How To Make Money With Paid Surveys at Home Review

By | April 7, 2015

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Owner: Patricia Johnson

Price: $68

Rank: 10/100 – Scam!

What Is It?

Paid Surveys at Home is a new 2015 Clickbank product claiming to help you make money in just 20 minutes.

They allow you to take online and phone surveys, participate in focus groups, try out new products and keep them for free, and even preview new movie trailers.

The only problem with this, is the fact that not a single one of Clickbank survey products have actually proved legitimate while simultaneously offering highly over-exaggerated income proofs.

Whether or not, paid-surveys-at-home can begin to help you earn $20 for each 20 minute survey should hopefully become better clarified in the following review.

How Much Is It?

Paid-surveys-at-home will cost you around $68 for a lifetime membership I believe. Although, they may downsell you to $34, by giving you a one-time offer. Nonetheless, the company was created and is owned by Patricia Johnson, an online marketing ‘guru’, who has seemingly created more than her fair share of online scams!

How It Works?

There truly seem to be more and more survey products that are being released one after the other these days. The majority of which, offered paid membership registrations. It’s usually these ones that either offer minimal value or are potentially a scam altogether.

While Paid Surveys at Home isn’t exactly as bad as other ones I have seen (like Get Cash For Surveys), it still raises much skepticism in my eyes. That’s because, what paid survey websites and/or memberships, have ever done anybody any good?

Honestly, have you heard of anyone who is just making an absolute killing by filling out surveys?

I sure haven’t!

The company claims that by offering your opinion and thoughts on other consumer like products, you can help to improve the way these products are made, and in-turn get paid ‘good money’ for your opinion. They also claim that there are currently hundreds of market research firms looking for new survey takers.

You can be a housewife, stay-at-home mom, student, working full-time, retired, or just looking to make extra cash. It really doesn’t matter. All you need to be willing to do is offer your opinion and thoughts, and in exchange become compensated for it.

Essentially, you can get paid to:

– Take online surveys

– Participate in focus groups

– Take phone surveys

– Try new products

– Preview new movie trailers

Survey Income Potential

While this is definitely true, it is only true up to a certain point. For example, I have been able to earn quite a decent amount of money from joining various focus groups, and doing shave studies a long time ago. At the same time, even though I’d get paid $100 for doing a few hours of work, I could only get accepted once every 6 or 12 months.

In regards to online surveys, it is true you can earn $20 within an hour of taking a survey, but at the same time, you can’t expect to be getting more than a few surveys to be eligible for each and every week.

There comes a point where, the market just seems to get saturated, with too many consumer opinions, and not enough surveys. You see, supply will always exceed the demand in this case, which is why the Paid-Surveys-at-Home website itself only shows up to 3 surveys maximum per day, in its own provided calculator!

So yes, while people most-certainly partake in surveys for some extra spare income, I have yet to see any individual partake in an actual paid and registered membership. Nor have I witnessed any individuals use survey taking as a way to begin making even a part-time income.

Rather, taking surveys is something you’d be better off doing to make some extra spare change. Other than that, forget it.

If somebody, say an online individual, is attempting to recommend this product to you, you can expect and figure with more certainty than not, he or she is likely a paid survey at home ‘affiliate.’ That is, somebody who gets paid a commission for referring you.

This I believe, is a much better, more sensible, and logical way of making an online income. Maybe not in this particular case of referring somebody into a scam-like product, but in more legitimate and honest circumstances, you just can’t go wrong with affiliate marketing!

Income Alternative!

Moreover, if you landed on this survey review because you wanted a better understanding of how legitimate paid-surveys-at-home truly is, I find it to be more of a scam.

The company is nothing more than the middleman between more legitimate survey companies, and you being the survey taker. There are many more survey companies, free to join, that I’d recommend over this, anyday.

In addition, many people tend to land on this review because they are still searching for a legitimate way to begin making an online income. The most legitimate way I know of, is Wealthy Affiliate. It is a community, and method of marketing, that can work for absolutely anybody, with just the right amount of effort, and consistency.

I have referred hundreds of individuals to this community who love it and don’t know what to do without it. I believe this is a much more appropriate and professional way of making an income online, that people would much prefer taking part in, over paid-surveys-at-home any day.

Feel free to check out my written review!

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns related to this paid-surveys-at-home scam review, feel free to leave them below.

15 thoughts on “How To Make Money With Paid Surveys at Home Review

  1. Jay

    Hi! Great site! I am also interested in making money online and curious about taking surveys online. I have read some of your blogs about different survey panels and it has really helped as I am looking for legit survey panels. I am also curious if you happen to hear about, I am looking for articles and proof that this site is legit. I’m hoping you can share with me your opinion about this site before I join them. Thank you.

  2. Morris

    Hi, am Morris. I tried to register with paid survey but when selecting the country, Kenya was not among the listed ones. What do I do about it?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Morris.. Maybe try choosing a different country. In my opinion though, you’d be a lot better off staying away from this product. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help!

