WGN, you’ll find two options when registering. The first option is as a WGN customer who aren’t involved in the opportunity itself, but allows you to buy Wor(l)d Global Network Products.

The second, which is what we’ll be focusing on in this review is by joining as a customer referral. On this page you’ll find a place to enter in your personal details as well as the person who referred you, so that you are added to his or her WGN downline.

Included with your WGN membership is a basic starter kit that comes with a compliance kit, personal domain, capture page, replicated website, and eCommerce website. These are basically tools that can be used to help you capture more MLM leads. The main thing absent from these tools is an actual source of leads or traffic, which you’ll need to go out and find on your own.

When it comes to actual pricing, getting started as a World Global Network is not cheap. In-fact, it’s one of the more expensive MLM’s I have seen to date. You have a few options as a customer referrer and is all based on the product packs you decide to purchase. Included with each product pack is your Wor(l)d Pro Marketing System, which allows you to get involved in the whole MLM opportunity.

Option #1: The HELO LX Box Set – $319World Global Network Review

This pack includes 1 Helo LX and 1 Germanium Kit. Benefits with this package include access to the Wor(l)d Pay Plan, 100 sales volume, $32 fast start to your enroller, 10% team volume commission, and 1 business center.

Option #2: HELO LX Family Pack – $1,349

This pack includes 5 HELO’s, 1 free LX, 5 Germanium Kits, and 1 Free HELO LX Color Band Kit. Benefits include access to the Wor(l)d Pay Plan, 500 sales volume, $135 fast start to your enroller, 20% team volume commission, and 3 business centers.

Option #3: HELO LX Premium Pack – $1,999

This pack includes 6 HELOs, 1 free LX, 6 Germanium Kits, and 6 color band kits. Benefits include access to the Wor(l)d Pay Plan, 750 sales volume, $200 fast start to your enroller, 20% team volume commission, and 3 business centers.

Option #4: BioZen 10-pack – $450

This pack comes with 12 BioZen Sticker Chips. Benefits include access to the Wor(l)d Pay Plan, 150 sales volume, $45 fast start to enroller, 10% TVC, and 1 business center.

Option #5: BioZen 30-pack – $1,350

This pack comes with 38 BioZen Sticker Chips. Benefits include access to the Wor(l)d Pay Plan, 500 sales volume, $135 fast start to enroller, 20% TVC, and 3 business centers.

Lastly, an additional $59 monthly loyalty membership can be purchased, which comes with 30 commissionable volume, $6 fast start commission for new referrals, loyalty points, and other privileges.

Anyway, these are the costs and products you’ll be looking at when joining the World Global Network opportunity. The cheapest package on this list is their $319 HELO LX Box Set, which only includes one HELO product to sell.


World Pay Plan & Commission Structure

Now for World Global Network’s commission pay plan. Similar to most MLM’s, you’ll see that their commission structure is initially based on personal product sales. To earn from product sales, you are required to sell 30SV of any product or service to be commission-eligible over the next 30-days.

In addition, you are given the opportunity to earn 10% recurring fast sales bonuses, each time your customers buys a product from your store. These includes both products and loyalty memberships.

One of the most important aspects to earning WGN commissions is team building. Eligibility for earning from both the left and right side of your team requires that you sell at least 100 in sales volume on each side. Depending on where you are in rank, you’ll earn either 10% or 20% in team volume commissions.

Below is a brief depiction of the 10 generation downline beneath you, which you can earn from. It starts at Silver rank and shows the succession to Grand President Millionaire. The larger your active downline is, the higher your Generation Matching Bonus becomes, allowing you to earn more from their efforts.

For example, if you enroll a member who earns $2000 in team commissions, you would earn 10% generation 1 matching bonus, or $200.

World Global Network Commissions

Lastly, we see the opportunity offers other incentives to get you to work harder. These incentives include a car and “supercar” promotion and bonus.

To achieve these, you need to hit Diamond Rank for 4  months in a row. Or, you need to hit rank of president millionaire. The Diamond Life Tour also offers exotic trips when you hit the rank of Diamond.


World Global Network Overview – Is It a Good Opportunity?

No one can actually speak to the products of WGN. But what we do know is that World Global Network isn’t very different from any other MLM we’ve seen. They use the same compensation plan, same flashy promises and incentives, and uses a model that has proven difficult to most.

World Global Network is not an easy opportunity to take advantage of. Individuals are required to buy expensive products and equipment and go off and sell them on their own. In addition, they need to make plans on how they intend to build their team.

Ensuring the success of their own team is just as vital to their own success, which is what makes this network marketing opportunity and every other one I’ve seen a very difficult and time-consuming process. There is no doubt, that creating a substantial recurring, passive income with these kind of opportunities tend to take years.

The reason for that is because of the length of time it takes just to find customers, turn them into leads, and the effort and work it takes to help them become successful. Only then, will you find success with such an opportunity. I myself prefer affiliate marketing over multi-level because you’re not relying on the success of others.

Having to do so means you’re constantly and tirelessly working to ensure you have more and more leads. If you’re interested in seeing how I’ve full-time online income without having to recruit, click below. Thanks, and hope you enjoyed this World Global Network scam review!


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