Power Lead System Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | December 1, 2014
Product Name: Power Lead System

Owner: Rob Fore
Price: $30/monthly; $23.95 additional for affiliates
Website: powerlead-system.com
Overall Rank: Not Recommended - 52/100


Your Most Honest Power Lead System Review!

Power Lead System, also well known for its acronym – PLS, is an online lead generating Power Lead System Google Hangout Reviewsystem created by online marketer Rob Fore. The Power Lead System costs $30 per month.

For those who wish to simply sell the Power Lead System product as an online affiliate will unfortunately have to pay a $23.95 monthly fee.

Personally, I’ve sometimes found it a bit odd, even funny companies charge fee’s for people who simply want nothing but to promote the product to others.

Also, just a quick disclosure, as an online affiliate marketer I am in no way affiliated with this product. Unlike the 1000’s of Power Lead System Reviews out there, I have neither attempted to use this system (and failed), nor am I a Power Lead System affiliate, or advocate for that matter!

Getting on with it…


What Is The Power Lead System & What Tools Are Included?

The Power Lead System offers a variety number of tools and training series. Most of it however, is acclimated towards lead generation.

Hence, just like systems such as, Empower Network, Pure Leverage, iPAS, WakeUpNow, and so on, Power Lead System really doesn’t differ!

If you can tell there is a huge difference between MLM and Affiliate Marketing. Thus, while most companies hate to admit what their opportunity and commission-based structure is being based off of, IT IS MLM!

However, these companies do from time to time implement affiliate marketing opportunities within them for individuals looking to simply not get involved with the opportunity, but rather write reviews, either as an advocate, or someone who is against it.

Nonetheless, to summarize what is included within the Power Lead System…

  • – Capture Pages.
  • – Implemented Autoresponder.
  • – Video Creation Training.
  • – How To Start Power Lead System Google Hangouts.

Power Lead System MLM Review 2014

Power Lead System Compensation Plans!

The Power Lead System offers a 100% commission matching compensation plan. Very similar to Pure Leverage with one small difference. That is the commissions you receive work on every other person you recruit.

To give you an example, the Power Lead System referral compensation plan would work like this, if you were even able to produce consistent everyday leads, the one MAJOR requirement to being successful within this business:

  • 2nd Referral/Lead: You get $20 Commission
  • 4th Referral/Lead: You Get $20 Commission
  • 6th Referral/Lead: You Get $20 Commission
  • 8th Referral/Lead: You Get $20 Commission

And so on… Thus, for every other referral or lead you get to the Power Lead System, you attain 100% commission.

So question becomes, what happens to the referrals leads in between?

Here is what happens..

  • 3rd Referral/Lead: Sponsor Gets The $20 Commission.
  • 5th Referral/Lead: Sponsor Gets The $20 Commission.
  • 7th Referral/Lead: Sponsor Gets The $20 Commission.
  • 9th Referral/Lead: Sponsor Gets The $20 Commission.


Can You Make Money With The Power Lead System?

 Power Lead System Scam Review 2014

The answer you most-likely would rather not hear.. no, not likely! Unless you are in the 1%. You see the thing with systems like these are that they sell you the SAME old tools again and again, without any real distinguishing feature in them.

There is absolutely 0 difference between the tools here and the tools offered in the other 1,000 MLM opportunities. I promise and if you don’t believe me, simply check out my other reviews!


Those in MLM, that advertise the opportunity as nothing but a simple online marketing opportunity, promising and guaranteeing you’re ability to create thousands and millions of dollars within months, is usually b.s.!

Power Lead System Compensation Plan | Power Lead System 2014-12-01 18-59-18

Thus, in order to create an online income using MLM as your primary opportunity, you must be able to create for yourself a distinctive online presence, either through media or your own website.

This is easily by far the BEST and greatest way of earning a consistent income online, giving you the ability to promote as many products, offers, and opportunities to a countless number of people!

The hardest part in doing this however, is finding the RIGHT training that can teach you how to go about creating this online presence.

Anyone can create a website with the right effort, but not everyone can create a website that is S.E.O. optimized with the ability to consistently outrank all your competitors.

And this is the biggest most primary reason of as to why internet marketers fail. Because MLM opportunities providing tools such as autoresponders, capture pages, etc. as seen in the The Power Lead System are sold as a more expensive means, yet much less effective solution and alternative to the benefits of creating and having your own online website and presence!