  3. caroline

    Hi Peter my name’s Caroline and I wanted to pay the 34 dollars to join. So I was wondering whether I should use western union to send my fee to Paid Surveys At Home as I’d like to get started?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I don’t recommend doing that Caroline. Paid-Surveys-At-Home is a scam and there are plenty of sites like that out there. Most of them are specifically being offered on Clickbank and they all offer the same thing. They’re nothing more than a middle-man showing you how to make money with surveys. In addition, you might find it very hard to get qualified for a lot of the surveys that they offer. When all is said and done, you really shouldn’t have to pay any money in order to find and take surveys that actually pay.

  4. Rufat

    I like your review Pete. Very honest and realistic approach. Making money through paid surveys is absolutely possible but the problem is that the market is saturated and the opportunity itself is very limited. You probably can make some extra cash but you can’t turn it into a full time online business. Also, I don’t see any reason to pay $68 to paid-surveys-at-home simply because there are free directories online and you can find all major survey companies there for free. I would rather check out Wealthy Affiliate because I know the program is the real deal and can help anyone build a full time online business.

  5. NicoleJBN

    Survey sites give me the creeps. While I wouldn’t necessarily consider them a scam, the way they approach the survey taker sure is one…LoL.

    I’ve seen and tried many survey sites and most of them have one thing in common. Half way through the survey you get redirected with a lame “Sorry, but you don’t seem qualified for this survey. You’ll be redirected”. There goes the time you’ve invested and the money you were supposed to get for it. There are only very few survey sites which are legitimate and one of the most popular and probably the only one I’d recommend is Swagbucks.

    However, paying a membership for a survey site is the true scam here and whenever people come across that, move on as you simply can’t make any serious money with survey sites. It took me almost one year to earn $10 and I still didn’t meet the minimal threshold.

    As you said, people recommending survey sites as a good way to replace your daily income are either ignorant to the whole make money online from home process or affiliated with those sites and try to get more people to join to earn a commission. And this goes back to affiliate marketing, which indeed is a very lucrative and legitimate way to generate revenue.

    To get to the point. Making money online is possible, just not with survey sites. Stick to affiliate marketing and get educated on this if you don’t know how to be successful as an affiliate marketer. :)

    Keep it up!


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Amazing input Nicole! I could not have said it any better myself. For those looking into surveys as a mean to an income, take her advice. I would run into the same problem all the time. I’d be an hour into a survey, and there it is.. That annoying little error message.

      I agree SwagBucks may be the next best thing, but even so, is something I’d use maybe as a hobby. But as a means to making a legitimate income online, this is not the best route. Thanks for pointing out the survey membership websites as well. I’ve seen them cost an upwards of close to $100 per month.. That’s when you know something’s up!

      1. NicoleJBN

        Don’t you hate it when you think “ah, I’m almost done with the survey and then it’s time to get paid for it” and then this nasty little “nope, no payday for you today”…lol. Makes you want to hit something :)

        Yeah, Swagbucks is a nice little hobby and it does take some time to earn enough Swag Bucks and redeem rewards such as Amazon gift cards or even a Cash Card for PayPal, but it’s one of the most legitimate there is as of today and if it has to be surveys, then go with Swagbucks. Even though you get sometimes a “You are not qualified” message also, at least they reward you with 1 Swagbucks.

        Rule of thumb and I totally agree with you. If you have to pay to take surveys, even it’s a membership, then it stinks and should raise all red flags you can think of. :)

        1. Peter G. Post author

          Haha all the time Nicole. I got so sick of it I knew there had to be a better way to make money online. Low and behold, there comes Wealthy Affiliate! And while Swagbucks is nice, is definitely not something people can make a living out of. Regardless, no one should have to pay to join any survey company or have to rely upon a company like Swagbucks to try and earn some kind of online income.

    2. Fahad

      can try to work in paid to surveys at home .
      do you try to work in Paid To Click (PTC) ads busunisse ?

      1. Peter G. Post author

        Fahad, I usually stay away from anything dealing with fake survey opportunities and paid to click ads. Payments are too small in my opinion, and in general, aren’t very trustworthy or reliable.

  6. Abraham

    Hey Peter. I had a friend who did the whole “take a survey and get paid” thing. It wasn’t this product that you were reviewing, but I think it had the same concept. I remember him saying that it took him big chuck of his time, and he never made enough money out of it. Although, you can make money out of it, however be it a small amount. It is better to have less time, yet make good income like you suggest in affiliate marketing. Thanks for the post.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Abraham, a lot of survey websites are very similar to one another these days. Even when you join the legitimate ones, you’ll find it very difficult to earn anything decent. They are notorious, as you’ve said for really taking your time, and paying you very little.

      Affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go. And doesn’t take as much time as you might think to be honest. While it does require some learning, patience, and effort, Wealthy Affiliate’s home-based opportunity really helped to simplify the process.


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