Young Living MLM Review – Is It Too Difficult?

By | June 15, 2017

Name: Young LivingYoung Living MLM Opportunity


Type: MLM & Network Marketing

Price: Varies – Starter Packs Between $45 – $260

Products: Essential Oils

Recommended? No.



Two things most MLM’s today have in common are the most wonderfully designed websites and controversy. I’m assuming the reason you landed on this page is a result of the latter and in order to see if Young Living is the right career move for you.

Well this review will hopefully help clear up many need-to-know aspects of the opportunity and hopefully keep you better informed. First thing’s first, so let’s start with an introduction of Young Living and how it all started as a company.


Young Living’s MLM Opportunity – Legit?

Young Living’s multi-level marketing opportunity was founded in 1993 by Donald Gary Young. Company headquarters are located in Lehi, Utah, but distributors can be found internationally. Every year, Young Living’s essential oils, home good, and beauty products are sold and distributed by thousands of Young Living independent distributors.

By 2016, Young Living had made its mark as one of the largest essential oil selling companies in the world with $1 billion in product sold. Its success however, did not come without plenty of controversy and court cases as to how the company was advertising its products. In 2014, they claimed their products could cure disease.

Distributors earn on a volume-sale basis and by referring others into their downline. It’s this entire ‘downline’ MLM aspect that can make the opportunity feel overvalued at times. In other words, Young Living operates on a hierarchical structure that depends on the number of people you recruit and the sales quota being met; some which have dubbed the opportunity to be a ponzi.

Does it mean Young Living is an opportunity you should get involved with? From a beautifully structured website to an attractive compensation plan, there is still one major issue play, which is the fact that the people at the top of the ladder are the ones actually profiting.

This company relies on large numbers to do their heavy lifting for them and it’s the people at the bottom who tend to find themselves stuck. There are however exceptions to the rule and situations where very certain individuals can find climbing that ladder to be a lot easier. Either way, when it comes to the MLM opportunity, 95% of people on average will have dropped out in the coming decade.

One study conducted by Jon M. Taylor PhD on 400 multi-level marketing companies showed:

– At least half of all independent distributors drop out in the first year.

– At least 90% of all independent distributors drop out by year five.

– At least 95% of all independent distributors drop out by year ten.

Question is, why are there still dropouts after year five or year ten? If the income is passive, you would still pay the monthly membership and reap the benefits of that work, right?

This just shows that multi level marketing isn’t for everyone and appeals to a very specific subset of people who have that large outside organization of people to sell to. Without a target audience you can consistently talk and sell to, any success with the opportunity will be minor or simply not apparent.


Young Living’s Product Line

There is no question that Young Living might have some of the largest assortment and categories of products when it comes to MLM’s. This can be seen as beneficial to Young Living consultants as it gives them a chance to showcase more MLM products to customers.

What you’ll also notice is that you can find products in a number of areas and as remedies to certain conditions. Many of Young Living’s Global Farms are located across a vast spread of countries in North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

1. Essential Oils and Blends: Consist of singles, blends, roll-ons, massage oils, dietary oils, business aids, collections, diffusers, and accessories.

2. At Home Products: Consist of natural cleaning, natural protection, oral care, home purification, healthy cooking, animal care, family health, accessories, branded merchandise, OTC, and diffusers.

Young Living Product Line

3. Healthy & Fit: Consist of multivitamins, antioxidant support, age-based nutrition, joint & mobility, system solutions, liquid wellness, weight management, energy & stamina, targeted support, and healthy snacking.

Young Living Product Line

4. Personal Care: Consist of anti-aging, body care, oral care, hair care, kids care, and life balance products.

Young Living Essential Products

5. Accessories: Additional diffusers, tools, & books.


Young Living’s Compensation Plan & Rise Among The Ranks

As a Young Living distributor or consultant, your primary goal is to go from distributor to executive. While the compensation plan might be one of your biggest incentives for joining, having a realistic set of expectations is very important.

Deeper inspection of the compensation plan and knowing what is required for each level is also important with some of these facts highlighted below.

Young Living Compensation Plan

1. Creating A Foundation: Distributor -> Star -> Senior Star -> Executive

This consists of one of the first of three phases in the Young Living compensation plan. Positions include distributor, star, senior star, and executive.

Distributors are required a PV or Personal Volume of 100 each month. That is your minimum volume of products on autoship each month to make you eligible for commissions and applies to all levels moving forward. Distributor’s get paid on two levels – 8% on level 1 and 5% on level 2.

The star level is where you now finally have a small downline team under you and OGV or Organizational Group Volume, where your downline is making purchases of 500 in total PV per month. If your OGV doesn’t reach this quota, you’ll be ineligible to receive commissions on certain levels.

Senior star means you have 2,000 in Organizational Group Volume every month and are now getting paid 3 levels deep. Executive is the highest position of the foundation phase, get paid on all five levels, and have 4,000 in OGV with 2 x 1,600 for each OGV Leg.


2. Building Your Business: Silver -> Gold -> Platinum

The next step of building your Young Living business is by taking your foundation to the next step by acquiring a ton more leads and achieving 10,000 in OGV, 1,000 PGV, & 2 x 4,000 LEG to reach Silver status. Gold status requires you to more than triple your OGV by reaching 35,000. The highest level Platinum requires 100,000 in OGV.