The Power Lead System Overview

Do I recommend you going ahead and purchasing the Power Lead System (PLS)?

No, I don’t. Unless you’re a truly experienced MLM network marketer, who knows exactly what to do, and has a well-executable marketing plan in place. Otherwise, without a proper executable plan, what’s the point?

What do you plan on doing with these capture pages, autoresponding systems, video creation tools? Are you willing to go the extra 1,000 miles..? Even then, when you truly know inside, that your plans are just as likely to fail, as they are to potentially succeed..?

Overall Verdict:

Not Recommended.



So What Now?

Go with something that allows for an opportunity that has been proven time and time again to WORK!

Something that’s tailored to both newbies and experts alike and that allows you to implement concrete strategized steps known to work. What opportunity can provide such a thing..? I’ll show you!

Power Lead System (MLM/network marketing) Vs. Wealthy Affiliate (affiliate marketing!)


8 thoughts on “Power Lead System Review: Scam Or Legit?

  1. William Boyle

    Hey Peter, how’s it going with you? I try to check sites like this to see the content and information given. Just today I got an e-mail asking, “what is the matter with you”? It was from BLS wanting an explanation on why I haven’t signed up! I clicked thru the funnel page to see his presentation it screams of MLM all the way. I like the site, tho I didn’t check it out completely, hence the brief comment. I like this review, very professional and to the point. Nice read and informative.
    If you wish, you can comment on my WA profile page, I will follow you!


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks for the kind words William. Everything is going well thank you. I get those e-mails all the time by the way hah and I have yet to see why or how they are so effective. Power Lead System is definitely an MLM, it’s just hidden under all the tools that they offer. Appreciate you stopping by and I’ll make sure to pop by in WA! :)

  2. Jon Lutz

    HI Peter G.

    Jon Lutz here, and I loved your Review of Wealthy Affiliate versus Power Lead System. I sent a Support Contact long message on the Contact form for Wealthy Affiliate at http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/contact/ on Monday, 4-20-2015.

    I have signed up for so many scams on the internet and also software over the last 6-7 years, and have lost thousands and thousands of dollars. This sounds like a VERY legitimate program, that actually can make money!

    I’ve been offered so many MLM and Network Marketing Programs over the last 5-6 years, and I absolutely hate recruiting and trying to get people in a downline, or upline!!!

    I just want to offer a service or product(s) that will help people meet their needs and wants, and NOT just recruit, recruit, recruit!

    Can this really help me finally make a living online, instead of looking for a 9 to 5 job, because I’m in my mid-50’s and don’t want to go back to corporate America again.

    Help, Help, Help!

    Jon Lutz

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey Jon!

      I totally hear you. I can’t stand all that downline building and MLM nonsense either. It just feels too much of a scam to me. Wealthy Affiliate was a life-saver for me, and many others as well. I like your thorough research and your skepticism due to all the scams online. I’ve been there!

      In regards to Wealthy Affiliate as a legitimate service to helping you make money online, is something I can’t recommend enough. One thing you should know however, is like any business, is not something you’ll make money immediately. This is also explicitly stated in the training.

      But.. If you put in the effort and consistency over a few months time, you will surely see results Jon! Even better, is within your first 6-months you should be closing in on a more than dependable full-time income. Also, there’s no need to worry about the hassle of recruiting to make money.

      Anyway, I hope this comment reaches you well Jon, and helps you in your decision. Feel free to get started for free here!

      Thanks again,


  3. Dan

    Thanks for the great review. You have given me a great insight into PLS and I will avoid that scam.

  4. Sam

    Hello Peter

    Appreciate your reviews, they appear to me as unbiased, which is rare to find these days.
    I also agree on this one, besides, there are free autoresponders out there, that give a fair value for, well being free of
    Like for my team, i urge them normally to join first with a free one, then i provide 31 pre written follow up messages that they can personalise and integrate. Yup it takes a bit of time till that is done, but saves a ton of money and is professional on a entry level as well.

    Keep on doing what your doing Peter!


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thank you Sam. Yes I agree having a free trial before attempting to join in any online product is something online marketers today must be aware of. Thank you for insisting on this cautionary advice as it should prove helpful to my readers. I see your in team global impact. I’ve seen them around, especially of lately, as well as their growth. You can expect to be seeing a review on them by me soon ;)


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