3. Developing Leaders: Diamond Leader -> Crown Leader -> Royal Crown Diamond

The last and final step of the business is where you’ll find all of the top distributors of Young Living, which require astounding statistics like 250,000 in OGV as a Diamond Leader, 750,000 in OGV as a Crown Leader, and 1,500,000 in OGV as a Royal Crown Diamond. Wow!


Is The Young Living MLM Too Difficult Or Time-Consuming?

Ok.. so we know Young Living hYoung Living Business Opportunityas a huge database and catalog of products that appeal to a variety of consumer needs, so why is it that the Young Living MLM opportunity can be so difficult for some?

Well the reason is that no matter how many products you might have in a catalog or magazine to sell to, there is still one big issue at play here – that is, by the end you’ll need die hard fans of Young Living, either of its opportunity, company, products, or preferably all three.

That in itself is a hard task to accomplish because it is up to you to set out and find yourselves the most ideal individuals, who will say “yes, I love essential oils, I’ve been looking for work, and would love to join this opportunity.” This is why it’s those individuals who have a lot of contacts, a place to receive traffic (either from your website or social media following) that allows those at the top of the ladder to be so successful.

That’s because they have traffic, leads, and customers on tap that the typical individual or human being does not have (I’m willing to bet that number is over 95%). Those people who can constantly attain leads always have a new opportunity in front of them and less risk when it comes to down-times in their business.

Here is one example of a Young Living consultant with their own blog. As you can see, she has an abundance of content that helps her visitors with essential oils. She wrote her own oil purchasing guide, plenty of other well formatted content, and she even holds her own online oil training, internet radio show, events-classes, and teleseminars. Wow!

As you can see this is a fascinating example of perhaps a long-time experienced distributor (since 2010) who knows how to gather leads, but not only that. She also knows that in order to keep these distributors she has to train them and essentially grow her OGV or organizational group volume, which is why she holds all these mentoring and coaching classes. Honestly, if you are not willing to mentor and coach your distributors to become successful, MLM is going to be tough business.

One of the biggest problems faced with MLM opportunities today is by far with most MLM and house-party training. Many MLM’s say “hey you, come join this opportunity, try these products, sell some on your own, and make money.” For most people, this hardly constitutes a legitimate working opportunity.

There is only so much time on the company’s hands that I feel is always dedicated towards achieving large numbers of independent distributors over well-trained distributors who have a sufficient number of resources to make their venture successful.

Instead, they just let the masses go to work and reap the benefits in the sum of leads that come into the business. The success story above one example.. If the Young Living company taught everyone methods similar to the lady above who started her own blog, more people would be successful.

Wow, what a mouthful, but I hope that gives you a glimpse as to what to expect in just about any MLM.


My Final Thoughts On Young Living – What Are Yours?

Okay guys, so here are my final thoughts on Young Living. So trust me when I say, I know how exciting joining any MLM opportunity for the first time can be. You see the glamorous website, lovely assortment of well-branded products, and one of the most intricate compensation plans.. But whether any of this is actually effective in your ultimate success is questionable.

What you should be most curious about are the tools, resources, methods for obtaining traffic, and maybe actually branding yourself as a business leader – not some fantasy-made compensation plan.

Well at-least that’s thought what I thought would happen after my first run-in with HerbaLife and Isagenix. Instead, after coughing up my first hundred, I was simply left with a handful of products without any direction to go in. I don’t even recall having any on-going communication with anyone.

Needless to say, the reason I wasn’t successful IS because I didn’t put an ounce of effort into the venture. I saw these products and I said okay.. Why didn’t I just join a direct selling opportunity for free instead of going through all this? So passion definitely plays a role here. More importantly, it’s your connection to the outside.

Perhaps if I was working at a gym, and I had clients interested in losing weight, then I could have began to present those Isagenix products. Or what if I just had a traffic-driving blog? Even better. I know the last thing I wanted to do was setup shop outside my nearest mall and acquiring the coldest leads possible. Maybe that’s not the case for you.

Maybe you have a list of contacts sitting right in front of you waiting to be called. You’re just waiting for your monthly PV to come in. Or maybe, you have 100’s of interested prospects waiting for you to contact them through Facebook. Maybe, you have one of the biggest subscribers list online that I simply don’t know about. Whatever it is.. I’ll always believe that MLM’s in general are a pyramid scheme.

Just do me a favor before you join, and make sure you have a plan of attack going in. Otherwise, you might just end up like a sitting rubber duck like me, waiting for leads and commissions to happen, knowing it never will since the only way is to truly hustle your way through.

Either way I’ve always come to find affiliate marketing to be superior and more widely accepted than multi-level marketing ever is or will be. Just look at companies like iTunes, Amazon, and Ebay with affiliate programs – Doesn’t this model make more sense.. Shouldn’t it?

Thanks, good luck, and I hope this review gave you the most valuable insight into one of today’s largest multi-level marketing companies and perhaps one that makes its opportunity sound a lot easier than it actually is.


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